How to Shower in a Pop-Up Camper?

Bathrooms in the campers make your trips comfortable and give a home-like feeling. People check the basic accessories while selecting the pop-up campers for their trips.

How to Shower in a Pop-Up Camper? Check the water level in the freshwater tank when you shower in a pop-up camper. Add tents or privacy screens if the shower is located on the exterior side. Use curtains and store the toilet paper in dry areas if these are inside to prevent water splashes. Dry and clean the bathing area to get rid of the smell and mold growth.

RV manufacturers are adding bathroom facilities to the campers because of their high market demand. Depending on their size and manufacturing brands, they have outdoor, wet, dry, and curtained baths.

Do pop-up campers have a shower?

These campers do not have a shower, and some of their models do not even contain bathrooms. The presence of these accessories depends on their manufacturing year and respective brand.

The modern and latest models of pop-up campers are equipped with showers for ease and comfort of people. Most old models do not contain these amenities because of their less demand in the market and limited size.

Some of these campers contain outdoor bathing areas instead of complete bathrooms. The demand for these vehicles is increasing because of their small size and easy towing.

RV manufacturers are constantly adding modern accessories in them to satisfy their customers.

How do you shower in a pop-up camper?

Outdoor and indoor showers in the pop-up campers make them more convenient, and people like to select them because of their comfortable features.

Check the water level in the tank

It is necessary to check the water levels in the freshwater tanks of your campers before taking showers. Mostly these are located in the storage compartment, and you can also check their location from the manual.

The size of these tanks depends on the dimensions of the camper. You cannot get sufficient water from the faucet when the water level in these tanks is low.

These contain the electric sensors that flash the warning lights when water levels in the freshwater tank become low. Locate these tanks and check the warning sign on the display area.

Check the shower type in the camper

It is necessary to check the shower type in your camper. These are present inside the bathroom and in outdoor areas, depending on their manufacturing companies.

Put the toilet paper in the nearby cabinets when these are present with the toilets and sinks. You can also wrap the toilet paper in a plastic sheet so water cannot damage them.

Use the curtains for privacy so other people can use the toilets simultaneously. In addition, it also reduces the water splashes on the toilet seats, which gives a sense of unhygienic conditions. Curtains also prevent the toilet seats from soap scum.

Use privacy screen

You have to use the privacy screen when your pop-up camper is equipped with outdoor showers. Some of the manufacturing brands install them outside to save space.

Moreover, the company also added them outside to reduce the water near the toilets. In addition, it reduces the overall humidity in the enclosed spaces.

The flow rate of outdoor types is more than those that are installed inside the bathrooms. You can use the privacy screen and curtains in your surroundings to make the area private. Use a vinyl and waterproof material for curtains.

Clean and dry the area

It is necessary to clean and dry the area whether you are using indoor or outdoor showers. Properly dispose of the wastewater in the bucket when using the outdoor ones.

In addition, turn on the exhaust fans and open the doors to remove the humidity from your trailers. It is a great experience for pop-up campers, but cleaning and drying the area is necessary to prevent smell.

You can feel the smell inside if you do not properly dry the bathrooms. Molds and bacteria can also grow on canvas tents because of high humidity and poor cleaning practices.

Why would you shower in a pop-up camper?

Many people prefer to select pop-up campers equipped with bathrooms and built-in showers. Bathing makes you fresh and keeps you active during camping.

It can make the camping experience the best and most convenient because you can enjoy it when you feel fresh. In addition, you can also get dirt and sweat because of outdoor activities, and it is necessary to take a bath to remove them.

Furthermore, it also gives a sense of cleanliness and hygiene. Taking a bath in these campers is a more private and better experience rather than using public places.

You do not have to use the public bathrooms that are located in campgrounds for the ease of people.

Things to consider while taking a shower in a pop-up camper

It is necessary to consider the type of bathroom while taking a shower in a camper. I prefer to use the curtains in wet baths to prevent water puddles on floors.

Moreover, curtains are also helpful in maintaining the privacy of the bathing area. It separates the toilet from the bathing area, and people use them simultaneously.

It is a frustrating situation to have the showers and toilets in the same place. You can add waterproof curtains to separate both of these places.

In addition, it also reduces the water puddles in the toilet area, which is quite irritating. Water splashes make the toilet paper wet and cause their disintegration.

I prefer to keep the toilet paper dry so water cannot damage them. Store them in the cabinets so moisture cannot affect their fibers.

What to do when pop-up campers do not have built-in showers?

Many of the old pop-up campers do not contain built-in bathrooms. People use public showers located in campgrounds and resting areas, which are not hygienic and clean.

Most of these campers have dry baths with toilets and small sinks. You can use the sink for bathing purposes after modifying it.

You can attach the shower head with sink faucets. In addition, you can also use shower bags if bathrooms are not present in your campers.

You can fill these plastic bags with water for a bath. These also contain faucets, which you can use for bathing.

Plastic bags also absorb the sun’s heat and become beneficial for winter. You can take a bath with warm water during winter days. Hang these shower bags with trees or other areas, and use the tent in your surroundings to cover the bathing area.

Where does shower water go in the camper? 

Pop-up campers contain different tanks, including freshwater, black and gray. These tanks’ location depends on their type, size, and manufacturing brand.

The freshwater tank holds clean water that you can use for cooking, bathing, and drinking purpose. The black tank holds the waste from the toilets, while the gray tank holds the wastewater from other plumbing fixtures.

These are mostly located in the storage compartments and near the toilets. Wastewater from the shower empties into the black tank, and their capacity depends on the size of the pop-up camper.

The drains are connected to the gray tanks to remove the wastewater from the interior and keep them clean and dry. Check the gray water tank capacity when taking a shower for quick wastewater draining.

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