How to Make Dodge Ram Ride Smoother?

 The smooth and stable ride of the Dodge Ram truck is essential on the road to make the driver and passenger comfortable during long trips.

How to Make Dodge Ram Ride Smoother? You can make the Dodge Ram ride smoother by modifying the chassis, upgrading the suspension, changing and inspecting wheels, avoiding heavy towing, and replacing brake parts. Moreover, you can also add lift kits, airbag suspension, regular maintenance, and check steering components.

The ride quality is always essential for truck drivers, and they always prefer a comfortable drive.

Modify chassis

The chassis components are connected with wheels and affect the ride quality and stability of the steering wheel. In addition, the stiff and heavy parts put a load on the suspension components and reduce their efficient working.

Inspect the chassis structure and replace their heavyweight and stiffer parts with lighter weight and flexible ones. You can prefer parts made of carbon fiber, aluminum, and ceramic.

These are lighter-weight materials and reduce the extra weight. You can also modify them by removing the unsprung masses from your vehicles.

Tires and brakes contribute to unsprung masses; you can modify them to reduce weight.

Upgrade suspension parts

The suspension contains struts and shock absorbers to provide a smooth ride by absorbing the force generated from the road bumps.

You can soften the suspension parts by reducing their weights. Replace the heavy struts and shocks with lighter parts.

You can add better shocks to your Dodge Ram to improve its ride and make it smoother, but it should not compromise the quality. The factory-installed parts are designed according to the specific weight and size of the existing tires.

Replacing them when you change the tires with new ones is necessary. You can use the leaf springs as the suspension components because these are lighter in weight and improve the ride quality.

Change and inspect wheels

The wheels are the major components that affect the stability of the steering wheels. Avoid adding larger and heavy tires because these can affect the ride quality by putting more pressure on the suspension.

You can also replace the heavier tire component with lighter ones. It is better to use alloy rims and wheel hubs because these are lighter and provide better control.

Moreover, you can also replace the factory-installed heavy tires with thin-walled ones better driving experience.

You can also inspect the tires and inflate them properly because over, and under-inflated wheels make the ride bouncy.

Align them properly and avoid hitting potholes and curbsides. Replace the existing wheels with narrow, lighter-weight ones for a smooth driving experience.

Avoid heavy towing

The heavy towing with Dodge Ram trucks affects the various components and decreases the ride quality. In addition, the heavy loads can produce wear and tear on the tread surfaces of tires.

Moreover, you can also suppress the quality of engine and braking components when you add extra weight to these vehicles.

Avoid heavy towing to increase engine and brake components’ efficiency. Moreover, you can also protect the tires from wear and tear. The heavyweight also causes the bending of axle joints and wheel rims, which causes shakiness.

Monitor engine and steering components

The bad engine and steering components cause bounciness and vibrating movement during driving. Therefore, monitoring these parts to offer a high-quality drive is necessary.

The broken engine mounts produce vibratory motion when you increase speed. In addition, the poor idling and shakiness increase when spark plugs and ignition coil are ads.

You have to check the air and fuel delivery systems for a smoother driving experience. You can face stalling and poor idling issues when there is an issue with the fuel and air delivery system to the combustion chamber.

Clogged air or fuel filters, bad sensors, faulty fuel pumps, and dirty throttle bodies contribute to the incorrect mixture of air and fuel for the combustion.

Refill the motor oil or replace it for even movement of the engine parts without any friction or grinding noise.

The engine cannot get enough power, and you can feel the sluggish and jerky movement of the truck. It is bad when driving on the highways because it also disturbs the other drivers on the road.

Lift kit

The lift kit is the aftermarket addition of various components to increase the vehicle’s height. In addition, it can also improve the off-roading experience because of the increased height.

Most people add them to raise the height of their heavier trucks and improve ride quality. In addition, there are fewer chances of undercarriage damage when you increase the height of the trucks.

Moreover, the chances of hitting potholes, road surfaces, stones, and curbsides also decrease. It provides more ground clearance and reduces the chances of wear and tear of suspension parts.

In addition, it can also increase the aesthetic appearance and make your Dodge Ram look sportier.

Airbag suspension

These trucks are heavier in weight and contain the conventional steel spring suspension system.

It is better to replace the stiffer shocks and strut suspension with the airbag ones. These contain plastic bags filled with air and provide dampening action.

The increase and decrease of air pressure in the bag provide the dampening action to improve the driving experience.

It reduces the chances of wear and tear and has less harshness and vibrating noises. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and provides more stability.

It gives a smoother driving experience because the air in these bags is compressible, and the struts are harsh and contain hydraulic fluid, which is non-compressible material.

Put sandbags on the truck bed 

Many people complain about the loss of tire traction while driving Dodge Ram on unpaved roads and those covered with roads.

The wheels cannot maintain contact with road surfaces and cause bounciness during driving and affecting steering wheel stability. In addition, it can also increase the skidding issues when all of the truck’s tires are not touching the ground surfaces.

You can put the heavy sandbags on the vehicle’s bed so tires can maintain traction on the road. However, the heavy weight of the sandbags puts pressure on them, and they can make contact because of these additional forces.

It is necessary to properly seal the sandbags so they cannot come on the bed and make them dirty. Use waterproof bags so moisture and rain cannot add extra weight.

Proper maintenance

It is necessary to maintain the scheduled servicing and maintenance of your vehicle to increase the ride quality and longevity of its components.

The tires become unbalanced, and slight accidents can also affect their alignment. Going to the service centers for wheel balancing is necessary when you feel an issue with steering wheel stability.

Moreover, the service centers also check the ignition, spark plugs, and engine components that play essential roles in smooth driving. Stalling issues and poor idling occur when these components become bad and you do not maintain them regularly.

You should visit the nearby authorized service centers quarterly to inspect damaged, misaligned, and loose parts.

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