How Many Motorcycles Are There in The World?

You can find motorcycles on the roads of many countries worldwide. It is economical for several people and provides fast transportation. 

How Many Motorcycles Are There in The World? There are 600 million motorcycles in the world, the USA has 8705171, the UK has 2.4 million, 8.3 million in Malaysia, Germany has 7.4 million, Japan has 13.4 million, France has 310500, and Canada has 886216 motorcycles.

Every country has a different number of motorcycles according to the manufacturing factories and demand. Asian countries have more motorbikes than European countries. 

What is the number of motorcycles in the world?

Motorcycles are two-wheelers with a particular design and offer comfortable transportation. Their estimated number is 600 million worldwide.

There are around 8705171 motorbikes on US roads. The motorcyclists register and ride them in the USA. 

Around 10.3% USA population has ownership of their different brands and models. For example, California has about 1150780 registered motorcycles.

This state has a higher population than many other locations. Furthermore, it has mild weather conditions, which allow riders to enjoy races and other rallies.

Mild and suitable climate conditions make riding comfortable. It increases the enthusiasm of motorcyclists. 

Moreover, it increases the total number of customers in this state. There are around 795972 motorcycles in Florida.

More than 10% of American households have them in their houses. Increased demand and more riders increase their sale. 

New York has 684620 motorcycles, and taxes comprise 528300 models in 2023. The UK has about 2.4 million registered motorbikes. 

However, you can find their registered variants in Malaysia, which are around 8.3 million on the roads. There are 7.4 million motorcycles in Germany. 

Japan has about 13.4 million motorbikes that have registration. Therefore, this country has consistent sales of its different models. 

You can find about 23484 registered motorcycles in Turkey. Their 310500 variants are on the roads of France. 

There are 886216 motorbikes in Canada, and about 11.2% of its population rides them. 

Which country has the highest number of motorcycles?

Thailand has the highest number of registered motorcycles. As a result, you can find several models on the roads of its cities. 

You can access about 24.4 million motorcycles in Thailand. It is the highest number for any country. 

Many motorcyclists ride them on Thailand roads with proper documentation. They have a range of 20.1 to 21.4 million from 2012 to 2015 in Thailand.

However, they have reached a level of 24.4 million in 2023. This country offers them at the lowest prices according to its policies.

The manufacturing companies and dealerships sell them at cheaper rates according to business agendas. However, they are affordable for many people because they have stable jobs.

Their affordability has increased their demand in Thailand. The country offers them at low prices because the wages are slightly lower than in many other countries.

Around 89% of Thailand household owns them. There are more riders on Thailand roads because people depend on them more than other vehicles.

They have proper registration, and households comprise them.

Which country manufactures the highest number of motorcycles?

China manufactures the highest number of motorcycles in the world. It has around 250 local factories to manufacture them.

Furthermore, china sells one of the best gas-powered models. It exports several units to different countries per year.

It has been one of the most significant manufacturers of their models for the last 15 to 20 years. China has maintained its reputation as the largest manufacturer worldwide.

It sells about 1.4 million motorcycles per year. Furthermore, it has a production of 20395200 units in 2023.

China makes more models because it is one of the most appealing transportation for the local people. Furthermore, they offer cargo and luggage transfer from one place to another.

The riders can run them at variable speeds with minimum vibrations. They can withstand road difficulties, bumps, and holes, which makes them appealing.

China has sold about 21.2 million units in the last two years. 

Which country has the most motorcycles per Capita?

Greece has the highest number of motorcycles per Capita. You can find 150 motorcycles per 1000 people in Greece.

Moreover, you can find their 1053366 variants in this country. It’s per Capita statistical data is stable. 

Moreover, it has variation after about 3 to 5 years. However, the difference is minor and does not affect their number per thousand people.

Its households own their different models for cargo transfer. Also, they use it for transportation and regular riding.

Factors that affect the number of motorcycles in the world

Many things affect their production and selling rate. However, the following factors increase their number in different countries worldwide. 


Many people depend on motorcycles for regular transportation. These two-wheelers appeal to several people because they have several advantages. 

Adventurous riders select them for racing. Many individuals use them for off-road riding. They are easy to maneuver in the parking areas. 

Therefore, it enhances the people’s enthusiasm, and they select them in different countries.

As a result, manufacturing companies make them worldwide. As a result, people in a few countries depend on them more for their luxurious rides and comfort.

You can access their several units and models in these countries worldwide. 

Cost per unit

Motorbikes have low prices in many countries. However, their cheap costs make them affordable. 

The cost per unit is low, which reduces the retail prices. In such circumstances, many people select them from the local dealerships. 

As a result, they increase in a specific country. The organizations collect statistical information on these countries per year.

They combine the results and determine the higher number of variants. Their low costs are one of the most significant factors which increase their number. 

Manufacturing factories

Many countries have domestic motorcycle manufacturing factories that make them in bulk. These domestic factories design and manufacture different models.

More domestic manufacturers determine the higher sale. Several people select country-made models which benefit the business.

The presence of these factories increases the number of motorcycles in a country. A few countries have several manufacturing factories.

They offer different models and facilitate bulk units per year. However, it affects their market and improves sales.

Domestic manufacturers keep the costs low for the local people. It makes them available for several individuals, which enhances their number in this country.

More manufacturing factories support their selling market.


Motorbikes have more demand in a few countries across the world. This is because many people require them for regular transportation.

Also, individuals prefer them for off-road riding and racing. This is because they have easy handling and provide optimized control over the frames.

The rider feels comfortable while riding these two-wheelers. It increases their demand which improves business sales.

Furthermore, they boost the mobility of riders, which makes them demanding. Their availability increases their demand in a specific area.

The dealers advertise new models through different techniques which appeal to several individuals. As a result, they select more models.

You can see more than one model in a household in many countries because each individual keeps it for personal use.

However, their selection depends on their cost in the particular area. As a result, their number increased in this country.

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