Chevy Silverado Blinker Sound Not Working

The blinker sound from the Chevy Silverado trucks comes when you turn on the indicator while moving on turning points. The blinkers make a clicking sound when you switch on the turn signals in your vehicle.

Chevy Silverado blinker sound stops working because of faulty speakers, poor electric connections, faulty switches and relays, damaged instrumental cluster, faulty head units, and radio system.

You can hear the sound because of small devices named thermal flashers that power the metal springs located under the dashboard. The current from the flasher devices moves to the bimetallic springs when you turn the signals on.

Causes Solutions
Faulty speakers Replace speakers
Poor electric connections Hire a mechanic to replace frayed wires
Faulty switch and relays Replace bad relays and switches
Instrumental cluster malfunctioning Turn on and off the ignition for restarting
Issues in head units Replace head units
Radio system issues Install the aftermarket radio correctly

Faulty speakers

The small speakers located behind the instrumental panel are responsible for producing the blinker sound in Chevy Silverado. In addition, you can hear the blinker noise because of the expansion and contraction of bimetallic springs.

Moreover, turn signals and radio works through the same speaker in some models of these trucks. As a result, the speakers become faulty, and you cannot hear noise while turning your vehicle.

The indicator light turns on and off, representing the movement on turning points wuther left or right.

In addition, the electric glitches can also make them faulty, and these cannot produce any sound. The sudden changes in voltage also cause the speakers to blow out.

Replace the faulty speakers with new ones for their proper functioning. It is better to turn on the radio to identify the issue in the speakers.

You need to check the turn signals when the radio works fine because the speakers are not faulty.

Poor electrical connections 

You can hear the blinker sound when activating the turn signals because of the thermal flasher. The thermal flasher uses the electricity supply from the batteries and passes the current into the bimetallic springs.

Sometimes these cannot supply the electric current and do not allow the expansion and contraction of metallic springs.

In addition, thermal flasher devices become faulty because of their routine use and age and cannot send signals or transmit current.

Moreover, the faulty devices cannot receive power from the batteries and cause malfunctioning of turn signals in Chevy Silverado.

The wires that supply current from batteries to these devices can also get damaged and cause resistance in current flow.

In addition, the short-circuited wires can also cause a power surge and damage the flasher devices.

You can use electric tape to insulate the frayed wires. Hiring a mechanic to replace damaged wires and faulty flasher devices is better.

Faulty switch and relays

The turn signal switches in Silverado activate the flasher for current transmission into the metallic springs. These switches keep the flasher activated until you cannot move the steering in a straight direction.

These switches also act as relays, converting low current input into high outputs. Moreover, these can be responsible for instructing the flashers to turn on and off the electric signals.

The relays that control speaker functioning can also go bad, and you cannot hear the blinker sound when you move the steering in the left and right direction.

The relays go bad because of their age, daily use, blown-out fuse, and bad wirings. However, these are inexpensive, and you can replace the blown-out relays with new ones.

Instrumental cluster malfunctioning

The instrumental cluster in Chevy Silverado is the colored area of the dashboard screen which contains displays and indicators to assist the driver in safe driving.

The blinker uses the instrumental cluster speaker to produce the sound when you switch on the turn signals. You cannot hear the blinker sound because of the faulty instrumental cluster systems of your pickup trucks.

The instrumental cluster becomes faulty and cannot display signals and lights when the vehicles’ batteries are dead and weak. In addition, these do not function because of burnt-out, loose, corroded, and frayed wiring connections.

Poor grounding, blown-out fuse, and software issues eventually cause the instrumental cluster and its connected parts to malfunction.

Turn off the vehicle and ignition when you cannot see any display light on the instrumental cluster. Turn on the ignition after 3 to 5 minutes and resets the computerized system.

Issues in head units

The head unit of the Silverado controls the functioning of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, radio, and stereo system.

The blinkers that use radio speakers cannot function properly because of faulty head units.

Moreover, the turn signals that produce a sound from the instrumental cluster speakers cannot function because of faulty head units.

Many people complain that the radio and stereo system in their trucks suddenly stops working because of the blown-out fuse of the head units.

In addition, the issue in head units comes from faulty wirings and loose connections. The problem also comes when you add the head units in your vehicle and forget to reprogram it in the computerized system.

It is necessary to replace the whole component when you do not hear any sound after turning on the radio.

Radio system issues

In most pickups, the turn signal uses the radio speakers to produce the blinker sound while moving on turning points.

Sometimes the lights turn on and start blinking but do not produce any sound to make the drivers alert of the turn signals.

The issue comes because of the faulty speakers of the radio system. You can face the problem of a poor radio stereo system when you add it as an aftermarket accessory.

In addition, the issue also comes when you do not correctly attach the speaker wiring after installing a new radio system.

Install the radio in the Silverado correctly and connect the wires that run across the speakers properly for better functioning.

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