How to Turn Off Puddle Lights on Ford F150?

Puddle light is a luxurious feature that is present in almost all models of Ford F150 for the convenience and safety of the passengers. These contain small LED bulbs which contain white light to provide illumination on a specific spot.

How to Turn Off Puddle Lights on Ford F150? You can turn off the puddle lights on Ford F150 by using the lock button of the key fob, pressing the door lock handle, disconnecting connectors and batteries, removing the ignition key, and turning off the truck.

It is the built-in feature in Ford trucks, but you can also install it as an aftermarket addition. It is commonly found in modern and luxurious automobiles because it increases manufacturing costs. Moreover, well-known manufacturing brands add this feature to their trucks for the ease of their customers.

What is the purpose of puddle lights on the Ford F150?

Puddle lights contain small LED bulbs for illumination purposes. These are specifically used to illuminate the ground surface or parking area.

These are located on the lower side of the side-view mirror. These are embedded beneath the left and right mirrors of your truck.

These are beneficial so you can step in your Ford F150 safely. You can protect yourself from water puddles because of illumination on the ground surface.

Moreover, you can also see mud on the road when these are on and do not step in them. People accidentally put their feet in water puddles and mud because they cannot see on the ground surface because of the absence of light.

These are beneficial in parking spots with insufficient light so you can turn them on while entering inside. It is a safe and convenient feature for kids and older people so they can safely enter inside.

You can also turn them when you park on unpaved roads because you can injure your feet when you hit the sharp edges. It is a suitable feature for rocky roads to decrease fall accidents while stepping in and out.

You can also turn them on while driving in dark areas to identify the potholes on the sides. Sometimes, the wheels become faulty, and their pressure decreases. You can turn them on to illuminate the ground surface and inspect the wheels.

How do you turn off puddle lights on Ford F150?

You do not need tools to turn off the puddle lights in your truck. In addition, you can use the same method in all models of the Ford F150 trucks because these do not contain any operating switch for their functioning.

Using the lock button of the key fob

Puddle lights are connected to the locking system of the doors, and these turn on and off when you lock and unlock them. You can illuminate them when you open the doors to enter and exit the vehicle.

Key fobs contain different buttons depending on the brand and model of the automobile; like in Ford F150, it has the lock, unlock, remote start, trunk, and alarm buttons.

Press the lock button represented by the locking sign on the key fob. It is the first button on the key fob, indicated by the lock sign.

Avoid pressing it too long because it can damage the buttons. Hold the lock button for a second to lock and unlock your vehicle. The range of the key fob also matters because these do not send signals when they are at some distance.

Lock the handle of the door

Use the door handles inside and outside the trucks to open and close them. You can turn off the puddle lights by pressing the door lock handle.

It turns off the door, and the lights on the mirror stop illuminating. In addition, the main door lock switch is also present on the driver’s side to ensure the safety of passengers.

It is an automatic feature that locks all the doors simultaneously when you press them. Press the driver-side switch for 1 to 2 seconds, and you can hear the click sound, representing door locking.

Lock the doors properly by using the handles or driver-side buttons.

Disconnect connectors

You can also turn them off permanently by disconnecting the connectors. Connectors are connected with electric wires to power these lights.

Use the flathead screwdriver to pry off the lights from the mirror. Carefully use the screwdriver because its flathead can also produce scratches on the boundaries of the side view mirror.

It can also damage the paint and reduce the overall sale value. Take out the lights, and you can see a box-like structure, which is a connector.

Disconnect the wires attached to these connectors and then rearrange the whole assembly.

Disconnect its battery

Batteries provide voltage to the electrical lights in the truck, including headlights and puddle lights. These do not come on when batteries are undercharged and have low voltage.

Park your truck safely and open the engine hood to locate the Ford F150 battery. You need gloves because electric connections near batteries can produce electric shocks.

Wear plastic gloves and avoid touching any metal part inside the hood. In addition, it is also necessary to turn off the ignition while accessing batteries.

Disconnect the battery’s negative terminal, and you can see the electric system turns off immediately.

Turn off the truck

You can also turn the puddle light off by turning off the ignition. It cut off the power supply, and the bulbs will not illuminate anymore.

You can turn off the ignition using the remote-control button of the key fob. Use the start and stop buttons to operate the ignition system.

Press the stop button that is located on the dashboard and near the steering column to turn off your truck. Some of the old models of Ford F150 contains ignition key to start and stop the engine.

You can also use this ignition key to start and stop your vehicle’s engine.

How do you turn On puddle lights on Ford F150?

Puddle lights do not contain switches or buttons to turn them on and off. These are connected to the key fobs and locking system of the doors.

These work automatically with the locking of Ford F150 doors and key fobs. You do not have to read the owner’s manual to find their operating switch.

The infotainment screen does not contain any switch to operate them. Use the unlock button to open the doors, and these start to illuminate to lighten the surrounding ground surface.

In addition, these also come on when you open the door of your trucks. Unlock button is present at the position first on your key fob. You can identify the button from the unlock sign of the button.

Why would you turn off puddle lights on Ford F150?

Turning off the puddle lights while driving is necessary because you do not need them during driving. The primary purpose of these bulbs is to provide illumination when you enter or exit the trucks.

In addition, it can also increase the risk of accidents when you keep them on while driving your Ford F150. It produces reflection on the front windscreen, which can blur the front view during driving.

Light reflection can also disturb the other vehicles on the road when you turn them on while driving. The light can come on their windshield and blur the front view, leading to a collision.

These electric parts take voltage from the batteries for their functioning. I prefer to turn them off when I do not need them so they cannot drain the power from the battery.

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