Do Motorcycle Turn Signals Have To Be Amber?

Many riders install turn signals of different colors on their motorcycles. They use variable colors for fast signaling from a distance of several feet.

Do Motorcycle Turn Signals Have To Be Amber? Motorcycle turn signals do not have to be amber, and you can use red turn signals on the rear side and amber on the front side. However, red indicators are dangerous because they merge with other lights and distract riders.

Due to the versatility of colors, the motorcyclist can deliver the intentions and signs without danger. In the USA, the federal law regulation does not make a specific color mandatory for them. 

What are the different colors of the turn signals on a motorcycle?

Unlike other countries, the USA has different laws for the color of turn signals on motorcycles. You can use amber indicators, but it is not mandatory. 

It is not mandatory to utilize this one color for the turn indicators and their built-in lamps due to standard regulations about it in the United States of America. 

However, amber is one of the safest for these indicators to avoid law violations in different states. You cannot use any other color for the front side indicators.

You can use red and amber lamps in North America for the indicators. For motorcycles, Federal laws are applicable.

According to the Federal Motor vehicle safety standards, you can use red and amber for these signaling indicators. In the USA, you can find more red lamps on the rear side of the motorcycle frame.

On the front, the amber remains constant due to its reliability and performance standards. Therefore, you can use amber or yellow on the front side for these indicators.

You can use red for the rear side indicators because they can perform better on this side of the frame. You can access the permitted use of these colors in various states.

In New York, you can use red for the rear side indicators, and yellow remains constant for the front side lamps. In California and Texas, you can follow the standard federal laws for the color of these indicator lamps. 

What are the benefits of amber turn signals on a motorcycle?

Generally, it has several benefits for motorcyclists in the USA. First, however, I have explained a few of its advantages. 

More visible from a distance

Amber is a preferable color because it makes the motorcycle visible. Furthermore, due to its effectiveness, it makes the motorbike visible from a distance of 200 feet. 

However, the red shade offers a similar visibility span. Amber is more effective and visible during night ridings. 

The light-emitting lamps with this shade provide a more bright appearance. Due to excessive brightness, its overall visibility increases.

In such circumstances, the other riders identify the actions and riding position of the motorcyclist. As a result, they maintain a particular gap that prevents side or front collisions.

It happens due to additional visibility on dark, bright, and foggy roads. These lamps inside indicators reduce the probability of accidents to 30%.

It is an evaluated calculation by the federal road safety departments. Due to these advantages, the federal government suggests this color for both indicators.

Furthermore, at least on the front edge, you can maintain these color lamps. 

Prevention from collision

For riders, the chances for rear collisions are more than front crashes. These collisions happen due to your negligence and lack of indication while riding the motorbike.

In such circumstances, the amber-colored turning indicators send different signals to the other riders in a similar or opposite lane.

Due to these signals, the riders remain away from the motorcyclist, which increases the security level. 

According to different calculations and analyses, this color indicator can reduce the chances of rear crashes by about 22% more than the standard probability.

With a difference of about 6%, it has more effectiveness than other indicators with different colors. 

You can use them on the backside and front side for optimized protection from rear crashes. In such circumstances, you can increase security from both ends.

Soothing effect

Amber is more soothing than the red flashing light due to its shade. Furthermore, due to its soothing effect, it does not affect the eyes of front-coming riders.

Furthermore, it protects them from sudden distractions. It keeps them in one lane without disturbing their riding posture. 

Due to minimum distraction, it can reduce accidents. Unlike red, it has a pleasant effect from a distance of several feet.

Also, it remains soothing when the other rider comes close to your motorcycle. For example, the other riders can see a pleasant yellow beam from a distance in the fog.

Due to this beam, they can identify the motorcycle away from their riding area. Additionally, it provides exceptional protection to both motorcyclists in these weather conditions. 

Due to its soothing effect, it does not develop illusions in the head of another rider. As a result, it protects you during challenging riding circumstances. 

Less distraction

You need turn signals with amber lamps to provide smoother signal patterns than red indicators. Their flashing and continuous blinking cannot cause distraction. 

It is a tested and permitted color for these indicators, determining the riding actions and motorcyclists’ moves. Due to minimum distraction, all riders can move in their particular lanes without disturbing each other.

Also, you cannot collide with other riders with the correct signal exchange. Due to these properties, the federal government suggests putting them on the front edge of the motorcycle frame.

From the front side, the probability of distraction is more because the light directly approaches the eyes of other riders. 

But, the smooth yellow beams reduce the distraction even from the front ends. Moreover, their presence on the back edge can provide better protection from the rear side.

The distraction reduces because the yellow blinking beams support the signals. 

What are the disadvantages of using red turn signals on a motorcycle?

In the USA, you can use turning signals with red lamps on the backside of the motorcycle. This color is legal in several states.

But, it has various disadvantages because the other lights on the motorcycle comprise red LED lamps. Due to their presence, the turn signals mix with other lights. 

As a result, it confuses others who cannot read the signals. Therefore, in a few conditions, the motorcyclists turn on the red indicators when other headlights are blinking.

In such circumstances, all the flashing lights merge and reduce overall safety. Moreover, a few people are unaware of this legal color. 

Due to misconceptions, they cannot identify the signals of lane changing and turnings. As a result, they complain about the motorcyclist to the federal authorities. 

The federal departments do not take specific actions against the riders, but it consumes excessive time. However, it is not a mandatory lamp color for motorcycles.

But, the trend has increased in the USA in the last 10 to 15 years. You can find these lamps on the back end of the motorcycle in several states without restrictions.

You cannot find them on the front side because they can combine with the brake lights and headlamps, which causes confusion and crashes. 

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