Dodge Ram Acceleration Problems And Their Solutions

Dodge Ram is a full-size pickup truck famous in America for its interior quality, engine power, and better towing capability. However, many people face issues with truck acceleration, and sometimes it is difficult to gain speed.

Dodge Ram acceleration problems include reduced or weak acceleration, faulty accelerator pedal, sluggishness and stalling, excessive noise, sudden power loss, no acceleration, unintended acceleration, and delay in response.

It is necessary to deal with the acceleration issues of your truck because it can cause problems while driving.

Problems Solutions
Reduced or weak acceleration Refill fuel tanks
Issues with the accelerator pedal Check floor mats, ground, and power connections
Sluggishness and stalling Replace catalytic converters and air filters
Excessive noise Undercarriage cleaning and dry parking areas
Sudden power loss Check the fuel pump, injectors, and oxygen sensors
Sudden and unintended acceleration Replace and refill transmission fluid
Delayed in acceleration Clean throttle body, fuel, and air filters

Reduced or weak acceleration

Reduced or weak acceleration means you cannot attain the speed in maximum time. The problem comes when the engine does not get enough power to make the system efficient.

The problem comes when the engine cannot get enough fuel and air mixture for the power supply. Sometimes the truck does not have enough fuel or gas in the tank for the combustion process, interrupting the power supply.

You can face this when tank fuel or gas levels are low. Moreover, there is also an issue in the fuel delivery system that restricts their supply to the combustion chamber.

The vehicles contain fuel filters to remove the dust, dirt, and contaminants from the fuels so they cannot enter the engine components and cause damaging effects.

These fuel filters become clogged when you use low-quality and wrong gas concentrations for your pickups. It is necessary to inspect the fuel filters after every 6 months and replace them if they are clogged with dust and other contaminants.

Check the fuel levels in the tank and move to the nearby refilling stations to save driving on the road.

Issues with the accelerator pedal

You can often face problems with the accelerator pedal, and these cannot activate the throttle body to supply enough air for the combustion of fuel and air mixture.

The combustion does not start in the chamber with insufficient air and fuel. Accelerator failure occurs when dust and dirt from your shoes come on their sensors.

Moreover, these can also go bad when there is poor and loose ground connections. These require a voltage supply to activate the throttle body through wires.

The low voltage from the vehicle’s battery causes the failure of the gas pedal and idling issues. These do not function when there is an issue in the engine control module.

Clean the gas pedals to remove dust, water, and mud from the sensors for their proper response. Check the alignment of the floor mats and ensure that these are not causing any obstruction to their functioning.

Sluggishness and stalling

The sluggish acceleration means the vehicle’s engine tries to accelerate but does not have enough power. The problem comes when the air filters of the trucks get clogged.

The dust particles and other contaminants in the air clog these filters and hinder the smooth air supply in the combustion chamber.

You can also face the problem due to the clogged catalytic converters. The failure of the catalytic converters can also cause problems.

The harmful and toxic gases cannot move outside the engine and interrupt their functioning. The engine does not work well when unburned and toxic gasses remain in their parts.

Moreover, the problem with fuel supply causes sluggish responses during driving. Check the working of the catalytic converters and replace the failed unit with a new one.

In addition, it is also necessary to change the air filters after 6 to 8 months for their efficient functioning.

Excessive noise

The time belts are located in the engine compartment, which ensures their smooth functioning. It also allows the on-time movement of the crankshaft and camshaft.

You can hear the loud noise while accelerating your truck when these belts are misaligned and come out from the pulley. In addition, the exhaust contains the muffler, which dampens the engine and exhaust gas sounds.

The steel material of this component is coated with aluminum for its dampening action and to make them heat resistant. The failure of the muffler comes from the rust and condensation accumulation on its surface.

You can hear the loud sound during the increasing speed of your Dodge Ram because mufflers cannot dampen the engine and exhaust sounds.

Wash the undercarriage in snow so road salts cannot rust the steel material. In addition, it is also better to park in dry and covered parking areas.

Sudden power loss

Many people face the issue of sudden power loss while accelerating their Dodge Ram trucks. The sudden power loss comes from the failure of the fuel pump that restricts the fuel supply suddenly.

The mass air flow sensor is also in the combustion chamber to measure airflow. The contamination of these sensors occurs when you use low-quality and wrong engine oil.

In addition, fine dust particles in the air can also cause the dust to accumulate on their surface, eventually leading to their failure.

Moreover, you can also face sudden power loss issues from the failure of the fuel injectors. The nozzles cannot spray sufficient oil for burning.

The failed throttle body valve and sensors also cause stalling issues and rough driving conditions. When you face sudden power loss, checking the fuel pumps, fuel injectors, and throttle bodies is better.

Sudden and unintended acceleration

The sudden and unintended acceleration issues in Dodge Ram truck comes when the vacuum lines of the engines are clogged. The clogged lines cannot supply air and fuel to the combustion chamber.

Moreover, these are also responsible for removing exhaust gas and fresh air intake in the engine. The clogged lines slowed the process, and you could not attain the maximum speed.

Moreover, the problem comes when there is an issue with the transmission system and the fluid levels are low, which causes a restriction in gear shifting.

You cannot increase the speed when the transmission is faulty and have low fluid levels. Replace and refill the transmission fluid in the reservoir for proper gear shifting.

It is also better to check the vacuum line and oxygen sensors to properly remove exhaust gasses.

Delayed in acceleration

Most people also face delays in acceleration means their Dodge Ram trucks take more time to attain the minimum speed.

The issue comes when there is an issue with a spark plug and ignition system. The carbon deposit on the spark plugs decreases the working efficiency, which does not give enough spark for ignition.

Moreover, clogged fuel and air filters also lead to a slow supply of air and fuel mixture in the combustion area. The dirty throttle body decreases the air supply for the ignition, and you cannot gain speed quickly.

Use throttle body cleaners and brushes to remove dust and grime from their surfaces. You can also clean the fuel and air filters when you see the thin layer of dirt on them.

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