Can You Use WD-40 For Motorcycle Chain?

WD-40 is oil that can lubricant the parts of the chain on a motorcycle. In addition, this oil can resist rust due to moisture-repelling action.

Can You Use WD-40 For Motorcycle Chain? You can use WD-40 for motorcycle chain to clean the dirt by scrubbing and lubricating the chain. In addition, it is famous because of its low cost, spray bottle, displacement of water droplets, and glossy look.

It can break down the grease layer and flies in the closed seals and holes of the chain on the motorcycle. Moreover, it has the highest cleaning properties, which makes it preferable. 

Why would you use WD-40 for motorcycle chain?

It has various appealing properties, and motorcyclists demand to keep its bottles in their garages. I have used it to clean my motorbike chain and seals. 

Cleaning the accumulated dirt

For the wiping stage, you can use this wax-based material. 

You can directly apply it on the metallic surface. In such circumstances, it can flow inside the sealing areas. 

With this high-quality WD-40, you can remove dirt particles from its surface and inner side. Also, you can wipe and clean it to remove the grime.

In such circumstances, you can clean the surface with a fibrous cloth. You can soak the duster in oil or cleaner. 

Then, you can wipe the surface with your hands and fingers. You can continue the cleaning until you remove the grime and dust particles.

Affordable spray bottle

 WD-40 is an affordable oil that penetrates and flows in different parts of the metallic chain of your motorcycle. Several people select it for its high-quality action. 

But, I prefer it for its affordable price range. According to its demand, it is available at different online selling centers. Therefore, you can find its bottles in distinct cost ranges.

However, the average cost varies from $15 to $30. It has a plastic container with a nozzle and a removable plastic cover. 

With the plastic-based applicator, it has an adjustable nozzle. For usage, you can twist the nozzle and open it. 

Then, you can spray or pour the oil directly on the surface of the metallic parts. It can flow quickly in open holes and side areas.

Due to its easy application, several people select it for their motorbikes. 

Displacement of water droplets

Due to its variable properties, it is a multi-grade product usable for different functions. Therefore, the first two alphabets of WD40 have an abbreviation of water displacement. 

It is unique oil with high-flow properties. Due to its versatility, it comprises the blending of various lubricating chemicals, cleaners, and oils. 

According to composition, it has various elements which allow more penetration. Also, it has displacement properties for water.

It can repel water droplets and moisture, which removes the corrosion from the surface. It is a rust-removing material, but it does not resist corrosion.

Due to its functions, it can reduce friction through rust wiping. After using the water displacing material, you can clean the surface with water and soap.

The WD-40 has natural evaporation properties which can promote its removal.

Glossy look

It provides a shiny look to the metallic chain of the motorcycle. It can provide this shine due to its composition elements. 

To get this glossy appearance, you can directly apply it on its metal surface. Then, you can rub it with a rag, which provides a glossy shine.

Due to its properties, it works as a polishing material. Moreover, it can provide a chrome loom with finishing.

Its container has Carnauba wax which can provide shine to the metallic surface. With finishing, the oil makes the surface glossy. 

Scrubbing after degreasing

It is not a degreaser, but you can use a degreasing material on the motorcycle chain. However, it can remove the dust traces with a slight degreasing property. 

You can scrub the surface to remove the grime. After applying a degreaser, you can scrub the surface with WD-40.

Due to scrubbing, the grime removes from it, which increases its shelf life. Moreover, it can improve engine efficiency.

In such circumstances, the motor works at higher rotations and delivers more power and force to the driving tires. For scrubbing, you can use a small abrasion-free brush.

You can rub it over the surface and remove the grime and dust.

Synthetic lubricant

A few people do not consider WD-40 a lubricant. But, it has penetration properties that lead to better flow and lubrication.

The chains of various motorcycles are an essential part of the frame and mechanical section. Without it, you cannot ride and utilizes the motorcycle at a specific performance level.

According to its condition, it requires lubrication after about 200 to 700 miles. The road and environmental conditions determine the lubrication interval. 

The WD-40 can reduce its friction and increase its performance and shelf life. Moreover, it reduces damage and cracking.

With the oil, you can clean, wipe and lubricate the chain. It can resist uneven cracks, holes, breakdowns, and sprockets damages. 

How can you use WD-40 for a motorcycle chain?

Several motorcyclists avoid the chains on their motorcycles. In addition, lack of maintenance and cleaning leads to grime accumulation within the seals.

For its cleaning, you can use WD-40 and remove the accumulated dust to avoid premature breakdowns. Before applying this, you can sprinkle or spray a cleaner on the surface which does not crack the rubber-based seals. 

In a few conditions, the seals have corrosion around them, which makes them dry and vulnerable. In such circumstances, the application of cleaner softens the seals and prepares them for the oil. 

Then, you can apply this through the container, which forms a particular layer on the metal surface. The layer resists moisture, water, and rust on the outer surface.

It can decrease the friction from its sprockets and rollers. To use the WD-40, you can apply a degreasing agent and leave it for 4 to 6 minutes.

With a soft towel, you can wipe the grime and dust. Then, you can apply it to lubricate the sprockets and built-in rollers.

Due to flow, it can approach the inner components. You can increase its flow by moving the rear wheel continuously.

Then, you can wipe the excess lubricant from the surface and internal area. The overall procedure consumes about 20 to 40 minutes, and time is variable according to the person’s skills.

Can you use WD-40 for the X-ring and O-ring chains of the motorcycle?

Different motorcycles have variable designs of chains according to their layout and models. A few have rollers that have various dimensions. 

According to the standards, it has distinct sizes of 50, 80, 40, and 60. In these digits, the first number shows its pitch in inch-eighths.

The last digit is zero, which shows its standard type. For roller-based designs, it is an ideal cleaner and lubricant. 

But, it is dangerous for the X-ring and O-ring designs. It can flow inside the seal and make them vulnerable. 

These seal cracks and breakdown leads to its replacement. It can clean these seals and metallic parts. But, the cracking and breakdown of the seals become faster. 

In such conditions, the WD-40 causes drying of the seals, which enhances friction and related damages. With the X-ring and O-ring designs, the experts suggest other cleaners. 

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