Can Motorcycles Have Handicap Plates?

You can get handicap plates and disabled parking permits for your motorcycle if you have a disability. However, some people use this illegally to get free space in the parking area.

Can Motorcycles Have Handicap Plates? Motorcycles can have handicap plates for people having physical or hidden disabilities. The riders can get a permit if they carry a disabled person with them and get a free and dedicated space for parking. Different kinds of handicap plates are available, such as red, blue, and dark blue colors, and they symbolize different meanings for disabled people.

The US states have made this law for disabled people to make traveling easy for them. This opportunity is for people who have some kind of disability and face obstacles while riding their motorcycles.

Why can motorcycles have handicap plates?

Motorcycles can have these plates, and disabled persons can use them because of the following reasons.

Physical disabilities

Physical disabilities can be temporary or permanent. For example, many people face difficulties in walking, loss of vision, hearing, memory loss, heart disease, and spinal cord injuries.

They feel difficulty in driving cars, riding motorbikes, and other vehicles. The person with disabilities needs to apply for it to get these plates.

The terms and conditions depend on the type of disability the person may have and according to state law.

Free parking access

You can park your motorcycle wherever you want if you are a handicap tag holder.

The person with the permit gets free access to parking places with handicap symbols. Therefore, they do not need to pay for parking their vehicles on streets with parking meters or in parking garages.

The parking access is different in various places and cannot be used everywhere because every area has different parking schemes for disabled people. Make sure they are easy to show and visible through your vehicle.

Hidden disabilities

Many people fear riding a motorcycle due to mental health issues, hidden prosthetics, breathing issues, chronic pain, and fatigue disorders.

These are the kind of disabilities that are not visible but serious issues to tackle. There are many people who misuse handicap plates.

It is better to observe the disabled person’s condition and ask him to confirm the disability by showing the relevant documents. The doctor can verify the disability of a person and provide an authentic report.

This is estimated that 60% to 75% of disabilities are hidden. Therefore, these disabilities cannot be seen but should not be ignored.

People facing difficulties riding a motorcycle can apply for a disabled parking permit. The payment and application method depends on the city or the area.

Get a permit due to passengers

The rider can get the permit to place the plate on the motorcycle if it carries a disabled person. However, it is not necessary for the rider to have a disability.

The person who cannot drive can get a ride with someone and take advantage of the facilities the handicap tag provides. It is essential for the disabled person to be present on the motorbike.

The expired permit can cause problems for the rider if caught by the police.

What types of handicap plates are available for motorcycles?

There are different kinds of handicap plates, stickers, and permits available for disabled people. They come in various forms depending on the fee paid and the issues the person may have.

There are three types of handicap plates which are permanent handicap plates, temporary, and from organizations or institutions.

They are given to people suffering from significant issues, like people who are in wheelchairs and cannot walk on their own.

The temporary plates are provided to the people for 6 to 8 months, depending on their physical conditions.

The organization gives disabled people an option to travel in vehicles with handicap plates, and they try to remove the difficulties that the passengers can observe while traveling.

They are available in different colors that symbolize different meanings. The most common handicap plates are available in white and blue colors.

Motorcyclists can get these according to the kind of disability they have. You can get a permit for motorbikes and for cars and other vehicles.

The size of the handicap plate is equal to the placard, which you can hang on the front mirror of your vehicle. It can also be added on the back side or front of your motorcycle.

Make sure to add it where it is easy to see so that it cannot create issues when you park your vehicle in the parking lot.

How to apply for a motorcycle disabled parking permit?

The procedure to apply for a disabled parking permit depends upon the kind of disability a person may have.

People with significant disabilities can get the handicap plates permanently, while others with temporary illnesses or problems can get them for a few months.

The application method is different according to the laws of states. Different states have variations of basic permission for getting handicap tags.

You have to fill up a form with the approval and signature of your doctor confirming your disability. Then, pay a one-time fee or pay it according to state law for permanent handicap plates.

You can do the same for the temporary plates by filling up the form and showing your doctor’s approved report card that confirms your disability.

You need to pay for it every 3 to 6 months to renew your handicap parking badge for your motorcycle.

If you lose it, you can visit the local Department of motor vehicles (DVM) during the complaint filing process and pay $15 to get the card.

What do different handicap plates symbolize?

There are different types of approachable permits, handicap plates, and placards. They are made of different colors that symbolize different meanings and are associated with specific parking conditions.

They are red handicap plates, white, and blue.

The red one symbolizes that the person does not have a severe disability and has temporary access to a disabled parking permit.

Their condition is expected to improve within a few months. The duration of time for temporary access is for a maximum of 8 months.

The blue handicap plate on the motorcycle indicates people who are in wheelchairs. The blue symbol symbolizes a wheelchair, and they can get permanent access to the handicap plates. They need to renew after every ten to twelve months or varies on the city law.

You can hang the handicap tag in front of your vehicle when riding and remove it when you park.

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