Can You Use Motorcycle Battery in a Car?

Many people try to install motorcycle batteries in their cars because both are lithium-acid batteries. But, I do not install these because they are not interchangeable. 

Can You Use Motorcycle Battery in a Car? You should not use a motorcycle battery in a car because it has low voltage to start the engine, affects the electric flow circuit, are not universal, and is not suggested by experts.

The small voltage battery cannot start a car. However they have a few similarities, but the differences are prominent. 

Why you should not use a motorcycle battery in a car?

Motorcycle batteries have different functions and sizes, which makes them ineffective for vehicles. You cannot use it in your automobile due to the following reasons.

Low voltage for starting car

The motorcycle batteries have low voltage according to their build. However, their average voltage is about 12 volts. 

But, the car requires a specific current flow for standard performance. You cannot start your vehicle with low voltage battery. 

It needs 12.6 volts to start and optimized efficiency. Its batteries maintain a voltage of 12.6 volts during the charged conditions. 

They have 12 volts but cannot maintain this voltage level. The current flow reduces from 9.5V to 10.5V according to the standard functionality. 

This voltage is weak to start the automobile and its engine because they work at a higher and more stable current flow. 

Affects the electric flow circuit

The cars have a specific electric circuit with continuous and stable power flow. Do not add this battery to your car because it changes its electric circuit. 

Furthermore, it can alter the performance of wires and other electrical components. It can reduce the efficiency of relays and other switches. 

They are weak and reduce their overall performance. The electric circuit of the vehicles has more resistance to them.

The low charge flow reduces the vehicle’s efficiency and current flow circuits. The electric circuit becomes weak when reduced electric charge flows through it. 

As a result, it leads to premature damage to the engine and other vehicle components. They cannot recharge with the electrical circuit of automobiles, which decreases their efficiency. 

Also, they have low charge flow and can cause electric shocks. The electrically working circuit loses efficiency, and current shocks are dangerous to the vehicle driver. 

Their low power affects the circuit performance, which leads to electrocution. 

Not suggested by experts

Do not use a low-voltage battery in your car because manufacturing companies offer stock batteries for various vehicles. 

They have stable power flow and particular power ranges according to the power circuit of automobiles.

Lead-acid stock batteries are available for automobiles because they have specific voltage and performance. They can start the vehicle with a continuous and stable electric flow. 

Furthermore, they repel electrical surges and provide stable and durable efficiency. They facilitate current for the vehicle stereo, headlights, and other electrically working parts.

It is better that you do not use motorbike battery in automobiles because it has non-identical cell performance. The car battery has six high-performance cells that can hold 2.1V according to its standard efficiency. 

Fully charged options can have a current of 12.6 volts which is enough for optimized automobile performance.

Things to consider while selecting a battery for a car

Vehicles have specific batteries with particular performance and efficiency levels. You should consider the following things while selecting a battery for your automobile. 

Lead acid batteries

The cars require lead-acid batteries for their optimized efficiency. Motorcycle batteries are lead-acid, but they have different properties. 

The vehicle batteries are flooded with lead acid because their cells immerse in the electrolytes. These are deep-cycle and efficient with recharging properties. 

They can store energy and comprise renewable charge. Advanced technologies and appealing efficiency are their significant characteristics.

They can back up the voltage and are less expensive. Furthermore, their lifespans are longer than the counter options. 

They facilitate surge-free, stable and continuous current to electrical components.

Professional guidelines

You can select a car battery while considering the professional guidelines. The automobile manual indicates the size, charge, and performance of these products.

The stock designs and current flow keeps the electric circuit stable for a long time. You can check the cold cranking amperes of your automobile. 

Determining the type and performance of the battery is essential before selecting it. You can choose a new and high-performance option by following the guidelines of an expert. 

The professional guidelines indicate specific, stable, and durable options for automobiles. 

Warranty and durability

You can check the warranty of batteries before selecting them for your automobiles. The warranties provide funded repairs and replacements when the electric system malfunctions. 

Extended warranties do not indicate their efficiencies and stabilities. The standard automobiles have a warranty of about one year and can cover a mileage of 37000 miles without defects. 

You can check their durability through the manual. A durable battery is better because it does not undergo excessive corrosion and has better life expectancies without significant defects. 

Standard CCA 

Checking the cold cranking amperes rating is essential before selecting a car lead-acid flooded high-voltage battery. Their value shows their ability to start the automobile without engine failures. 

It can start the automobile at the lowest temperature levels. The CCAs play a vital role in starting the vehicle engine. 

Cranking cold amperes determine their stability and performance. Several automobiles have up to 1100 1CCAs, which can start the engine without internal damage. 

Not universal

Motorcycle batteries are not universal, and you cannot install them in the cars. They have different cold cranking amperes than the vehicle power system. 

CCA (cold cranking ampere) eating is a specific value and shows their ability to start the built-in engines at cold temperatures. 

It shows the cranking capacity of the battery at the lowest temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit within 20 to 30 seconds. 

They have high CCAs for their optimized efficiency. They have an average cranking cold amperes rating of 250 to 750 CCAs. 

You can find them in their relevant manual for better understanding. Motorbikes have small batteries with 220 to 420 CCAs. 

These cranking cold amperes cannot start the automobiles. Furthermore, they cannot support the engine of vehicles. 

Voltage flow

Professional mechanics and experts do not suggest motorcycle batteries for the car. You cannot install a weak battery for a high-voltage electric system. 

It can damage the electrically operating parts of the vehicle. In addition, it can facilitate low power for several hours. 

Reduced voltage flow can increase the internal temperature of the engine. Its engine undergoes overheating, which damages its mechanical parts. 

Voltage lower than 12.0V is dangerous for the electric circuit of the vehicle. Twelve volts is not a stable power flow for automobiles.

Why do some people put motorcycle batteries in a car?

A few people install motorcycle low-voltage batteries on cars because both have identical shapes. But, they have different characteristics and variable performance. However, you can use a car battery charger on a motorcycle battery.

These cannot start the car without external voltage sources. A few people install it because they have small sizes. 

They fit inside the vehicle hoods, but they leave additional space. As a result, they vibrate and collide with the hood walls, which leads to their damage. 

Some individuals mix their functionalities with car batteries. They use them with a high power circuit which affects the electric amenities. 

Both are lead-acid but have variable functionalities and cranking cold amperes ratings. 

Can I start a car with a motorcycle battery?

You can start a car with a motorcycle battery through the jumper cable. However, connecting the negative and positive cords of a jumper cable with the terminals of both batteries stabilize the power flow. 

You can rev the motorcycle engine at a higher speed of 4000 rotations per minute. 

Asking a friend is better for starting the vehicle because it can distribute the power from the jumper battery to the automobile. 

However, they can only start any vehicle when its engine runs at particular rotations. The motorcycle requires low voltage, but the jumper cable produces a higher current.

The proper connection of the jumper cable can deliver high voltage to the automobile’s electrical system and battery.

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