Are Nissan 370Z Expensive to Maintain?

Nissan 370Z is a 2-door sports car with a 6-speed transmission and 3.7-liter V6. However, its models require more maintenance because the components fail frequently.

Are Nissan 370Z Expensive to Maintain? Nissan 370Z is expensive to maintain due to costly parts, types of damages, costly insurance, and more fuel refills. Its average maintenance cost is $3260 to $6080.

Its top speed is about 155 miles per hour, which makes it a sports car. Its brake pads and rear driveshaft fails more often than other components. 

What is the maintenance cost of the Nissan 370Z?

Road conditions, driving style, and internal malfunctions can damage different parts of the Nissan 370Z. Mechanical failures and engine defects are prominent in a few models of this car.

Its maintenance cost is high because it is a sports car. In addition, luxurious vehicles have severe component damages which require expensive repair. 

The maintenance expense of several broken parts is about $3260 to $6080. It is the average estimated cost of the service schedule.

A few individuals spend around $550 to $650 annually for a few repairs and replacements. It varies according to the damage and category of the repair procedures. 

The automobile engine requires multiple oil changes according to the motor condition. As a result, the oil filter can break, which leads to excessive lubricant leakage. 

In such circumstances, you can replace the oil inside the vehicle engine. However, the oil replacement is about $130 to $160, and labor charges are nearly $40 to $60. 

A few people drive their Nissan 370Z every day. They use brakes to stop the vehicle at different destinations. 

In such circumstances, the brake pads and rotors break. Therefore, the replacement of its brake pads is costly. 

It can cost about $200 to $350. The labor can take about $60 to $80. You can replace the broken brake rotors for about $250 to $350, and the procedure includes the prices of the parts on the Nissan 370Z. 

The head gaskets and their seals break on this car. The high speed and more engine rotations put additional pressure on the gasket. 

The seals and gasket require repair and replacement. In such circumstances, you can repair the head gaskets for about $990 to $3300. 

The repair procedures are more expensive for the latest models of this car. The exhaust system of the vehicle can damage when dirt accumulates inside it. 

The clogged catalytic converter cannot stabilize the exhaust performance and causes various emissions. Repairing the clogged and malfunctioning catalytic converter can cost about $130 to $170. 

The Nissan 370Z models have frequent rear axle problems. The shaft breaks and cannot support the chassis. 

Moreover, it decreases the alignment and stability of the tires with the car steering wheel. You cannot drive the car when the shaft breaks. 

In such circumstances, you can repair the broken axle shaft for about $1200 to $1300. The master cylinder of the clutch assembly breaks. Debris and excessive pressure can break it. You can repair it for about $360 to $450. 

Why is Nissan 370Z expensive to maintain?

Its maintenance is expensive because it requires additional labor and expertise. The repair and service schedules are costly due to the following reasons.

Expensive parts

Nissan 370Z is a high-performance, luxurious sports car. It has accommodation space for two adults with two seats. 

Its models are expensive, and people demand them. As a result, its sales are high because several individuals select its models. 

It makes the car unique and increases its demand. However, its components malfunction due to excessive use. 

They require service and repair according to their damages. Its parts are not available in the market. 

Their demand is high, which makes them costly. The increased number of damages and failures increases the demand for these parts. 

The high demand increases the cost per part. Its part-selling market is small and expensive. The high cost per part makes the overall maintenance costs. 

These components are complicated, and you cannot install them without labor assistance. Furthermore, the labor charges a specific cost for these service schedules, which makes the procedure expensive.

Advanced features

Nissan 370Z is a luxurious sports car with several advanced features. It has a sportier frame with a low center of gravity. 

Furthermore, the vehicle comprises an advanced system of airbags inside the cabin. It includes several sensors that regulate the standard functionality of airbags. 

Voltage surges can damage the sensor. They break and cannot identify the information. It reduces vehicle safety, and the sensors require repair and maintenance for their optimized functions. 

The car has an advanced V6 engine. It can withstand heat and high horsepower. 

The engine fails when the electrical flow changes. Variable amperes can affect engine performance. 

Rust and dust can damage the metallic and moving components of the engine. In addition, its advanced and high-performance V6 engine requires expensive maintenance and service. 

Type of damages

Several people use their Nissan 370Z at high speeds. It results in several mechanical damages to the built-in components. 

The maintenance cost becomes high according to the type of damage. For example, the repair of brake pads costs less than the maintenance of the gasket. 

The failure of different parts increases the repair cost. You cannot repair the broken components. 

Their replacement is essential, which increases the cost of the service. 

Costly insurance

The insurance cost of the Nissan 370Z is expensive. However, its cost is about $2500 annually, which varies according to the insurance company and car model. 

The insurance expense enhances to $15000 after five years of vehicle ownership. The expensive insurance makes the maintenance of the vehicle costly. 

Insurance of the sports car is essential because its components break down and fail frequently. The insurance companies provide funds for the damage repairs. 

However, you can select the insurance policies which have lower premiums. 

More refills

The standard size of the gas tank on Nissan 370Z is about 19 US gal. However, the fuel refills include in the maintenance schedule of the car. 

The cabin load and passenger weight increases the fuel refills in the vehicle tank. The increased weight of travelers applies strain on the engine. 

The weak motors break, and malfunctioning seals can cause leakage. It reduces the refill intervals, which increases the maintenance price. 

The excessive cabin load reduces fuel economy. The frequent refills and expensive and affects the owner’s budget. 

Things that affect the maintenance cost of Nissan 370Z

Several factors can increase the cost of its repair and service. However, the following things affect the cost of Nissan 370Z maintenance expense. 

Condition of car

The condition of the Nissan 370Z determines the maintenance cost. The old models have frequent damages and engine defects. 

Their damages are complicated and require costly service. Furthermore, they require more fuel refills and oil replacements. 

Their brake pads are weak and fail often. The engines become old and cannot withstand heat and pressure. 

The failures require instant repair for stable vehicle performance.

Number of covered miles

A few people drive their Nissan 370Z once a month. However, other individuals drive it daily as a regular transportation automobile. 

Some people use it for long-distance traveling. In such circumstances, the number of covered miles increases. 

They show a higher number of brakes and engine damage. The more number of miles indicates the cracks of gaskets and weak suspensions. 

The car needs more repair and service. The service schedules increase, which makes the maintenance expense higher than the standard level. 

Variability of usage

High-speed driving can damage the car engine and other mechanically working components. For example, a few people drive their Nissan 370Z off-road. It can damage the tires and shock absorbers.

Engine bearings break when you use the car for off-road driving. Off-road driving applies strain on the brake pads and rotors. 

The wheels undergo damage, and their surface cracks. You cannot drive the car when the tires do not work at a stable level because it leads to accidents. 

You can repair the tires, brakes, and rotors frequently, which enhances the maintenance expense.

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