What Does XTR Mean on a Ford F150?

Ford F150 is a luxurious pickup truck and contains several packages with advanced features. These packages have different costs depending on their features and advanced technologies. XTR variants are famous due to their latest features.

What Does XTR Mean on a Ford F150? XTR is the package in the Ford F150, which is the upgrade of XLT trim with chrome styling. XRT package includes chrome-manufactured running boards, exhaust, grille, and door or tailgate handles. In addition, it also consists of a blind spot warning system, an upgraded engine, advanced infotainment, fog lights, 18-inch wheels, a tow package, and comfortable seats.

XTR trim of the Ford F150 is Canadian, meaning it is a non-American variant. However, Lariat is a similar variant that is made in the USA.

What is the meaning of XTR on a Ford F150?

It is the extension of the XLT package, which stands for the extra luxurious truck.

XTR is available in pickup trucks that are equipped with the XLT model. However, XLT has two versions, including chrome styling and a sporty appearance.

The ones with chrome styling are known as XTR trim. These contain chrome components because they are less vulnerable to corrosion and are lighter in weight.

These are helpful to decrease the overall weight and manufacturing cost of the vehicle. The specific trim is Canadian-made, but their parts are manufactured in America.

It is the chrome version because most of their parts are made of chrome material, including running boards, tow hooks, door handles, bumpers, and tailgate handles.

Moreover, switch bezels are made of grained wood material to give the interior cabin a smooth and appealing appearance.

What are the features of the XTR package on a Ford F150?

The XTR package comes with various features depending on the specific model of the Ford F150. Features of this trim can vary according to the different years of these pickup trucks.

Chrome styling

Its exterior parts are made up of chrome material instead of steel and aluminum.

Chrome is beneficial because it is lighter than steel and aluminum. Lighter-weight construction material is helpful to decrease the overall cost of the trucks.

In addition, chrome is the inert layer present on steel to decrease the risk of oxidation reaction, eventually leading to rusting.

It prevents the metal layer from exposure to outside elements responsible for rusting. Running boards, grille, tailgate handles, exhaust tips, and door handles are made of chrome material.

Moreover, tow hooks and wheels are also made of chrome material to reduce the chances of corrosion on their surface.

These exterior parts are more vulnerable to corrosion because of exposure to rainwater, UV radiation, salt water, and scratched parts.

Blind spot information system

XTR package also contains a blind spot warning system along with cross-traffic alert signals. The system is beneficial when changing the line or merging into a new line.

A blind spot information system is designed to reduce the number of accidents on the road while changing the lines. It gives a clear view of the blind spot area, which is hard to identify while sitting in the driver’s seat.

In addition, the warning system also notifies you when other vehicles are in the blind spot area. It gives the warning signals you turn on the turn signals.

These are beneficial when towing the trailers or other vehicles with your pickup truck.

Upgraded engine system

Powerful engines help increase the trucks’ performance because of more power production. XTR Ford F150 is equipped with powerful engines with 290 horsepower, which produces a torque of about 265 lb. ft.

These are V6 engines with a fuel capacity of 3.3 L. In addition, the engine system is equipped with a direct injection system to minimize fuel wastage during the ignition process.

The fuel injection system sprays the limited fuel in the cylinder to produce power. The presence of a fuel-injection system is helpful to maximize fuel efficiency.

These hybrid V6 engines are beneficial to maintaining fuel economy with better mileage.

Advance infotainment system

XTR package has an advanced infotainment system compatible with Android and Apple mobile phones.

In addition, it contains an 8-inch LED touchscreen to make your trip enjoyable. You can turn on the touch screen to enjoy your favorite movies, game shows, and other media.

You can connect your mobile phones and infotainment screens with the help of Wi-Fi connections. The infotainment system has advanced microphones for a better voice recognition system.

Fog lights

You can see fog lights in these models, which are mounted beneath the headlights. These are closer to the ground surface to increase the road’s visibility.

These fog lights improve the safety of passengers, drivers, and other vehicles for better visibility during adverse weather conditions.

My truck also has fog lights, and I prefer to turn these on while driving in low-light conditions and rainy weather. Moreover, visibility decreases in foggy weather, and you cannot see the front view.

18-inch wheels

XTR trim contains 18-inch chrome wheels that can withstand all weather conditions. Moreover, these are more durable because of their increased resistance against corrosion.

18-inch wheels have larger sidewalls, which help provide a smooth ride while maintaining stability and grip on the roads.

Larger sidewalls also provide cushioning action while moving over potholes or bumpy roads. These are beneficial when driving on snowy and rainy roads because of their better grip.

Tow package

Some pickup trucks come with tow packages, meaning trailer hitches are factory-installed. You do not have to install the hitches on their rear bumper to attach trailers or other recreational vehicles.

It saves you the cost that is needed for trailer hitches installation. In addition, the addition of aftermarket parts can also void the vehicle’s warranty.

XTR package comes up with trailer hitches, but you have to select the trailer corresponding to the class of hitches because they have different weight-carrying capacities.

Comfortable seats

The chrome-styled trim of the Ford F150 contains comfortable seats for a better driving experience. They have heated seats, which are comfortable for long-distance traveling.

In addition, they are made of high-quality leather material.

Electric heaters are located beneath the seats to warm upholstery and enhance the driver’s and passenger’s comfort. Leather is sensitive to temperature and becomes extremely hot and cold according to changing weather conditions.

How much does the Ford F150 XTR package cost?

The Ford F150 XTR package costs about $43,200 to $45,120, depending on their specific models. The cost of this trim varies according to the specific models launched in different years.

These models contain different features responsible for increasing or decreasing their overall cost. The 2017 model costs more than $44,200 because of the remote start, power-adjustable pedal, power-adjustable seats, and automatic dimming rearview mirror.

The 2021 model is $43,234 because of upgraded speakers, dual-zone climate control, and a class IV trailer hitch to increase the towing capacity.

When was the Ford F150 XTR launched?

These models are equipped with an XLT package. It was launched in 2009 to 2014 generation of Ford F150.

However, it is present in pickup trucks from 2009 to 2021. 2015 is the older model with a defroster, heated mirrors, chrome exhaust, and leather-wrapped steering wheels.

However, the 2021 XTR is the latest model and contains advanced features, including Android and Apple CarPlay, an enhanced audio recognition system, an 8-inch screen, class IV trailer hitches, 8-way power-adjustable seats, a keyless entry, and a Box link cargo management system.

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