How to Reset Airbag Light on Chevy Silverado?

Many people complain about an airbag light on the display of their Chevy Silverado. It is a warning sign which indicates airbag problems and shows seatbelts faults.

How to Reset Airbag Light on Chevy Silverado? You can reset the airbag light on Chevy Silverado by plugging the OBD-II scanner with the diagnostic data port and selecting clear all codes. Turn ON the ignition switch for 5 to 10 seconds; turn it off and repeat until the light disappears; replace the broken sensors, and change the malfunctioning clock spring to fix the warning light.

You cannot continue driving when the light illuminates. However, you can tow the truck to a workshop for immediate repair and remove the light. 

How do you reset the airbag light on a Chevy Silverado?

The malfunctioning clock spring and damaged airbag trigger a warning light on the display of the Chevy Silverado. It is unsafe to drive the truck with this signal.

Use an OBD-II scanner

You can remove the light from the display by resetting it. OBD-II scanner is best to reset this warning sign.

It has the SRS (stimulated Raman Scattering) properties and can reset the light. These are automatically working scanners and provide high performance.

You can adjust the Silverado truck in your garage and put it in parking mode. Then, you can turn off the engine and apply pressure on the parking brake.

Also, you can find the port of diagnostic data on your pickup truck. Now, you can insert the cable in this port on the bottom side of the dashboard.

The manufacturing factories adjust it on the cup holder’s left. You can turn ON the OBD-II scanner and open the menu.

You can select the particular options on the menu. Then, you can push the option of clearing all codes. 

The warning sign disappears from the display. It indicates the completion of the reset. 

Unplugging the scanner from the port keeps it stable. You can turn on the Chevy Silverado engine and access the light. 

Ignition switch method

You can use the ignition switch to reset the warning light. Also, you can turn on the switch and allow the light to turn on.

It remains ON without blinking and lasts for 5 to 10 seconds. Then, it turns off after a few seconds when you turn off the ignition switch. 

You can turn on the switch at an interval of three seconds. Furthermore, you can reset the system through a power circuit. 

Replace the sensors

Sometimes, the warning light appears when the sensors identify the loose seatbelts connection. It disables the airbags, which is dangerous for the driver and passengers.

You can check the sensors of seat belts and replace them with the help of a professional who resets the light. Also, you can inspect the buckle before changing the sensor. 

Then, you can remove the things which stuck between the buckle. As a result, the warning light can disappear from the display. 

Fixing the clock spring

Broken clock springs trigger this airbag warning light on the dashboard display. However, you can remove it by pulling off the battery negative terminal. 

Allow the capacitors to discharge, which takes 8 to 20 minutes. You can align the tires in a straight line. 

Also, you can find the screws, loosen them and pull them off from the mounting areas. You can pull the airbags and remove the built-in high-quality connector.

Furthermore, you can remove the yellow plastic clips with your hands. Now, you can rotate the steering wheel and access its column.

Marking the spots is essential with painter’s tape. You can adjust the marks between the steering column and the steering wheel.

Adjusting a breaker bar on the nut of the steering wheel allows you to remove it from the mount. You can remove the Silverado steering wheel and access the broken or malfunctioning clock spring.

You can pull the harness and disconnect it from the system. You can add a new clock spring in the mount and adjust the tab by snapping it. 

Then, you can reinstall the steering wheel and tighten all the nuts and screws. You can readjust the steering column with its nut and tighten the screws with a torque wrench. 

Also, you can reinstall the harness and readjust the negative battery terminal. As a result, the warning sign does not flash on the truck display.

What causes the airbag light to appear on a Chevy Silverado?

Many factors can affect the performance of airbags on a Chevy Silverado, which results in a warning light. However, it happens due to the following reasons.

Broken clock spring

A clock spring is a specific component that maintains the continuous power flow between the airbag on the driver’s side and the electric cords. 

It has coiling abilities when you rotate the steering wheel. The coiling happens in the outward and inward directions.

However, the clock spring can damage with time. It loses its coiling capability over time. 

Its connection becomes loose and results in its potential breakdown. The warning sign blinks on the dashboard, which indicates the system’s faults.

Furthermore, the broken steering linkage of Chevy Silverado can cause spring failure. It happens when you excessively rotate the steering wheel of your pickup truck. 

Malfunctioning built-in sensor

The Chevy Silverado airbags have built-in sensors, which identify various signals and electric flow. Sometimes, the sensor fails and malfunctions. 

It damages when the truck hits a curb, pothole, or road bump. The sensor becomes defective because its internal electrical wires break.

It resists the deployment of airbags that trigger a warning light. In such circumstances, the passenger and driver cannot utilize them.

It causes accidents and severe head injuries. 

Corrosion in the computer system

A computer circuit regulates the airbags of Chevy Silverado. It has metallic parts which can undergo corrosion when they react with oxygen. 

Dust traces and hydrogen can cause corrosion of the computer system. As a result, the computer system cannot regulate the airbags. 

The damaged metallic components lose their standard performance. In addition, it cracks and causes a warning sign that blinks on the dashboard display. 

Weak battery

Chevy Silverado has a particular battery to supply electric power to all the electrically working parts. Excessive use and internal damages result in its draining. 

Also, the battery weakens and cannot support the airbags. As a result, they cannot deploy, and a light blinks on the dashboard to indicate their internal faults. 

Weak batteries are dangerous because they cannot maintain constant electric flow. In addition, the battery requires a proper recharge for standard functionality.

Also, the factory-installed sensors require a specific reset. A full-charge power system stabilizes the battery, and the light stops blinking. 

Why driving a Chevy Silverado is dangerous with an airbag light ON?

It is unsafe to drive your Chevy Silverado when the warning light of airbags blinks on its dashboard display. The illuminated light indicates the system’s fault, and you cannot neglect it.

You can drive the truck to the nearest workshop when this signal appears. However, avoid driving the truck until the mechanic resolves the problem which causes the airbag warning light. 

Driving a pickup truck with an illuminated sign is dangerous because the airbags do not deploy during a crash. As a result, they cannot protect drivers and travelers.

Also, they lack the inflating properties in a collision. It decreases the safety of the pickup truck and driver.

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