How to Fold Wing Mirrors on Ford Fiesta?

Wing mirrors are also known as the side view or side mirrors and are located outside the Ford Fiesta. You can see them on the driver and passenger sides to see the left and right sides of the road. It assists the drivers during driving, and you can see the blind spot clearly in them.

How to Fold Wing Mirrors on Ford Fiesta? You can fold the wing mirrors on Ford Fiesta using the manual method, power-adjustable button on the door, automatic setting, and moving the joystick up and down, which is present on the door panel.

You can fold and unfold the wing mirrors on your car according to your need and traffic. You can also see the traffic behind you with these mirrors, which is helpful for safe driving. These are easy to fold and unfold, and you can use the electric and manual methods.

Things to consider while folding mirrors on Ford Fiesta

The method you can use for folding the wing mirror on your Ford Fiesta depends on the model of your car. The various models have different methods for their closing and opening.

You can use the manual method to the electric method for their closing. You should check your check the model of your vehicle while operating them.

You can see the manual closing in old ones because these do not contain any advanced system. In addition, you can find the manual and automatic options in the latest ones.

Moreover, most of the latest ones also contain an automatic system along with powered buttons. You can activate the system, and these can open and close by themselves according to the driving conditions.

It is necessary to read the manual guidelines of the Ford Fiesta to take information about these folding mirrors. You cannot close the powered ones manually because it can damage the internal components.

In addition, the manual method needs more care than powered buttons and joysticks. Many people press them against the windows hardly and exert more pressure on them, which can damage them.

Avoid forcefully moving them against the windows because these can damage their components. Do not touch the mirrors because they can leave fingerprint marks.

How do you fold wing mirrors on Ford Fiesta?

The folding method depends on the type of wing mirror and model of the Ford Fiesta. However, you can use the various techniques according to the manufacturer’s guidelines in the manual.

Manual folding

Manual folding is an easy and quick method that you can adopt to close the side-view mirror of your car.

Lower the powered window by pressing the button on the driver seat’s side. Then, take your hand outside and grab the wing mirror from the edges.

Slightly push it against the direction of the window without exerting extra pressure. Then, grab it from the edges properly so that your fingers do not touch the glass material because it can leave the fingerprints there and make them blur.

Avoid opening and closing them frequently because it can make them loose, and you cannot adjust them in a specific position during driving.

Power adjustable method

Power-adjustable side mirrors contain a button on the side of the door to control their movement. The button on the left side controls the passenger side, while the right button controls the driver-side mirror.

You can press the right and left side buttons according to your need. Moreover, the central button is also located between them to adjust their direction and movement.

You can press the buttons according to the side of the mirror you want to fold. The light illuminates to represent their closing, and it will automatically turn off when you unfold them.

Automatic folding method

Automatic foldable wing mirrors are also present in some latest models of Ford Fiesta. You can select the automatic folding option from the settings.

The automatic system allows the opening and closing of side-view mirrors according to the functioning of the cars. These can fold themselves when you lock your vehicle’s doors and windows.

In addition, these can also get close when you lock your Ford Fiesta. The function also engages when you engage the parking gear for parking.

Moreover, the automatic unfolding also occurs, and these come back to their opened position when you engage the drive mode, open and unlock the doors, and are ready to go.

You can select the option by opening the information display control on your vehicle. Press the right and left arrows to open the main menu, and you can see scroll down the settings with the up and down arrows.

You can see the different options after opening the main menu, including the side mirror. I found this option in menu level 3 and clicked on it.

The auto fold option comes on your dashboard and turn them on and off to enjoy the automatic feature.

Using a joystick on door panels

Some of the Ford Fiesta models are equipped with electric wing mirrors that are controlled by the joystick located on the frame and panels of the door.

These are labeled with the driver and passenger side options for folding and unfolding of side-view mirrors. You can turn the joystick on the driver or passenger side according to your requirement.

After selecting the mirror, I tilt the joystick down to fold the mirror. Carefully move the joystick down and avoid pushing them forcefully.

These move towards the side of the window when you press the knob downward. You can also move the joystick up for unfolding purposes after selecting the driver and passenger side options.

Why would you fold the wing mirror on Ford Fiesta?

Many people fold the wing mirror on their Ford Fiesta when they turn them off. Therefore, it is better to close them when you park them in public areas and in your house’s garage.

In addition, I also do this when I store my vehicle for longer and put the covers on it. You can fit the car covers better when these are in the closed position.

The people moving in the garage can also hit them when these are open and increase the risk of their damage.

It is better to do this when parking your cars in an open area because small pebbles from the road can break the glass material. Balls can also collide with them when your children play near the garage area of your home.

It becomes easy for pedestrians to walk through the crowded space of parking lots.

I always fold the side mirrors during car washing so harsh brushes cannot produce scratches on their glass material.

Close them during the rainy and snowy weather, so water lines and snow cannot come on them, which decreases visibility.

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