Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Problems And Their Solutions

Moto Guzzi is a lightweight racing motorcycle with four-stroke V8 engines and reliable frames. These are 500 cc motorbikes with a top speed of 68 miles per hour.

Moto Guzzi motorcycle problems include malfunctioning starter motor, brake fluid leakage, faulty electric system, clogged air filters and engine defects, faulty suspension, transmission failures, foot pegs loosening, defective clutch, and overheating.

The Moto Guzzi has different engine-related and electrical issues. However, the following are their significant issues.

Moto Guzzi Problems Solutions
Malfunctioning starter motor Replace starter motor
Leakage of brake fluid Replace brake hose and repair seals
Faulty electric system Change wires and connectors
Air filter clogging and engine defects Replace the air filter, fuel injectors, and spark plugs
Faulty suspension Change shocks and springs
Transmission failures and footpegs loosening Replace the bent shift fork and tighten the footpegs
Defective clutch and overheating Replace the clutch and add coolant to the radiator

Malfunctioning starter motor

One of the most significant issues of Moto Guzzi motorcycles is the defective starter motor. It is the electrically working motor that regulates the ignition of motorbikes.

You cannot start Moto Guzzi when the electric starter motor does not supply the balanced power flow. Their engines do not rotate when the motor malfunctions.

Electrical defects and more use can damage the motors. Corrosion and loose connections can damage the motor.

Then, it cannot supply power to the ignition system. The internal wires and worn-out brushes can damage the electrically working starter motor.

The engine does not work at standard torque, and you cannot start the Moto Guzzi. Replacing the starter motor is beneficial because it stabilizes the ignition system.

You can turn off the battery by removing its terminals. Putting a screwdriver on the bolts makes their removal easy.

Removing both bolts loosens the motor from the mounting spot. You can disconnect the solenoid electric connections from the circuit of motorbikes.

Removing a starter motor is easy because only two bolts support it. Then, you can install the new starter motor and fix it with the side bolts.

Resetting the electric wires and other connections stabilizes its performance, and you can start the motorcycle without a specific delay.

Malfunctioning spark plugs and damaged fuel systems can affect the ignition system. But, the damaged starter motor is the most significant reason for ignition malfunctioning.

Leakage of brake fluid

The Moto Guzzi V7 has a dual-channel anti-lock brake system because of its stock properties. These motorcycles have most recalls and complaints about the leakage of braking fluid from the anti-lock brake system.

It rescues their safety on different roads and causes accidents. Their 2017 models have more brake fluid leaking complaints and problems.

The brake hose rubs with the engine and its air system. The brake hose cracks and leads to excessive leakage of the braking fluid, which reduces the ABS performance and leads to accidents.

However, replacing the hose of the anti-lock brake system can stop the leakages. Also, you can prevent its rubbing against the metallic engine surface.

Putting a tray or container is better under the brake caliper, and you can drain the remaining fluid from the hose. Removal of fasteners and mounting brackets can loosen the hose.

You can manually hold and pull the hose for its removal. Installing a new hose with the ABS brake line is essential for stable caliper efficiency.

You can re-install the screws, bolts, and fasteners. Furthermore, leakages happen when the pressure of flow lines increases.

The seals of the ABS reservoir brake and leads to a fluid leak. You can apply sealant on the broken parts of the reservoir and stop the leaks.

Faulty electric system

They have electrical problems, which results in several complaints and recalls. Their battery charging system malfunctions when the electric cords break.

Power surges and corrosion can damage the wires to loosen them from the connection points. The variable power flow and malfunctioning ignition motor are significant electrical issues of these motorbikes.

Their cleaning, maintenance, and repair can fix these issues in the Moto Guzzi motorcycles. You can replace the broken connector and electric wires.

Replacing them stabilizes the power flow and stops the electrical defects. Also, cleaning and tightening the connectors can make the current flow stable.

You can replace the blown fuses and wires to stabilize the battery charging mechanism. Their replacement reduces the electrical surges and voltage flows.

