Can you kick start a motorcycle with a dead battery?

Kick-starting a motorcycle means pushing the lever with your feet and running the combustion engine.

Can you kick start a motorcycle with a dead battery? You can kick start a motorcycle with a dead battery by using jumper cables. Attach the positive and negative cables of active and dead batteries, and supply power. You can use the bumper start method by regulating the gears and clutches.

It is a time-consuming method and depends on the stability of battery electric components. For these methods, you can use open and spacious grounds. 

How can you kick start a motorcycle with a dead battery?

The motorcycle battery becomes dead due to excessive drainage and old age. However, it has an average lifespan of about 2 to 6 years.

With more maintenance, it can last for a few more months. After that, due to electrical problems, it can become dead and does not supply electric power to start its engine.

You can start a motorcycle that has carburetors when they have dead batteries. Also, the battery should have the capacity to hold an additional charge. 

With the power supply of another motorbike, you can start your motorbike, which has a dead battery. You can use the following method for the motorbike with a kick starter.

You can insert the key in the designed hole and rotate it to turn it ON. Also, you can adjust the kill switch to the running position. 

Then, you can adjust your body to the left position, and finally, you can stand on the footrest and handle the handlebars with stability and grip. 

You can adjust the transmission in 2nd and 3rd gears and then move it forward by a few inches. 

You can pull the clutch inward and adjust the grip. You can move in forward, adjust on the saddle and apply bodyweight pressure.

Then, you can snap the built-in clutch handle and provide gas. Finally, you can slowly push the kick to increase the gas rushing and start the motorcycle.

You can use the jump start technique because a kick can produce the current for a short span. But, the jumper cables can maintain the power flow for quick starting conditions.

For this method, you can use another motorcycle with a 12-volt battery. Then, you can access the battery terminals on both vehicles.

Then, you can attach the positive terminals of power sources in one alignment. Similarly, you can adjust the jumper cord with the red wires. 

Now, you can connect the end of a black cord to the negative connector of power supplying battery. You can attach the other side of this cable to its frame with a dead battery. 

To reduce the probability of a spark, you can avoid direct connectivity with the dead power equipment. In addition, it can reduce the emission of nitrogen which prevent sudden ignition.

After priming the fuel pump, you can push the starter button. As a result, the battery-stored charge can deliver to driving parts.

You can remove the connected cords in reverse order. Then, leave the engine for a few minutes and start the engine.

Factors that affect to kick start a motorcycle with a dead battery 

Several things can reduce the start time of a motorcycle due to a drained or damaged battery.

Gas in tank

Before starting the engine with different techniques and a malfunctioning battery, you can check the gas level inside the tank. These procedures require a particular volume of fuel or gas. 

Without a standard gas level, you cannot generate the specific spark and power flow. Instead, you can use the bump start method with the gas or fuel in the container.

You can check the condition of the engine and headlights. With the fuel level, the headlights work in high beam conditions.

In such circumstances, you can use the starter to accelerate the engine when the battery does not supply the electric power. With dim beams, you can use the method of a jump start.

But, you can inspect the fuel level inside the container before these methods. 

Carburetor based motorcycle

The old and new motorcycles have carburetors due to their specific design. In such circumstances, the carburetor can produce combustion. 

Also, it can mix the air with gasoline. As a result, the combination can supply power to the electric system and its engine.

The power can produce the force to move it forward. Due to its properties, it is a high-performance fuelling mechanism for classic and latest models.

Due to its presence, you can start it with a dead or malfunctioning battery. It can transfer the mixture of air and gasoline to the combustion chambers.

In these variants, the alternator can deliver the electric current to the engine. As a result, a spark produces, which can start and run the engine. 

You can manually crank the alternator to produce power and start the engine.

Stability of fuses

The battery has fuses to push and regulate the electric current. Also, they can connect it to the power circuit.

The inverter fuses are specific to convert the power into charge. You can use the jump or bump start methods, which comprise the dead power source. 

Also, you can use these techniques for batteries that have stable fuses. In a few conditions, the battery drains and becomes dead.

But, the fuses remain stable and can receive and deliver the power supply to start the engine.

In such circumstances, you can kick-start it by using the jumper cable, producing the spark, and running the engine. 

Is it dangerous to kick-start a motorcycle with a dead battery?

You can use various techniques and start the motorcycle while the battery does not work. But, it is dangerous because the starting procedure requires more power. 

It can drain the power source of other motorcycles. Due to excessive power requirements, the electric current increases from the required level. 

The high power can break the starter or kill the switch. Also, you cannot stabilize the electric flow when the engine malfunctions. 

For example, smaller motorcycles like 125cc have less complex engines. Due to these characteristics, they cannot withstand high external current flow and undergo sudden failures. 

With a jumper cable, it can move forward with a jump. However, in such conditions, it can strike nearby objects due to uncontrollable handles.

With frequent starts with a dead battery, it cannot last for the standard lifespan. Also, its performance reduces due to a lack of continuous power supply.

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