Can You Use Brake Cleaner on Motorcycle Chain?

Motorcycle brake cleaner is a specific solvent with anti-grime qualities and facilitates dirt removal. It wipes-Off pollutants, dust, and debris from the metallic components.

Can You Use Brake Cleaner on Motorcycle Chain? You can use brake cleaner on a motorcycle chain due to its grease-dissolving property, dust resistance, low prices, easy use, thorough application, and sufficient cleaning. Apply it with a brush, rotate the chain, and remove the grease.

You can use this grime-removing agent on the old and new chains of the motorcycle. However, its benefits are more than its disadvantages on metallic surfaces. 

Why would you use brake cleaner on a motorcycle chain?

You can use it on all motorcycle brands and their metallic chains. 

Grease dissolving property

Regular use of a motorbike can result in the accumulation of road dirt and oil on the chain surface. It happens excessively because its metallic surface exposes to road dust traces and environmental factors.

In such circumstances, the road oil and accumulated debris combine. It changes into grease, which settles on the metallic surface and O-rings.

Its accumulation is dangerous and can reduce chain efficiency. In addition, it cannot move because debris interferes with the movement.

As a result, it affects the wheel performance and transmission of the motorcycle. In such circumstances, you can apply a thin coating of brake cleaning agent on its surface.

According to the composition of this solvent, it can immediately dissolve the grease. You can remove the remaining dust and grime with a fiber-free cloth.

It has a high degreasing ability and can remove the grease in 5 to 10 minutes. 

Resistance to dust

The brake cleaner of motorcycles is a specific solvent with high-quality cleaning properties. It can clean the built-in metallic chain of your motorbike within minutes.

Moreover, it works with high dust-resisting properties. Therefore, you can use it to clean the dust in its enclosed parts. The solvent moves inside these parts and settles.

In such circumstances, you can apply it directly on the layers of dust. Then, you can wipe the surface with a duster and remove the dust.

However, this dust-removing agent resists the further accumulation of dust on the metallic surface for weeks to even months. 

Low prices

The average cost of brake cleaner for motorcycles is about $20 to $40. The prices change according to the manufacturing brand and size of their containers. 

You can use its half bottle for the motorbike chain cleaning. Sometimes, the procedure requires a full container for proper cleaning.

These cleaning methods are cost-effective because the container has low prices. You can get one bottle for one procedure.

However, the cleaning interval is about 2 to 3 months. It can reduce dust and grease accumulation on metallic rings. 

Easy to use and thorough application 

Motorcyclists use specific brake cleaners which come in particular containers. These are long narrow bottles with nozzles. 

According to my experience, these are aerosols-type spray solvents. Also, they provide fast and easy applications. 

You can spray the cleaning agents on its rings through these nozzle-containing bottles. It spreads thoroughly on the surface and moves inside the rings.

Furthermore, it has a thorough spread because the manufacturers keep its consistency stable. The liquid flows and removes the accumulated grime, oil, and dust.

You can apply it through a brush or duster when the nozzle of the container breaks. Both applications consume minimum time because the cleaner is easy to use. 

Sufficient for cleaning

You can use the cleaner of brakes for a motorcycle chain without utilizing another cleaning liquid. It is separately sufficient for cleaning metallic O-shaped rings and the top surface of the chain.

It has degreasing and cleaning characteristics. The external agents cannot boost its performance because it works at maximum levels.

It offers optimized removal of all debris, dirt, and grime. Moreover, it can provide cleaning of its sides and upper side at equivalent levels. 

According to its high performance, it is the most beneficial cleaner. Many motorcyclists prefer it for the debris removal of metallic components.

What is the difference between brake cleaner and chain cleaner?

 Motorcyclists use specific cleaners for the chains of their motorbikes. They provide cleaning and grease removal according to their performance and composition. 

Unlike brake cleaners, they can stay on the topside of a metallic surface. Moreover, the liquid flows inside the rings. As a result, these cleaners accumulate and provide lubrication.

Furthermore, they do not evaporate completely. However, they have higher evaporation abilities, and they can remove and dries the surface.

These high-quality and commercial cleaning agents are effective.

They are slightly expensive, and you can use more than one container for thorough cleaning. Their containers have an average cost of about $25 to $40, which varies with brands. 

How do you use brake cleaner on a motorcycle chain?

You can use it on the motorcycle chain by gathering all the necessary equipment. In this method, you can directly apply it on the surface, but it results in a solvent loss. 

You can pour the cleaner into a plastic bowl or a bucket. In such circumstances, you can take a specific volume for the optimized dirt removal. 

Now, you can adjust the motorbike on the ground and wipe the chain with a dry duster. With this technique, you can remove the dust from its topside. 

Then, you can use a small brush and dampen it in the solvent. You can rub the cleaner-containing brush on it and rotate the wheel with your hands. 

In such circumstances, the chain moves, and you can get a new set of rings for further application. You can apply the solvent and rub it on metallic rings. 

Also, you can apply it 2 to 3 times by rotating the rings. You can rub the brush on its lower parts for its application on the bottom side.

You can access these points when rings move upwards. Also, their identification is possible when the surface becomes available upside down. 

Then, you can leave it to dry for about 30 to 40 minutes. It flows inside the rings and facilitates deep cleaning. 

For further satisfaction, you can rub it with a dry cloth. You can ride the motorbike after 2 to 3 hours of its application. 

Will brake cleaner damage O-rings?

Many motorcyclists use it for the cleaning of chains and other metal-based parts. But, its excessive use is dangerous because it affects the O-rings.

It causes the degradation of these metallic O-shaped rings. As a result, it weakens them, and they cannot maintain their performance.

Also, the solvent has high degreasing power, which can remove the old lubricant. The lack of lubrication can produce internal resistance inside the chain and O-rings.

It cannot move, and its standard functionality reduces. As a result, it breaks and cannot supply power to the rear tire.

In such circumstances, the back wheel loses efficiency and does not deliver the standard driving power. Furthermore, it can reduce the acceleration abilities of the motorcycle. 

However, the engine functions accurately without significant faults and failures. Improper lubrication of O-rings and friction lead to deceleration and affect the motorcyclists.

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