Can You Get a Convertible on Motability?

Many disabled people get convertibles on the Motability schemes through their disabled living allowance (DLA). This scheme provides different cars with variable lease programs.

Can You Get a Convertible on Motability? You can get a convertible on Motability because of its electric properties, high seat position, better control and handling, more boot space with roof up, protection, and traveling comfort. Mini convertible EV, BMW 2 Series, and Mazda MX-5 are available on Motability.

The family members of disabled individuals can take the convertibles on Motability schemes. The US government provides DLA (disability living allowance) to all individuals with physical disabilities.

Why is convertible available on Motability?

You can select all-electric cars for disabled people because they are comfortable. A few convertibles are available on Motability due to the following reasons. 

Electric cars

You can get convertibles on this scheme because they are electrically working cars. For example, a Mini convertible EV is an electric vehicle with a specific motor that provides maximum power flow for vehicle performance.

The motor can supply power to the car wheels for maximum rotations at a stabilized level. These vehicles are safe for people with physical disabilities.

They utilize battery power for higher vehicle efficiency at different speeds. Electric cars are suitable for these people because they are comfortable.

They have stable performance at different speeds, and these people can enjoy a sportier drive. These vehicles have a high-performance brake system that works on electrical signals.

In such circumstances, they provide better stability at various speeds. For example, the BMW 2 Series is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, and you can get it through the Motability scheme.

High seats

The high driving and sitting position is better for physically disabled people. BMW 2 Series cars are available for Motability because they have higher seating arrangements.

The visibility of the driver and passengers increases when the seats are high. People with disabilities remain comfortable and enjoy their surroundings during their traveling.

However, the convertibles make them comfortable, and their traveling remains painless. They can sit on the high seats without pain and discomfort.

These travelers remain relaxed and enjoy the view. They are available because of their high seat positions and improved visibility.

Better control and handling

Mini convertible EV and BMW 2 Series have foldable roofs and spacious cabins. They provide better control and improved handling because of their designs.

Their tires have higher stability, which increases the momentum on different roads. Disabled people remain comfortable and relaxed in these vehicles.

The driver can control their tires and steering system because they do not require more manual handling. Improved control of these cars makes them suitable for the Motability schemes in the USA.

Electric vehicles like the Mazda MX-5 do not require manual steering control. They have better handling on smooth and bumpy roads, which keeps disabled passengers relaxed and safe.

These travelers do not become anxious because the cars do not undergo swaying due to reduced control.

The physically ill people remain comfortable on the rear seats of these cars because of the increased stability.

More boot space with roof up

BMW 2 Series are convertibles with a boot width of 960 millimeters (37795 inches). Therefore, the spacious boot space allows you to fit the wheelchair of a disabled passenger with the roof up.

Putting a wheelchair is possible when the rear car seats are in a high position. You can fold the wheelchair and put it inside the boot area.

It is better to fold it because the boot space of this car has a maximum width, but the height is not enough to fit an open wheelchair.

Also, you can put the wheelchair of the disabled person in the Mini convertible EV. Folding the rear seats makes more space, and you can put the wheelchair without collapsing it.

The rear seats have a specific split that makes more room for putting it with the roof up. It keeps the passengers comfortable because they travel with their wheelchairs.

Moreover, you can fit the wheelchair on the passenger seat of your Mazda MX-5, which is available on the Motability scheme.

Protection and traveling comfort

Motability schemes offer convertibles because they are reliable vehicles and provide maximum comfort. They are better for disabled individuals because they can sit comfortably on the rear and front passenger seats.

The cabins are spacious, which keeps them relaxed. Disabled individuals remain safe inside the cabin because the seats are comfortable.

You can drive these cars at maximum stability level even on the highways, which increases passenger protection. The traveling comfort increases in these electric plug-in hybrid cars.

How can you get a convertible on Motability?

You can get a car on the Motability scheme by your disability living allowance. It is a specific benefit, and the government gives it to disabled people.

These schemes have different charges according to the vehicle type and condition.

You can get it by your personal independence payment and other such documents. Getting it is less complicated through online services, and you can show your disabled living allowance, which has a remaining warranty of one year.

The authorities check the details and provide these convertible cars. The family members and guardians of disabled individuals can get these vehicles on their behalf.

Which convertibles are available on Motability?

Electric cars with retractable roofs and two-door designs are available for getting for disabled people.

Mini convertible EV

The two-door Classic Mini convertible EV is available on Motability for disabled individuals. It has a 1.5-liter high-performance engine with a horsepower of 136 hp.

Also, the driving stability and cabin comfort are high. You can fit wheelchairs in the available boot space by folding the rear car seats.

The scheme offers different packages, and you can select them according to your convenience. However, the package includes the service charge, maintenance cost, and main dealer fee.

Its 2.0-liter variants are available for this scheme with different charges.

BMW 2 Series 

The BMW 2 Series comes with a retractable hardtop that folds inside the boot. The rear passenger seats are not spacious, but the boot space has a significant width.

These are comfortable and protect disabled individuals during traveling. Also, the boot space is high when the roof is open.

The passengers can sit comfortably when the roof is open because the leg space has more width and height. Its 1.5iter petrol-based SE and sports trims are available for the scheme.

It has a 3-chamber efficient engine with a horsepower of 134 hp, and the cabin keeps the travelers comfortable.

Mazda MX-5

It is available on the Motability scheme because of its comfort and safety for disabled people. In addition, it has a soft top with retraction properties.

Its SE, Sports, and SE-L trims are available for the scheme with different charges. Also, it has a 1.5L engine that provides better acceleration and stable driving with a horsepower of 129 hp.

Its 2.0L variants qualify for the scheme and provide comfort to passengers with disabilities. You can get it with your disability living allowance, and the scheme authorities provide the car in one month.

Why is Mercedes not on Motability?

The Mercedes convertibles have a spacious cabin and comfortable driving, but you cannot get them on Motability.

These are not available because of the shortage of their variants. The scheme providers cannot add them to the list because the wait for these variants crosses the standard limits.

Mercedes’s new variants have a global shortage, and scheme authorities do not consider them for individuals with disabilities.

The manufacturing companies have envied them from the scheme because the wait for the variants exceeds the limitations.

Therefore, you cannot get its variants for people with disabilities despite the DLA (disability living allowance).

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