How To Tell If Silverado Has Tow Package?

Many people try to find the tow package on their Chevrolet Silverado. However, it is challenging to identify it without knowing the proper methods.

How To Tell If Silverado Has Tow Package? You can tell if your Silverado has a tow package by checking the VIN, talk to the dealer, check window stickers, read towing capacity, or check the RPO code in the glove box.

This package indicates the total towing capacity of the pickup truck. It includes various features and diverse properties, which separate it from a particular hitch. 

What are the different methods to tell if Silverado has a tow package?

Tow packages are beneficial for pickup trucks and indicate their hauling capacities. Several people assess the tow package on their model.

The trim levels have different hauling packages, which confuses the owners. In such circumstances, you can use the following methods to find it. 

Use VIN method

Chevrolet Silverado models have a 17-digit long Vehicle identification number. It is a specific code for each trim and model of this pickup truck. 

Since the 1980s, these pickup trucks have comprised VIN, which provides authentic information about their manufacturing and builds. The vehicle identification number includes the engine codes and information about the chassis. 

However, you can find the VIN of this pickup truck on the dashboard. You can access it on the driver’s side.

It is on the left side of the dashboard. Moreover, you can access it on the front edge of the steering wheel.

The VIN of the Chevy Silverado is accessible from the windshield. You can utilize the vehicle identification number of your Chevrolet model to find the tow package availability of the trim. 

It is a beneficial method for pre-owned and used models. However, you can access the VIN and write it on paper.

You can compare it with the build sheet of similar models and find this package. A build sheet is a specific document that is available on the trucks. 

It comprises all the information about the tow package and pickup truck specs. Also, you can write its VIN and take it to a dealer.

The dealer compares it with the available build sheets and identifies the tow package. The dealer can look at the specification label, which is inside the glove box of your truck. 

Sometimes, the dealer can find it behind the passenger or driver seat. This label provides information about this package’s availability on your Chevrolet Silverado. 

Check window stickers

The new Chevy Silverado models have window stickers that comprise information and details about the truck. The federal government has made these stickers mandatory for the windows. 

The factories install and stick them on the windows. Furthermore, you can access the relevant information. 

You can find the tow package information on this window sticker. Also, you can peel it off from the window glass and keep it safe.

You can read the options of the maximum trailering package and find the relevant data. The sticker shows the manufacturing year and verifies its model and design.

Furthermore, it indicates the manufacturing suggestions for retail prices of the pickup truck. It gives a detailed and informative list of installed equipment inside the truck.

The window sticker shows the VIN on a few trims and models. 

Look in the glove box

Look for the RPO code NHT within the built-in glove box. RPO code stands for regular production option. 

However, the code comprises three digits. It is a standardized code, and general motors utilize it to determine the modifications and features of a pickup truck. 

Regular production option codes determine the model, build, and chassis. In addition, you can access the glove box on the dashboard of its interior. 

However, you can open the glove box manually and pull it outward. You can access the topside of the glove box and find the regular production option codes. 

The RPO code is accessible in the form of a sticker. You can write it or remove the sticker from the glove box.

RPO codes are present with the NHT (NASCAR Home tracks) code within the glove box. It indicates the maximum hauling limit of the pickup truck. 

Also, it is a particular code of General Motors which shows the max towing package. 

Which model of Chevy Silverado has the best tow package?

Different trims and models of Chevrolet Silverado have tow packages. However, the best tow package is on the 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500.

This pickup truck has a maximum hauling capacity of about 14000 pounds. The model has a specific package that includes a hitch platform.

Similarly, it has a 4-pun connector and a receiver of 2 inches. It has a spring on the rear, which has upgraded properties.

It has a rear differential with automatic locking functionality. Also, it comprises a seven-way sealed and high-performance connector.

Moreover, it has a 7-wire long and stable harness. It has a trailering package known as a handling suspension package.

The shock has revised tuning and stable efficiency.

What does the tow package of a Chevy Silverado include?

A tow package includes several elements according to the standard properties. It does not depend only on the hitch.

Furthermore, its other components are a receiver hitch, which connects with the frame directly. The receiver hitch has a specific design of a square shape tube.

Also, it can accept a ball hitch and pin to stabilize the connection. You can determine the dimensions of the hitch and ball through the available load. 

Furthermore, the package includes electric cords which have insulation. These cords develop a connection with the trailer and truck light mechanism.

It includes a connector that connects with the turn signals and brakes and connects with the trailer lights. The package has different suspension-supporting features to withstand the trailer strain.

Moreover, it includes electrical connections for power flow. It has a hitch to withstand load and pressure.

Upgraded suspension and brakes are part of the package. It has an upgraded and durable drive train according to the design.

It has a modified transmission cooling system. These are stock packages with factory-installed equipment and features. 

What is the difference between trailering and a tow package?

Both packages are slightly different according to their designs and specs. For example, a tow package allows the pickup truck to haul any object. 

However, a trailering package provides the facility of hauling a trailer.

It includes electrical cords, connectors, and electrically regulated systems. Moreover, it comprises the electric connection for the engine for batter hauling procedures.

Manufacturing companies of Chevy Silverado offer the max trailering package for different models. But, it cannot determine the overall weight handling capacity of the pickup truck.

The extension for hauling different objects other than a trailer makes the tow package versatile and appealing. 

Furthermore, it does not comprise limited features and equipment. Extra facilities and receiver hitch make the package appealing and reliable. 

Its hauling limits increase beyond the standard levels of other packages. The pickup truck can haul thousands of pounds with stability.

Also, you can drive the truck at different speeds. As a result, it can haul different weights without vibrations and provide dependable results. 

It has more facilities, which reduces the probability of these vibrations. Furthermore, the hitch has stable connections, which increases the hauling limits from the actual threshold.

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