Lippert Slide Out Problems and Solutions

Lippert manufactures high-quality slide outs with a lot of interior space making RVs more comfortable. These are electrically driven and contain the actuator ball screw for in and out movement.

Lippert Slide Out problems include contamination of side lubes, slow movement, bad motors and gears, drifting issues, and movement in opposite directions. Moreover, you can face issues like a damaged V-roller, shaky closing, resistance to heavy loads, and out of Sync.

You can increase the longevity of Lippert slide outs by properly maintaining their components. Regular maintenance decreases the chances of problems and makes your trip better.

Lippert Slide out Problems Solutions
Contamination of side tubes Clean ice and mud from side tubes
Slow movement and stalling Ensure charging of RV batteries
Little or no movement Tighten actuator nuts
Drifting problem Tighten the hose connections and screws of the hydraulic system
Movement in opposite directions Reconnect the wrongly connected wires
Lack serviceable parts Maintain or repair the parts carefully
Out of Sync Retime the slide outs
Damaged V roller Minimize the load
Shaky closing Lubrication with right lubricant
Not resistant to excessive load Check weight capacity

Contamination of side tubes

People often face restrictions in the smooth movement of slide-outs, which depicts some issues in the system.

The hindrance in the moving system occurs due to the contamination of side tubes. The side tubes contaminate and obstruct due to the accumulation of mud and ice in the moving tracks.

The ice particles come on side tubes during the snowy season, and when you do not retract them completely without leaving a gap of a single inch.

Moreover, the mud comes on their sides during driving on muddy roads. You can resolve the problem by cleaning the moving tracks for smooth movement.

You can clean the track with pressurized water that can reach the inner corners and remove the mud and ice residues.

Slow movement and stalling

Sometimes the slide outs expand or retract more slowly than their routine movement. The problem comes due to the low charging of the battery, which does not supply enough voltage.

Moreover, people also face stalling issues due to the failure of the electric system. The weak batteries can die suddenly, and the slides get stuck in their position.

You cannot move them forward and backward after pressing the buttons. In addition, the sudden stalling issue also comes due to poor and loose connections of the wires and burnt-out motors.

Stalling comes due to sudden loss of power when RVs are connected to generators instead of shore powers.

You can fix it by connecting the voltmeter to check the burnt-out motors. It is also better to ensure that batteries are fully charged and are connected to shore power.

Little or no movement

People often press the operating buttons, but slide outs do not move forward and retract.

The problem comes due to a blown-out fuse and faulty motors. Moreover, there is a problem with their internal components when the actuator runs, but the slides do not show any movement.

The actuators are attached to the drive mounting brackets with screws and nuts and help move slides.

Sometimes the screws become loose and jammed and restricting the movement. Furthermore, these do not close or open when motors and gears become bad.

You can fix it by tightening the nuts or actuators. In addition, it is also necessary to inspect the loose connectors and fasten them.

Drifting problem

People face the drifting problem of the Lippert slide outs with a hydraulic system. The hydraulic system becomes bad and leads to uneven motion.

You can see the unusual motion that slide rooms drift in and out without any operation, which can occur due to loose mounting screws and air in the hydraulic system.

Moreover, you can face issues due to fluid leakage due to cracks and holes in pipelines. You can resolve the problem by tightening the hose connections using a screwdriver.

In addition, it is also necessary to manually remove the air from the system by releasing pressure. Furthermore, tighten the mounting screws to get rid of uneven movements.

Movement in opposite directions

Sometimes, it is challenging to move slide outs in the opposite direction when you purchase a new RV.

Movement in the opposite direction means the slides retract when you press the open buttons and vice versa.

The opposite movement occurs due to poor and wrongly connected wires with control panels and electric switches.

The wrongly connected wires give incorrect signals and slide close after pressing the open buttons.

You cannot handle the wiring and control panel, so it is better to call the mechanic. The mechanics can open the frame and rewire its components for accurate functioning.

Lack serviceable parts

One of the common problems with these slide outs is that you cannot find their parts in the markets and hardware stores.

You cannot find the damaged parts from the stores and replace them to fix the problem. Its genuine parts are not available in the market because of their uniqueness and high quality.

Sometimes, the damage to different parts comes when you repair and handle the others.

You can resolve the problem by calling the mechanic to fix any parts rather than trying them at home.

Handle and maintain every part carefully so it cannot cause damage to other or void the warranty.

Out of Sync

The Schwentik slide outs from the Lippert company are more prone to out-of-sync issues than others.

The out-of-sync means unusual movement of all sides of the slides. All sides do not move in the same manner and at the same time.

The out-of-sync issue means the two sides cannot fully retract and expand simultaneously. However, you can retime or resynchronize the sliding mechanism to resolve the problem.

Press the push-out buttons until these can fully move forward. Push the close buttons, retract them some inches, and then allow their outside movement.

Repeat the procedure utile all sides move at the same time.

Damaged V roller

V-roller is the component of Schwentik wall-in Lippert slide outs. These rollers are helpful in their forward and backward motion.

Sometimes the rollers become bad, which can eventually restrict their smooth movement. In addition, the V-roller can get damaged during the operation of the slides.

Moreover, these components become faulty due to heavy loads. The slides that are considered as the dining and kitchen areas usually contain heavy equipment that can damage these rollers.

In addition, these become faulty due to poor lubrication and jamming of the tracking mechanism. You can resolve the problem by minimizing the loads and increasing the longevity of rollers.

Moreover, check the weight capacity and read the instructions in the owner’s manual while adding different equipment to them.

Shaky closing

You can often face the shaky and uneven movement of Lippert slides when you expand or retract them.

Poor lubrication and maintenance can lead to vibratory and shaky movement. These can shake or make a clunking noise when you press the push-in and out buttons for their movement.

The shaky movement occurs due to rubbing two metal surfaces and increased friction between them.

I fixed this issue by regular maintenance and using high-quality lubricant to grease the metal parts.

Apply lubricant on its metal parts once or twice a month to reduce vibrating and shaky movements.

Not resistant to excessive load

The people prefer the RVs with Lippert slide outs because of their longevity. Moreover, these are affordable options, and everyone can select them to improve their trip.

These have a wall-flushed mounting system instead of floor flushed. These are lightweight in structure because of their wall-flushed mountings.

Moreover, you cannot put excessive loads in them due to their mounting types and lightweight material that can be bent easily and cause damage to their structural components.

People also avoid putting heavy weights in them because override is present under the slides room instead of the interior side of the frame.

You can fix it by installing them in a better place to reduce the risk of issues. In addition, you can also try better options in the same price range.

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