How to Manually Open Slide Out on RV?

Sometimes, you have to manually open the slide outs by disengaging their components. You have to do this manually when these get stuck due to a blown-out fuse, bad relays, and a jammed motor.

How to Manually Open Slide Out on RV? You can manually open the slide out on RV by using the crank handle and wrench, adjusting or disconnecting the cables, removing the drive motor, or connecting the brake assembly.

Avoid operating the slide outs components if you do not know enough about them.

Moreover, it is also necessary to use the right tools to expand or retract them manually because the wrong tools can damage their components.

Using crank handle

Knowing the manual retracting methods is necessary to tackle the challenging situation without wasting time.

Moreover, you do not have to spend extra labor costs when you have enough knowledge and experience about them.

It is also better to keep the crack handle in the toolbox to resolve the problems. It is highly unsafe to drive with open slides when these can get stuck in the open position.

You can close them manually by operating their components with a crank handle. It is also necessary to read the owner manual of the specific RV before using any equipment and procedure.

You can perform this procedure if the motor fails to perform its function and the system has an electrical problem. You can do this if the slide out is stuck on one side.

Move towards the side of the camper to manually open the slides. Insert the crank, slide it forward, and move it in the counterclockwise direction for the opening procedure.

Moreover, you can also move it in a clockwise direction for retraction and closing. It is necessary to do this procedure carefully because it can void the warranty of various components.

In addition, avoiding over-extending and retracting can damage the internal components. Furthermore, these can also damage the gears and affect the warranty.

Use of wrench 

Some of the RVs have gear-driven mechanisms to engage and disengage their functioning. These gears allow the opening and closing of slides.

It is easy to open them because the gears mechanism can easily adjust. However, you have to park them on a leveled ground surface to perform the procedure.

Open the landing gears or jack up the frame using stabilizers. Jacking up is necessary to move the lower side of the frame and make the hole to access gears.

You need to cut or drill the hole on the bottom of the coach. The drilling hole in the frame is necessary to operate them with a wrench.

The hole size matters a lot because you have to drill them according to the side of the wrench. Make a hole with a drill machine, and cut the aluminum frame with an electric cutter.

Using a cutter is unsuitable because it can make a large-sized hole challenging to seal. Instead, make the hole and access the gear using a wrench.

Control the functioning of the gears using a wrench. Move them to open and close the slide outs in different directions.

It is necessary to operate the gears carefully because over-turning can cause them to break, which is difficult and costly to repair.

It can make the slide outs completely non-functional during the trip.

Adjusting cables

Cable-driven slide outs are also present in some RVs that supply the power to the motor. These cables take power from the batteries and then turn on the motors for slide movement.

The connection of the cables with the motor becomes loose and causes an issue in their functioning. You cannot open them with broken cables and loose connections.

The cable connections become loose because of continuous inward and outward movement. Moreover, the problem comes due to their poor installation during manufacturing.

You can adjust these cables if you face any issues with their movement. You can tight the loose connections for the current and voltage supply flow.

Turn off the power supply of the RVs before touching any electric component. It can cause electric shocks when you handle them without turning off the electric supply.

Detach the batteries to cut off the power supply in wires. Use the nuts and wrench to tighten the loose connections of the wires.

Press the push button after tightening the wires to ensure their functioning.

Disconnecting drive motor

You can manually do this by inspecting its motor and components. Sometimes these are not coming out because of the poor lubrication of its parts.

You can lubricate the motor component for its proper functioning. However, the increased friction causes the jamming of motors, and these do not provide enough power for their forward movement.

Use high-quality lubricant to lubricate the gears and clutch of the slides. You can find the motor’s location by reading the owner’s manual that comes up with them.

Moreover, these are not opening due to loose connections of the wires that connect the motors. Ensure the tight connections of these wires. Disconnect the drive motors by disconnecting their wiring and attaching screws.

Remove the screws using a wrench and detach the drive motors. You can push them in and out after disconnecting the drive motor and its electric component.

Sometimes it is better to shorten your trips rather than operate the slide outs manually because you can damage their components.

Sometimes expanding can completely disengage the gears and brake assembly, which is costly to repair, and you have to replace the whole part.

Connecting brake assembly

The brake assembly is connected with slide outs of RVs for their opening and closing. These are connected with screws that become loose over time.

Parking the coach at an even road surface while performing this function is necessary. Moreover, check the power of the batteries and ensure that they are fully charged.

The motors are present beneath the slides, and you can inspect their parts after determining their location.

The location also varies according to different models and types of RVs. Therefore, it is better to need the owner’s manual carefully to know the exact location of the motors.

You can know about their location by reading the owner manual because it provides the pictorial presentation of components to understand customers better.

You cannot open the slides because of the loose screws and disengagement of the brake assembly from the motors.

You need a screw wrench to tighten the connecting screws for better functioning. Tighten the loose screws and then operate it with the controller switch to ensure it’s working.

It is also better to replace the cracked or worn-out screws so they cannot cause problems and ruin your trip.

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