How Many Keys Come With a New Motorcycle?

Many people forget the keys at different spots and cannot start their motorcycles. It is better to keep a spare key for use in any emergency.

How Many Keys Come With a New Motorcycle? A new motorcycle comes with two keys, one is original and specific for ignition, and the other is a spare key to unlock the fuel tank cap and handlebars. It provides ignition regulation in emergencies, and the latest models come with one key fob and one regular key.

You cannot find a new motorbike with a single key because it is the standard policy of the dealerships. They facilitate them with original keys that can regulate the start system.

What number of keys come with a new motorcycle?

You can select motorcycles from different dealerships according to their models and designs. However, the dealerships provide two keys with the new motorbikes.

They have a similar function, but one key is additional. Furthermore, these dealerships provide a pair to turn on the ignition.

The pair has compatibility with the system and controls the engine with optimized efficiency.

You can use one to start the engine. Moreover, you can keep the other in a secure spot and use it in emergencies.

Both are small-sized, and you can keep them in your pocket. They can unlock the control buttons and alarm system.

In addition, the original is specific for starting it. It regulates the ignition system and has compatibility with specific models and designs. 

It has a specific shape and can unlock the U-shape locks. Also, it is beneficial for unlocking the panniers, which are storage boxes on the side of the motorbikes.

They have locks, and you can unlock them with their specific properties. It is specific for emergencies, and you can use them when you lose the original key for starting the engine.

Their modern and advanced models have their pair. Also, their manufacturing companies provide remote-regulated ignition systems for these motorbikes. 

For example, BMW motorcycles come with dual keys. One of them is a key fob which is a specific remote. 

Furthermore, it utilizes a specific sensor that has stable signals. It has a less challenging and fast activation. 

You can keep it inside your pocket because of its dimensions. The other is standard and can unlock the ignition system, and you can start them. 

The remote can open the lock of the built-in fuel tank. It can open the built-in lock of the container cap. 

You can use the additional key to open the cap and fill gas or fuel into your motorbike. Also, it cannot provide ignition regulation on these remote-controlled new models.

In such circumstances, you can use it to open the locks of handlebars during the service. It can start the engine while the mechanics clean and maintain it.

They clean their frames and remove clogs by unlocking the handlebars. A few people lose the key fob of their BMW motorcycles. 

Therefore, the dealership provides duplicate options for regulating the ignition system. 

They require a rider’s license and VIN (vehicle identification number), and you can get a new remote from a dealership.

Why do new motorcycles come with two keys?

All the new motorcycles come with dual keys for their ignition system. However, the dealership offers them due to the following reasons. 

For emergencies

Many people forget and lose their keys at different spots. In such circumstances, they cannot start the motorcycle, which leads to frustration. 

The start system does not work when you cannot unlock its hole. As a result, you can utilize the spare key to unlock the ignition system. 

However, you can take the help of a locksmith and start the engine. It consumes time, and they are better in emergencies. 

They can instantly unlock the handlebars and regulate the engine rotations. You can start the ignition with it and unlock the wheels and handlebars within minutes. 

Keeping it in your pocket is better because you can use it in emergencies. 

For service

Motorcycles require service, which includes cleaning, washing, and lubrication. Moreover, the maintenance schedule comprises cleaning tires and removing dust from the exposed parts. 

In such circumstances, the mechanics can open the handlebars for service. They can start the engine with the additional key for checking the battery’s performance and lifespan. 

They can check and repair the broken components of the frame. Moreover, they inspect the chains and replace them. 

It can unlock the handlebars, and the mechanics can move them in different directions to clean the wheels and other components.

Broken key

The dealerships provide two keys for its ignition system. However, they comprise aluminum and high-quality iron material. 

They are stable and have extended life expectancies. Furthermore, they have corrosion resistance and can last for several years. 

Sometimes, their moisture exposure increases which leads to rusting. The corrosion can break them from the front side. 

In addition, they can crack from the middle sides and lose their efficiency. The shape varies, which decreases their compatibility with the ignition lock system. 

You can utilize the spare key to start the engine and control its rotations. Sometimes, the key fob breaks because of pressure and electrical failures. 

Therefore, it can open the ignition, and you can get the new remote from the dealership within 2 to 3 days. 

Unlocking locks and seat

Motorcycle saddles have locks because of their stock layouts and frame specifications. However, you can open them with the ignition or spare key. 

The saddles have U-shape locks, and let’s have compatibility for them. These locks and their designs vary according to the models and layouts of the motorbikes.

Furthermore, the remote can unlock the gas-filling cap of the fuel container. It can open the handlebars and unlocks the wheels. 

You can use it from a specific distance because it utilizes a sensor and particular signals. This unlocking mechanism provides more security. 

However, you can lose this remote and use the additional key of the pair. 

How many keys come with a used motorcycle?

Several riders sell their motorcycles at different prices. They are private sellers and sell them for profits and different defects. 

However, standard motorbikes have dual keys for regulating the ignition in standard and emergency conditions. But, the used models do not come with a pair.

Many individuals select the used models because they have reduced costs. In such circumstances, the private sellers only offer one key.

It is either an original or a spare one because of the agreement’s policies. You cannot ask for it because private sellers do not provide it. 

Moreover, these sellers can lose it over the years. A few break them, and some individuals do not provide them intentionally. 

In some conditions, the sellers of used advanced models only provide the key fob. Others facilitate the standard aluminum-based options. 

These selling deals have different negotiations, and you cannot demand a pair. The private sellers keep one key to them while selling the used models. 

In such circumstances, the safety of your motorcycle reduces from the standard level. You cannot identify the intentions of these sellers, which decreases the protection level.

These private sellers can unlock their ignition system and handlebars anywhere in the parking. They can steal them while the anti-theft system is present on the frame.

Also, their identical and compatible spare keys can open the ignition system, and they can ride it.

The security alarms and other anti-theft protection features do not activate because the ignition system recognizes the stable and compatible signals.

Therefore, it is not advisable to select used models from non-authentic sellers. A few authentic and famous dealerships sell used models.

They also offer one key for the used and old variants. In such circumstances, you can rely on the dealership according to their policies and credibility.

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