Hazard Lights Turn On When Car Is Off

A hazard light is a safety feature for cars, and you can turn them on when there is an issue in your car. The turn signal lights come on and off when you park them on the road in emergencies and change the tires.

The hazard lights can turn on when the car is off because of a faulty switch on the dashboard, a bad indicator bulb, a faulty flasher relay, corroded sockets, parking gear engaged, locking and unlocking of the car and doors, ground faults, faulty ABS actuator, weak batteries, and malfunctioned sensors.

It is a warning sign for other drivers on the road so they cannot accidentally collide with them. You can also turn them on when you detect potential hazards in your cars while driving, which can affect the other vehicles on the road.

Reasons Solutions
Faculty switch and relays Use WD-40 solution and check relays with a multimeter
Bad indicator bulb Ensure correct bulb installation
Corroded sockets Coat electric circuits with anti-sprays
Parking gear engaged Shift to drive mode
Locking and unlocking of car and doors Check door locks
Ground and earthing faults Use silicone-based moisture absorbents
Faulty ABS actuator Call an expert to fix faulty ABS assembly
Weak batteries Check batteries voltage with a voltmeter
Malfunctioning of sensors Consult dealerships for wires inspection

Faculty switch and relays

Hazard lights contain a switch on the dashboard to turn them on and off. The switch is located near the steering column and is coated with plastic material.

You can turn them on and off by pressing the triangle sign button near the steering column. The triangle sign has a bright red or dark orange color, depending on the model of the vehicle.

You can see that the turn signal bulb still illuminates when you turn off the vehicle. The issue comes because of faulty switch buttons that operate them.

You can face the problem when the switch button gets stuck in the ON position. Moreover, these buttons can also break because of hard pressing and cause issues.

Dirt and small foreign particles can also get stuck inside these plastic-coated buttons, making them faulty. Flasher relays are the electric components that allow the current to pass through them to illuminate the turn signal as the warning sign.

Electric relays power these flasher relays so they allow the illumination of the bulb. Electric relays become faulty when you jump-start your car, and these cannot provide electric current.

Use the WD-40 solution and spray the triangle button with them for lubrication. I prefer this solution to a damp cloth because it removes dirt and moisture without causing any damage.

You can check the flasher relays with a multimeter and see them in the fuse panel present in the engine compartment.

Bad indicator bulb

Hazard lights use the indicator bulb to turn on the warning sign for other vehicles and drivers on the road. Sometimes these bulbs illuminate when you turn off the car engine.

The issue comes because of the bad bulb and their poor installation, which allows the conduction of electric current. The faulty wiring of these indicator lights allows the conduction of electricity and illumination of light.

You can also face the problem because of corroded wires and electric connections that cause an interruption in the smooth flow of electric current.

Ensure the correct installation of indicator bulbs and check their tightening. Inspect the wires connected to these lights and ensure that any of them is not touching the hot wire.

Corroded sockets

Corrosion on electric parts of the hazard lights leads to their random functioning and blinking. These lights turn on and off randomly and confuse drivers and other people on the road.

Corrosion on wires, sockets, and metal connectors leads to an interruption in current flow. People living in cold and damp places face the corrosion issue more because of the high humidity content of these areas.

Moreover, you can also face the rusting problem because of poor maintenance and cleaning. Use sandpaper and lightly scrub the affected area to remove the rust layer.

In addition, you can also use the specialized anti-rust sprays and coating on them to prevent future damage.

Parking gear engaged

It is necessary to engage the parking gears when you face any potential hazard in your cars while driving them on the road. The hazard lights system in modern vehicles is connected to the transmission components.

These illuminate when parking gear is engaged to alert the drivers so they can reduce their speed on the road. These lights remain ON when you are waiting for towing vehicle on the road and the parking gear is engaged.

It is better to check the gear position when you are moving forward after fixing the issue. Shift the transmission from the parking to the drive position so the warning lights turn off.

Locking and unlocking of car and doors

Hazard lights remain on when one of your car doors is locked incorrectly. It is a safety feature for passengers and drivers and protects from serious road accidents.

It is necessary to check the doors when these lights do not turn off because doors can open suddenly during driving and affect other vehicles on the road.

You can also face problems because of faulty and bad door locks. You cannot lock them properly because of the internal locking mechanism malfunctioning and the actuator’s failure.

The broken wires and buttons also cause hindrances in their proper locking. Check the button on the driver’s side for their proper locking. Lubricate the locking system to reduce interruption in their normal functioning.

Ground and earth faults

Hazard lights become faulty and start blinking randomly because of poor grounding. Ground wire faults lead to voltage drop, which causes irregular current flow and rhythmic blinking.

You can also see the indicator lights of your vehicle after turning off the engine because of earth fault. Earthing faults occur when water enters inside and completes the circuit.

I usually face the issue after car washing from the dealerships because of water presence in electric circuits. In addition, one of my friends also faced the same problem after driving in rainy weather.

Use silicone-based rust-proof and moisture-absorbent sprays on electric circuits and wires to protect them from malfunctioning.

Faulty ABS actuator

Hazard lights are connected to the anti-locking braking system in most modern cars. The actuator operates this braking system, preventing the tires from locking during brake application.

Warning lights also illuminate when you activate the anti-lock braking system. It is the warning feature that is upgraded in most luxurious vehicles to alert the drivers on the road.

The modern feature is beneficial when you are moving to hilly areas. It alerts the other road drivers so they can slow their speed to reduce collision risks.

Sometimes the lights still illuminate when you turn off the engine because of a faulty ABS actuator. You cannot fix the ABS actuator assembly because of its complex components.

It is better to consult recognized dealerships having expert mechanics to deal with different automobile parts.

Weak batteries

The batteries of cars become weak and affect the electric components and lights. The weak batteries hold some surface charge and cause the hazard light bulbs to illuminate as the warning sign.

You can also see them blinking after turning off the car because of weak batteries and undercharging. These can also affect the functioning of batteries by draining electricity from them and making them completely dead.

Its batteries become weak when you do not change them for longer, and add high current drawing accessories for your convenience. Corroded battery terminals also lead to malfunctioning and battery draining.

It is necessary to check the battery voltage when you see the check light on the dashboard screen.

Malfunctioning of sensors

Modern and luxurious vehicles have upgraded safety and security features to protect the vehicle. Some of them contain an anti-theft system connected to these warning lights.

You need the specialized method in the owner’s manual to turn hazard lights off. You can use the integrated keys to operate them depending on the model and type of your vehicle.

Moreover, some models also contain sensors connected to these warning lights. You can see their blinking with a horn sign when someone tries to steal anything.

It illuminates a warning sign when your car is off. It is necessary to check the connected wiring when you face random blinking of warning bulbs. Consult the dealerships for the inspection of wires connected to these systems.

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