Are There Any Electric Convertible Cars?

Convertible cars have electric drivetrains according to their designs and performance. They work on the electric power supply and provide high speed on different roads.

Are There Any Electric Convertible Cars? You can find many electric convertible cars on the road because of their better performance, fuel cost reduction, the circuit to control the roof, and better weather control. BMW MINI Cooper SE, Fiat 500e, Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e, Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet, Mazda MX-5, and Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio are electric convertible cars.

You can see a few of these cars in the USA that have electrically controlled regulations and a retractable roof. They have limited models because the large batteries increase the car’s weight.

Why are there electric convertible cars?

You can see these cars with electrically operated drivetrains because of the layouts. The convertibles are electric due to the following characteristics.

No combustion engines

These cars are electrically regulated vehicles without combustion engines. Also, they work on the current of the vehicle batteries and comprise a motor.

They do not have a combustion engine and have a specific motor. Furthermore, they work on power because the combustion engine is not a part of their design.

They run on an electric drivetrain, and the vehicle does not produce emission gases because it lacks an exhaust system. Furthermore, they do not comprise the tailpipes because of the stock specifications.

They do not have a fuel container or flow passages, which separate them from vehicles with combustion engines.

Better performance

The all-electric convertible cars provide better performance at high-speed levels. They can use power efficiently and provide maximum performance on various roads. However, they are very expensive.

They have different batteries with distinct sizes and performance levels. Furthermore, they comprise 70 kWh batteries that are efficient and use energy.

These vehicles have high performance because of the continuous power flow inside the circuit. The batteries support the electrically working drivetrain and circuit for the maximum efficiency of these vehicles.

They have voltage-containing motors that can produce maximum torque. Also, you can control these cars on different roads because their handling is less complicated.

Fuel cost reduction

Electric convertibles do not consume fuel because they lack the combustion engine. They have electrically operated motors that utilize energy for optimized efficiency.

Also, these vehicles are plug-in hybrids and use about 60% less gas or fuel than cars with gasoline engines. They have rechargeable batteries, which reduce the fuel cost and consumption.

However, lithium-ion batteries have recharging properties and have compact designs. You can recharge these high-density power systems through external power sources.

A 120V electrically working outlet is better for the recharging of these batteries.

Circuit to control roof

They have specific circuits that can control the retractable roof of these cars. The circuit utilizes the power of built-in batteries.

The continuous voltage flow stabilizes the performance of this retractable roof on these vehicles. The actuation system includes the top stack, a top cover that can move independently.

Furthermore, the top stack of these vehicles can increase or reduce the tension of the top cover. The reduced tension helps the smooth movement of the hardtop cover during the opening and closing.

Better weather control

Electric convertibles have a voltage supply through their batteries. Moreover, the engine cannot produce heat in such cars, and the heat and cold air regulation system works automatically.

The cooling and heating mechanisms of the vehicles stabilize the cabin temperature during the summer and winter seasons. The driving becomes comfortable for the driver, and travelers feel relaxed when the temperature stabilizes.

The cabin heat level does not rise from the threshold, which protects travelers from uncomfortable driving experiences.

Which electric convertible cars are there?

A few electric convertibles are there with their particular designs and variable specifications. I have explained these below with their power circuit and other characteristics.

Names of electric convertibles Battery type Battery power
BMW MINI COOPER SE Lithium-ion 32.6 kWh
Fiat 500e Lithium-ion 42 kWh
Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Auxiliary 6V 4Ahx2
Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet AGM 90.6 kWh
Mazda MX-5 Lithium-ion 35.5 kWh
Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio Lithium-ion 16.7 kWh


The BMW has launched a MINI Cooper SE, which is all electric and a convertible. It has an electrically operated drivetrain with a retractable roof over the cabin.

It has global recognition for the electrically working drivetrain in a convertible car.

These variants have lithium-ion high-performance batteries with a power capacity of 32.6 kWh. The vehicle uses electrically regulated signals for better handling and stable driving.

Fiat 500e

It is a small convertible with an electrically regulated power circuit and a high-performance battery.

It was launched in 2020, and the Fiat 500e is all-electric and gives better efficiency than all other identical variants.

The car has an appealing layout and specific stylish looks. It provides the highest performance with safety mechanisms and other specifications.

It has a 42 kWh battery and provides continuous current flow for its optimized efficiency. The battery is rechargeable with fast charging conditions.

Its highest speed is 93 miles per hour, and it can go from zero to 60 in 9 seconds. It has an advanced interior with a screen and different amenities for better safety.

Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e

The Bentley EXP 12-speed 6e is an all-electric convertible with high performance. The car has two doors, and the cabriolet variant has a retractable hardtop.

The manufacturing companies launched these variants in 2017. It has auxiliary 4 Ahx2 batteries and comprises a motor of 70W.

The vehicle provides high efficiency at top speed conditions, and you can drive it on the highways.

The circuit supplies continuous voltage movement, which reduces the fuel consumption cost.

Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet

The Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet is a convertible with a foldable roof and electric drivetrain. The turbocharged motor provides current for stable vehicle efficiency.

The air suspension can stabilize the vehicle on uneven roads, and driving it is possible at high speeds. The vehicle comprises a lithium-ion battery because it has a plug-in-hybrid mechanism.

The all-electrically working drivetrain and rechargeable vehicle battery make the vehicle efficient.

The batteries have durable performance and last for several years without significant damage.

It has AGM (Absorbent glass mat) batteries with a 12-volt power system. These AGM batteries are 800-ampere power supply systems because of their layouts.

Mazda MX-5

It is an all-electric convertible with high speed and appealing performance on various roads. It has a sportier design and appeals to young and enthusiastic individuals.

The car does not comprise an emission system and lacks a combustion engine. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 35.5 kWh.

The vehicle has reduced fuel consumption costs because the electric motor does not produce higher emissions. It facilitates better performance at high-speed levels, and the battery provides stable power flow.

Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio

It comes with an electric drivetrain and a compact layout. It is smaller than many other electrically operated convertibles and comprises a foldable hardtop.

The company launched the electric model in 2020, with significant boot space. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a 16.7 kWh capacity.

The power flow is stable, and the roof has electric control through a push button. It provides high speed with exceptional momentum on smooth and uneven roads.

The vehicle is appealing, and you can drive with better control and optimized handling.

Why are there few electric convertible cars?

You can see a few all-electric convertible cars in the United States of America because the manufacturer makes them at a limited level. They have heavyweight batteries, which increase the weight of the vehicle. 

These batteries are rechargeable with optimized efficiency and provide continuous power flow. They make the EVs heavier, which affects their safety during a rollover. 

It is challenging to handle a heavyweight convertible at high speed. Their manufacturing procedure is complicated because they include various techniques and technological advancements.

The stability of heavyweight vehicles is not possible during a rollover, which leads to dangerous accidents.

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