Can you use White Lithium Grease on motorcycle chain?

White lithium grease is considered an ideal lubricant for a motorcycle chain that can smoothen metallic surfaces, but you cannot use it on plastic material as it can cause decay.

Moreover, you can find black lithium greases, but the white one contains zinc oxide that is suitable for moderately used surfaces and gives a visually appealing white color.

Can you use White Lithium Grease on motorcycle chain? You can use white lithium grease on a motorcycle chain as it can efficiently reduce friction on the chain links for the long term and is used for heavy-duty lubrication. Moreover, it protects from corrosion, water, and heat. Furthermore, you can apply it on a metallic chain after removing stains of dirt and grime and drying it properly. 

Apply this grease on the motorcycle’s chain as it does not dry out quickly and protects them from wearing and tearing.

Moreover, you have to apply the lubricant every 300 to 700 miles to get optimum vehicle performance because its constituents evaporate over time.

Why would you use white lithium grease on a motorcycle chain?

There are many benefits of applying white lithium grease on the chain of motorcycles, as it improves the performance and provides better consistency that allows it to reach all areas.

Protection from corrosion 

It is good to use on motorcycles exposed to rain and moisture in humid conditions as it avoids the risk of corrosion.

It is a water-resistant product that avoids increased friction and keeps it free of rust that can affect the durability of chains.

Furthermore, it can help avoid the accumulation of moisture and dirt particles and act as a barrier between the metal surface and dirt that can help protect it from quick wearing.

Better resistance to heat

White lithium grease is a substance resistant to heat, as high temperatures cannot affect the functioning of chains.

It can also efficiently reduce friction at extreme pressure and temperature and reduce the wearing of the components.

It can tolerate almost 250 to 270 degrees Fahrenheit in hot weather, while you can also find it suitable in cold weather when the temperature is around -13 to -15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Improved consistency

The white lithium grease solution has a better consistency that can help provide better coverage of the metal surface. It has a non-dripping consistency attached to the surface, like grease.

However, it does not cause a problem during spraying and feels like oil that comes out of the nozzle quickly.

Long-term application

You do not have to apply white lithium grease repeatedly because it stays intact for a long time and improves the longevity of motorcycle chains.

Moreover, the lubricating solution does not melt and is not prone to get washed off. In addition, it does not get freeze in a cold environment and keeps metal surfaces safe.

Reduces friction on motorcycle chain

It forms a thin layer between the metal parts and does not allow them to rub each other.

In addition, irregularities between metal surfaces exist that can get interlocked, so this thick lubricant avoids such interlocking between motorcycle chain components.

It reduces friction and smoothens the hard surfaces to avoid heat production due to continuous rubbing.

How to you use white lithium grease on a motorcycle chain?

It is pretty easy to clean the motorcycle chain and apply a new coat of white lithium grease evenly, but you have to be careful about the cleaning methods according to chain type.

Look at the chain type

It is essential to figure out the chain type to know the best cleaning methods suitable for removing dirt and grime.

You can most commonly see plain and sealed chains in motorcycles, and plain ones require more aggressive cleaning efforts than sealed ones.

Furthermore, it can help you decide on a cleaning approach, whether you have to rub it hard or gently.

Remove the dirt and grease

Use a cleaning solution available in the form of cleaning sprays to clean the motorcycle chains. You have to spray it on the surface accurately as it needs to cover the whole surface area.

Moving the wheel in a circular motion is better to get better access to the chain areas. In addition, it can help remove all the dirt accumulated on the metal surface and efficiently deals with corrosion stains.

Scrubbing of chain

Take a soft cloth and scrub the chain to remove the stains. You can rub it quickly by moving the wheels continuously, which can help remove tough stains of rust.

The scrubbing removes the cleaning product from the metal surface and makes it appear clean. You can spray the cleaning solution once more if you feel a few stains are still present.


You have to wait for almost 4 to 5 minutes until the drying process completes. It involves the evaporation of the cleaning product and makes the surface completely dried.

You can better apply the lubricant on the chain by giving it an appropriate time for drying.

A little bit of waiting for drying can give you long-term benefits as it provides the perfect surface for the next application that remains attached for a long.

Apply lubricant

Clean the surface with a cloth before applying lubricant. Next, take a spray bottle of white lithium grease and use the flexible straw in front of the nozzle to reach unreachable areas.

Rotate the motorcycle tire in a circular motion and spray the lubricant on the chain until it gets completely covered in the solution. Wait for some time and wipe out the excess solution from the tires.

Then, wait almost 2 to 3 hours to ride a motorcycle until it dries completely.

Cost and time required to use white lithium grease on a motorcycle

White lithium grease is an effective lubricant available in cream or spray form.

Its price varies according to the type of solution, as this grease can cost you almost $8 to $12, while the spray bottle is a little bit expensive and costs around $23 to $38.

A spraying solution can be an expensive choice, but it reduces the overall time taken to apply the lubricant, as the spraying particles can easily reach the corners and hidden areas.

A flexible pipe on the spray bottle can help you provide better access to all areas.

Furthermore, when spraying, the cleaning and lubrication process takes 25 to 35 minutes when you use a greasing solution that feels like oil.

However, applying this solution can take a little bit more time than spraying, increasing to 50 minutes.

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