How Does a Motorcycle Passenger Hold On?

Many passengers fall off the motorcycles if they do not hold on properly. Therefore, specific sitting postures and training are essential to increase passenger protection.

How Does a Motorcycle Passenger Hold On? Motorcycle passengers hold on by adjusting their feet on pegs and clamping their knees with the rider’s thighs. Adjust arms around the rider’s waist, hold the grab rail behind the pillion seat, pull the leather strap, and hold it.

You cannot sit on the motorbike as a passenger without holding support. High-speed riding can affect people who lack proper hold on the position.

How to sit on a motorcycle as a passenger?

There are different methods to adjust your body on the rider’s back. You can use the following techniques for better stability.

Adjusting feet on pegs

You can adjust your body on the back side of the motorcycle. For example, your knees work as anchors on its frame.

However, you can adjust your left and right foot on its pegs. These have specific designs for flat feet adjustment.

Then, you can adjust your knees against the motorcyclist.

You can join the motorcyclist through this technique. Also, the motorcyclist becomes comfortable when the passenger sits in this knee and waist clamping position. 

The riding person can stop the motorbike suddenly with an optimized grip. Then, the passenger slightly leans forward and backward according to the riding postures of the motorcyclist. 

The motorcyclist can move off the saddle, and the passenger remains in the seat because clamping improves stability. Also, this sitting position prevents you from flopping on the rear seat.

You can use your knees for the hold-on on a motorbike because it keeps you secure. In addition, it aligns you with the riding individual and motorbike frame. 

Hold the rider

You can sit on the rear seat of a motorcycle as a passenger while putting your hands around the rider’s waist. However, you cannot increase the grip around the motorcyclist because it makes the person uncomfortable. 

Excessive gripping can distract and annoy the rider. The motorcyclists lose control, which causes collisions. 

You can adjust your arms around the rider’s waist in a relaxing posture. Also, you can lose the grip after 20 to 30 seconds to make the motorcyclist relaxed and comfortable.

You can avoid sudden grabbing and pulling because it leads to sudden accidents. Moreover, you can select the lower waist area of the rider’s body. 

The motorcyclist can determine the holding area for maximum comfort during the ride. 

Take help from rail

Motorcycles have a back seat which is called a pillion seat. Moreover, it is specific for the passengers and adjusts on the rear side of the frame.

You can find a grab rail behind the pillion seat. The manufacturing companies make them in metallic composition.

However, the grab rails mount on the rear and are a part of the stock design. A few people remove them from the frame for adventurous riding. 

It is an essential part of most models. You can hold the grab rail when you sit on the pillion seat as a passenger. 

It is a rack for holding and stabilizing the luggage. You can access it when the motorcyclist moves the motorbike at slow speeds.

You can hold it slowly and grab it with your left and right hand. Your sitting position becomes straight.

It provides additional security to the passenger on the pillion seat. 

Grab the strap

You can find a leather strap on the lower side of the motorcycle frame. It is accessible when you sit on the rear side of the motorbike as a passenger.

The leather strap stretches and moves towards the back seat to cross it. You can grab the leather strap from the bottom side with one hand.

Also, you can use both hands for more security and comfort. You can carry out this method according to your seating posture.

Positioning away from the seat on the rear side can make the technique easier. Grabbing the leather strap makes sitting comfortable. 

You can hold the strap and put your arms in your front. However, experimentation with one and two hands is better for checking the safety and comfort level. 

Why should a motorcycle passenger hold on?

It improves the safety of passengers and riders. However, never do it for the following reasons.

Better balancing on corners

Holding on to the passenger position on the motorcycle provides more balance in the back seat. Moreover, it increases stability on the corners and turns.

You can lean towards the motorcyclists and synchronize the positions. As a result, the motorcyclist can turn its wheels at a challenging corner with ease and comfort. 

The riding individual loses their balance when the passenger does not lean. Therefore, off-setting of motorcyclist balance is dangerous.

The motorbike can slip on the road. It causes injuries to the motorcyclist and the person sitting in the rear seat. 

Improved safety

Rider ensures the safety of passengers by keeping the motorcycle speed slower than the standard level. But, the correct hold-on position of the passenger increases safety.

The passenger clamps with the motorbike frame with different holding methods. It protects that person from sudden falling and injuries.

You can remain stable on the rear seat of the frame. Also, you can contribute to the rider’s comfort and balance.

It increases the protection of motorcyclists from different injuries. 

Comfortable sitting position

Hold-on techniques provide comfortable sitting positions for the passengers. You can lean towards the rider or sit away from the seat. 

Also, you can hold the rail on the rear side. These sitting positions increase your comfort in both conditions.

It makes the ride less hectic for the person in the rear seat. Similarly, it keeps the rider relaxed and focused, which makes the ride safe. 

Things to consider when sitting on a motorcycle as a passenger

These factors are essential to consider because they affect safety. You can follow these things as a passenger to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Hand on rider’s shoulder

You cannot put your hands on the rider’s shoulders because it is against the physics laws. In addition, this holding-on position has reduced grip.

It cannot protect you from falling off the road. Also, it reduces the protection of the motorcyclist.

You can pull the rider towards the road during a falling condition. However, poor grip causes dangerous problems.

Holding the rider’s shoulders reduces the focus, which results in collisions. 

Avoid distraction

You cannot wrap your legs around the rider’s waist while sitting in the back seat as a passenger. It is a dangerous situation because it causes distraction.

Furthermore, it makes the motorcyclist uncomfortable during the ride. It is one of the most unsafe sitting positions for a passenger on a motorcycle.

Your legs can interfere with the riding posture of the motorcyclist. The rider cannot turn the handlebars according to the requirements.

Distracted riding causes more crashes and dangerous accidents. 

Do not move

Many motorcycle passengers move their hands and legs while sitting in the rear seat. Hand movement reduces the focus of the riding person on the roads. 

You cannot lay on the rear portion of the frame to relax your body. Excessive leg and hand movement make the motorcyclist uncomfortable.

It reduces your anchoring with its frame and riding individual. Moreover, it decreases safety during a ride.

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