Does the Harley LiveWire Have a Clutch?

Harley LiveWire is an electrically operated; beginner motorcycle launched by Harley-Davidson in 2014. It has a longitudinal electrically handled motor with around 103 hp and offers a 112 mph top speed.

Does the Harley LiveWire Have a Clutch? Harley LiveWire does not have a clutch due to stock design, automatic operation, single gear, electric dependency, high torque, better throttle function, and weight reduction per unit.

Due to a compliance issue, the company has stopped its manufacturing temporarily.

Stock design

Like each motorcycle, Harley LiveWire has a specific stock design due to company specifications. According to this selective design, it does not comprise a clutch. 

A few people assume that it has a clutch for regular operation. However, I have inspected it, and it does not have the clutch due to limited specs.

In its manual, there is no separate column for it. However, with a 15.5 kWh battery, it works without it. 

Due to a particular cooling system, the liquid and battery charges work together. As a result, they produce high energy to regulate the performance of a motorcycle without a clutch.

Due to stock look limitations, you cannot install it on the frame because it lacks a particular mount.

Automatic operation

It is an automatic motorcycle that depends on the chargeable battery and engine performance. It lacks this feature due to the presence of a computer system that can operate it with proper regulation.

Due to the onboard module, it does not require a clutch for electric support. Instead, the computer can disengage the charge from the transmission and engine. 

Due to computer-based control, it becomes more efficient and undergoes minimum damage. Moreover, its manufacturing company provides more options for customization due to computer technology.

 Due to the module, it is an automatic motorcycle that can regulate the clutch-operated functions. 

According to the automatic functions, you can use and drive it without wheel vibrations.

It has an automatic regulation system with high-quality battery cells that support the electrically working drive. 

As a result, it pumps the charge toward the motor, which uses power for standard operating conditions. 

Single gear system

According to its specifications, it does not comprise gears. Different surveys prove that it has one gear inside the transmission. 

Moreover, the single gear means no gears in a motorcycle. Therefore, the single or one gear does not require shifting.

The electricity supply source and engine handle its speed through the module. In this electric system, the single gear remains engaged throughout its operation. 

The power flow regulates the transmission, monitors the speed, and stabilizes it on the road.

Due to its continuous engagement, the speed limit increases according to electric signals. It performs continuously at a stable speed because the transmission never undergoes shifting. 

With no gear system, you can convert the speed regulation on the engine and power supply. 

Electric dependency

The Harley LiveWire depends on electric power more than the mechanical components.

According to standard manufacturing rules, electric motorcycles do not have clutches for power regulation. 

Due to their absence, the built-in module identifies and determines the information. Also, it regulates the power flow through the module signals. 

The computer system determines its performance according to the road surface and riding requirements. The battery drainage depends on the type of utilization.

In such circumstances, you can recharge the battery due to its built-in alternator. With more power supply, you can ride it at the highest speed without swaying. 

Due to electrical dependency, it is an appealing motorcycle with a smooth ride and stable frame.

Torque to start

The engine produces a specific force through its constant rotations. Such force is known as torque, which drives the motorcycle’s tires. 

According to the strength of force, the wheel rotates and moves forward. It is the rotational energy that propels the tires and wheels forward. 

It has electric energy, which supports the motor for maximum rotations. As a result, the torque level increases from the determined threshold.

This high torque is beneficial because it supports the wheels for moving forward. However, the torque produces when you push the pedal increases its gap from the crank arm. 

The motor performance increases due to continuous rotations. In such circumstances, it can produce a torque of about 83 ft-lb.

According to its dimensions, this torque is enough for driving wheels to spin at top speeds. You can identify and calculate the torque on its crankshaft.

The highest torque can control the accumulated and generated energy. In such circumstances, the motorcycle does not require a clutch and works without it. 

Better throttle function

It is a high-performance and durable motorcycle for new riders. According to its functions, it has the highest throttle response.

The throttle is an essential component of its intake mechanism. However, the intake monitors and controls the motor response to produce the highest level of acceleration. 

According to the skills, you can play a role in this speed production. In such circumstances, you can approach the connection cable of the throttle.

You can find it near the handlebars. You can access it on the right corner of the regulating handles. 

For performance stability, you can adjust the cable of its throttle in a particular position. In such circumstances, the throttle power delivers to the tires directly through the cable. 

In starting conditions, its engine does not idle, which keeps the frame vibrations free. Due to the absence of idling, it does not have a clutch. 

You can leave the throttle and its cable and turn off the engine. As a result, the electrically working motorcycle turns off.

For acceleration, you can keep holding the throttle and get the maximum response. 

Weight reduction per unit

This feature can add a weight of about 10 to 12 pounds to the motorcycle frame. It is a heavyweight motorcycle with different features and a heavier frame. 

To avoid more weight, the manufacturers do not add the heavy assembly to the Harley-Davidson LiveWire. Also, it keeps power management less complicated.

As a result, it reduces the learning procedures to operate it. Moreover, a beginner can handle it without challenging conditions. 

Learning this electric LiveWire can take 1 to 3 days, which benefits the riders. By avoiding its addition, the company has reduced the weight per unit.

It has slightly reduced its weight, and a non-skilled individual can ride and drive it. 

Less control required

Electric motorcycles require minimum manual control due to automatically working components. Also, they do not need mechanical handling and control on various routes. 

Due to these requirements, the company does not add a clutch to these models. Moreover, the electric current produces more torque, spinning force for the driving tires, and stable performance for many hours.

During riding situations, the electric options do not require focus. In such circumstances, you can leave them on the management and monitoring of power hours and its charge flow.

The transmission, speed controller, and engine work at stabilized operating limits due to the highest voltage.

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