How Easy is it to Steal a Motorcycle?

Several people are anxious about the growing events of motorcycle stealing in the United States of America. The thieves can steal them despite the introduction of safety features.

How Easy is it to Steal a Motorcycle? It is easy to steal a motorcycle due to the vulnerable anti-theft system and poor-quality locks. Thieves steal them from indoor garages by breaking door locks and loading them on trucks. You can use locking frames, anti-theft alarms, and kill switches to prevent your motorcycles from being stolen.

According to a survey in 2016, the thieves stole more than 5100 Harley Davidson motorcycles from parking spots and residential garages. A group of 3 to 4 people with a loading truck can steal them in less than 15 minutes. 

Why is it easy to steal a motorcycle?

Motorcycles are vulnerable due to their manufacturing design and ineffective locking system. They are moveable with a minimum force, and the thieves can steal them within 5 to 10 minutes without leaving a sign.

However, through insurance, you can get your motorcycle back. The cop can track the stolen bikes and retrieve them. Electric options are an easy target for robbers because they decode safety features.

The theft depends on the type of parking, living environment, and the ratio of stealing events across the state.

Therefore, their storage in residential garages and protected spots is beneficial to reduce stealing activities. 

Several people depend on their home garages to protect their motorbikes. However, thieves can break the locks of doors to access them. 

For this purpose, a team of thieves joins and arranges surveillance around the parking spot. They record all the information about the timing when the rider parks the motorcycle.

Furthermore, the robbers break or bypass the door locks, open the garages and remove them without producing a sound. During night robbing events, a single thief can access your bike and ride on it. 

Moreover, they arrange different loading vehicles to carry and transfer the stolen units. Frequent stealing events were reported across the USA in the past 5 to 6 years because the procedure is simple.

The thieves do not act suspiciously and move around the motorcycles for a few minutes. Then, they disable the theft mode of the system with the bypass techniques.

They can break chain locks with different tools. However, it takes around 15 minutes to an hour. They do not use ignition keys to start it.

However, they prefer to jump-start and ride away from the parking location. Only one thief can perform this activity. The challenges vary according to the type of parking spot, hidden cameras, and security of the surroundings.

The robbers grab it through the handles and drag it over the road to make it invisible to the owner. Sudden grabbing and theft are one of the most dangerous activities.

In such conditions, the thieves attack the rider and snatch their bike. They use transportation vans for these stealing activities. 

Moreover, two or more thieves approach them through a van during these activities. They terrify the rider through different techniques and snatch the bike.

Then, they load it over the van and rush out of the suspicious spot. They are one of the quickest robbing activities. During these circumstances, you cannot contact and complain to the cop. 

How to prevent a motorcycle from being stolen?

The events of motorcycle stealing are growing across the states. But you can protect them through the following measures. 

Additional locks around the frame

The wheel locks are easily removable and cannot protect them. In such conditions, you should lock the entire frame to secure it. 

You can secure the motorcycle by using a kryptonite and chain lock simultaneously. Lock the engine and emission pipes with high-quality U shape and chain locks.

In these procedures, you should cross a chain lock across the wheel disc and join the ends. Then, use a U-lock that prevents it from rolling despite the excessive drag.

It has an immovable object that can connect with the frame through a chain. Move the chain across the frame, run it along the engine’s body and connect the ends with the immovable object.

The technique secures the bike in the garages and outdoor parking spots. However, the locking procedure is time-consuming, takes around 10 to 12 minutes, and requires a little handling expertise.

The disc locks are vulnerable and can open within seconds with a sharp and thin pin. For maximum protection, use pin-style equipment. Move it through the rotor’s hole and adjust the shackles in the middle area of the metallic disc.

Theft alarms in the garage

The installation of garage alarms increases the safety of your bikes by up to 90%. For their parking, keep the garage lights on overnight.

It threatens the thieves, and they do not approach the garages. Moreover, install a programmed, highly efficient alarm system in the parking area.

Connect it with the software and monitor the bikes through digital gadgets. These alarms are high-performance and audible from a specific distance.

With the built-in sensors, they can feel the presence of a person around the bikes. Then, they send signals to the sound control unit of the system.

As a result, a loud sound appears that terrifies the stealers, and he rushes away from the garage. The time of alarm determines the level of protection.

However, modern bikes have built-in safety features. Yet, you can purchase a high-quality alarm, connect it to the electrical passage of your motorbike and restrict stealing activities. 

Lock the handles on the ground

Several American riders use the chain lock to secure their motorcycles in outdoor parking locations. With these techniques, they cross a strong chain from the frame and wheels of the bike.

You can move it across the handlebars and down the frame. Then, find a stationary stand or a long rod. 

Lock the chain with the immotile object and protect it. Unlocking these chains takes excessive time, and the thieves usually do not target these. 

Install a kill switch on a motorcycle

You can install an automatically controlled kill switch on your motorcycle and protect it from stealing. It has factory-installed sensors that can turn off the engine with a single click.

The switch can turn off the electrical system within a few seconds. However, it has no saturation and negative effect on the engine performance.

Its purpose is to power off the electric supply in emergencies and protects the theft. Moreover, the switch is a tiny red button present on the right side of the handlebars, and the thieves press it.

The latest versions have a built-in Kill switch to upgrade the safety features. Moreover, it has additional strength to shut down the engine. 

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