Clogged air filters clogging and engine defects

A malfunctioning and clogged air filter is a prominent defect of Moto Guzzi motorcycles. Moreover, their engine undergoes several electrical and mechanical defects.

The cleaning of clogged air filters can stabilize their engine efficiency. In such circumstances, the engine rotates at a particular torque.

Replacing the damaged air filter can stabilize the engine rotations and remove the defects in the fuel injection system. You can remove the air filter by loosening the clamps.

Installing a new air filter prevent high temperature and internal engine damage. The engine fails when the fuel and air do not mix.

It happens when the carburetor malfunctions and affects the cooling system. Faulty injectors can cause variable fuel and air ratios.

The replacement of faulty carburetors and malfunctioning fuel injectors can fix this defect. You can remove the front and rear bolts of the carburetor with the wrench and remove the fuel flow lines. 

Then, removing the carburetor loosens it, and you can remove it from the mounting area. Installing a new and stable carburetor stabilizes the fuel flow.

It is easy to fix this by tightening the bolts with a socket. Fuel injectors are small valves, and their removal is less complicated from the throttle body.

You can rotate the screw of the injector, fix it in the mount and fit it with the bolt or washer. The fuel system of these motorcycle engines malfunctions when the spark plugs crack due to clogging, rusting, and more pressure.

Pulling their caps and wire detaches them from the mount. You can put a ratchet on the spark plugs and rotate it anti-clockwise for its removal.

Checking its gap and threading it is better before installation. You can put it in the mount, tighten the bolt and connect the wire.

Faulty suspension

They have problems due to faulty suspension. The broken shock absorbers and malfunctioning springs of their suspension system reduce the riding comfort.

The stiffness of shocks and broken springs can affect the wheel alignment and traction. The high or low air pressure inside the built-in shocks changes the compression and affects the suspension.

Excessive preload and pressure can break the shocks, which reduces the Moto Guzzi motorcycle’s stability. Fixing the air pressure according to the manual instructions can stabilize the shocks.

Inspecting the shocks shows the internal defects, and their replacement becomes less challenging. You can remove the two bolts that hold the shocks in the mount.

Removing them can loosen the shocks, and you can pull them off the frame. Then, you can install new shocks and fit them by tightening the lower and upper bolts.

The faulty suspension spring can cause stiffness in the system. The spring replacement is essential, which reduces the motorcycle sagging.

You can remove the suspension fork fluid and collect it in a container. Removal of three top bolts loosens the spring, and you can pull it out.

Then, you can install new springs fix them with bolts, and tighten the drain plugs.

Transmission failures and footpegs loosening

The Moto Guzzi consumers complain about the malfunctioning transmission of these motorcycles. Their V7 III has more complaints about transmission defects.

The malfunctioning starter motor affects the gearbox. Contamination and additional use can break the gear springs.

These spaces malfunction and affect the gear shifting. The bending of shift forks can cause different transmission problems.

Transmission slippage is one of the most significant defects on these motorbikes. You can drain the transmission fluid and find the bent shift fork inside the camshaft assembly.

Removing its bolts and fasteners loses its connection from the mount, and you can remove it and install the new shift fork. The loose foot pegs are a problem for these motorcycles.

They lose and detach from the connecting points because of pressure and load. They suddenly fall, which reduces their riding control.

It leads to accidents and decreases ride safety. You can fix this issue by tightening the pins and clamps.

Replacing the old and corroded washers and retainers is better.

Defective clutch and overheating

A defective clutch is a significant defect of Moto Guzzi motorcycles. The slipping of the clutch is a defect of their V7 model.

The internal cracks and damages can cause clutch slippage. Heat and additional usage can damage the clutch, and you can replace it.

You can remove the fluids and pull the clutch cord. Removal of its cover and friction-regulating plates is necessary.

Now, lubricating the new clutch plates is essential for their better installation. You can fit the plates, re-install the cover and stop the clutch slippage.

Malfunctioning radiators can cause overheating of these motorbikes, which affects engine efficiency. You can clean and stabilize the cooling system to reduce the temperature.

Also, adding the coolant to the radiator optimizes its performance and prevents overheating.

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