Do You Hold the Clutch In When Starting a Motorcycle?

By holding the motorcycle clutch, the engine does not show a response. It is an essential component of manual transmissions and disengages the engine power. 

Do You Hold the Clutch In When Starting a Motorcycle? You do not have to hold the clutch in when starting a motorcycle because it cuts the power supply between the engine and transmission; the bike starts in neutral mode. Never hold it to avoid jump start, engine stalling, and reduce thermal pressure, cracks, and instability of the rear tire of a bike. 

It separates the frictional plates and affects the stability of the rear wheel. Also, start them in neutral and shift gears without pulling the clutch. 

Why should you not hold the clutch in when starting a motorcycle?

Never pull it because it results in engine stalling and causes accidents. To avoid the following problems, never use it in starting procedures.

No engine power

You cannot pull the clutch inside because it immediately cuts the power supply of the power hub. Also, it disconnects the transmission of the motorcycle from the engine. 

It cuts the link between the drivetrain and the power supply. As a result, the drivetrain cannot supply rotational power to the rear wheel and make it stationary.

You cannot start them due to loss of power. Restricted power supply to the efficient parts makes it powerless, and you cannot shift gears.

Sometimes, they remain still without movement. In a few conditions, you may experience a sudden idle. 

The motorcycle starts in neutral

In a neutral mode, the gear shifter remains in its standard position. In such circumstances, it is not in a forward or reverse gear. 

Also, with this mode, you can move it forward when the built-in motor is not working. 

It does not move when you engage the gears randomly. You can pull the clutch, but it disconnects the transmission and power supply. 

Neutral mode keeps the shifter in one position while the gear remains disengaged. According to the common perception, it is not a gear situation.

However, in the neutral mode, the powerhouse cannot send the energy to the crankshaft. As a result, it does not forward the power to the back tire of the bike. 

With an engaged clutch, they remain stationary due to a lack of power supply in the neutral phase. 

To avoid jump start

A few people unintentionally pull it inside while starting their bikes. Then, they shift the gears and kick-start their motorcycles. 

However, suddenly they press the clutch. Then, it results in the engine stalling. Then, due to excessive throttle, its rear tire spins abruptly. 

Also, it jumps and moves slightly forward. As a result, the rider loses control over the motorcycle. Moreover, he falls to the ground and undergoes severe injuries. 

The sudden spinning of the rear tire reduces the control over the handlebars and brake system. 

Prevent damage to clutch plates

Due to frequent pulling of the clutch, their built-in friction plates rub against each other. As a result, it produces an excessive amount of heat. 

Incorrectly adjusted plates and reduced free usage damages their surface. It reduces their work efficiency, and they cannot support the shifter. 

Due to excessive thermal pressure, the plates crack from the center or corners. In such circumstances, they lose their standard performance and do not complete their actual lifespan. 

Avoid instability of the rear wheel

The instability of the rear wheel results in life-threatening accidents. To avoid its spinning, people start their motorcycles in neutral mode. 

They shift gear according to their convenience and keep their hands away from the clutch. 

With the preventive measures, the power does not reach the rear tire and remains stationary during the start. 

How to start a motorcycle without holding the clutch in?

Bikes have manual transmissions system due to their manufacturing specifications. However, you can start them with the kick and ignition key. 

For this purpose, I have explained a stepwise guide that does involve the use of the clutch. Sometimes, you can slowly pull it to give a race during riding. But, at the start, you cannot hold it in. 

To kick start it, check the gear shifter. It is the neutral gear when you pull the kick upward. The downward position of the kick puts them in the first gear. 

However, you can pull it upward for the second, third, and fourth gear. Before starting it, remove the stand and stabilize it over a stable surface. 

Then, adjust it to neutral mode and shift the gearbox to first gear. Also, you can start it with an ignition key. For this purpose, insert the key in the ignition hole, rotate it, and turn on the motor. 

Push the front brake, stabilize the wheels on the ground and shift the gear. Perform this activity in the neutral mode to protect the bike and rider.

 Now, push the kick with your foot and allow the transfer of electric power to the rotational parts and transmission. Develop a connection between the drivetrain and the power system.

Give a small amount of race to warm the engine. However, cold starts can damage the transmission of these motorcycles. 

In a few conditions, people pull the clutch accidentally. In such circumstances, slowly release it and prevent stalling for the rear and front wheels. 

Why does the motorcycle engine turns off when I hold the clutch in?

The clutch is essential for the transmission system. However, it has a sliding control due to its built-in design and properties. 

Also, it slides between the gearbox of the bike and its rotational motor. As a result, during start conditions, the gearbox stabilizes and maintains neutral. 

To gain engine power, people shift their bikes to first gear. Its tires, brakes, and other connected parts remain stationary during such activities. 

However, the engine starts working due to gear shifting. In these conditions, you cannot press it because it makes the motor powerless. 

Due to the clutch, the RPM rotations per minute of the engine reduce from the standard level. Therefore, with non-rotational activities, the motor cannot idle accurately. 

Also, the rotations per minute reduce from the standard range. Therefore, they cannot support the engine and its actual performance. 

Moreover, the engine does not get enough power for the rotational components. As a result, the system malfunctions, and plates separate from each other.

They reduce the power flow, and the engine cannot use fuel to start the bike. In such circumstances, the engine immediately turns off due to a lack of electric supply. 

However, you can start it without using the clutch. For this purpose, pull your hands away from the equipment and never pull it inside.

For manual transmissions, start the bike by shifting the gear to neutral. 

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