What Year Ducati Motorcycle Parts Are Interchangeable?

Ducati is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer with a wide range of models present worldwide. While many of the parts used in these motorbikes are specific to a particular model or year, some are interchangeable between different models and years.

What Year Ducati Motorcycle Parts Are Interchangeable? You can interchange various engine components of Ducati motorcycles from 2009 -2011, 2012-2014, 2015-2019, and 2020-2023. The camshaft is interchangeable between the 2009 Monster 1100 and the 2011 Ducati Streetfighter. You can swap the electrical parts, including the starter motor, voltage regulator, and ignition coils, in 2010-2014 models of Multistrada 1200 and 1200S. The brakes are compatible with the 2017-2019 model Supersport and the 2019 Supersport S models. You can interchange the instrument cluster in the 2016-2017 model Monster 821 and Hypermotard 939.

Over the years, the company has produced many models of motorcycles, each with unique characteristics and features.

Engine components

Many engine components, such as gaskets, valves, connecting rods, and camshafts, are compatible across multiple Ducati models and years.

Here are a few examples of compatible parts across different motorcycle lineups. For example, you can use the head gasket for a 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS on a 2007 Ducati Hypermotard 1100.

It is also compatible with other models in the Multistrada and Scrambler lineup. Furthermore, you can also swap the camshaft between the 2009 Monster 1100 and the 2011 Ducati Streetfighter.

Moreover, the exhaust valves for a 2014 Panigale 899 are compatible with a 2013 Multistrada 1200.

You can use the connecting rod for a 2007 Ducati 1098 sport bike in a 2009 Monster 1100 after modifications in the bearings. Other examples of interchangeable parts are the piston from a 2010 Hypermotard 1100 in a 2011 Ducati Streetfighter.

Body parts

Many body parts, including fairings, seats, mirrors, and rear sets, work between model years within the same lineup or adjacent model years.

However, there are exceptions where you can even find compatible parts across different variants. For example, you can install the front fairing from a 2010 Ducati Streetfighter on a 2009 Ducati Monster 1100.

Similarly, you can swap the tail section parts from a 2008 848 sports bike to a 2009 Ducati Hypermotard 1100.

Other examples of interchangeable parts between different variants are seats from a 2011 Monster 796 on a 2010 Multistrada 1200 and mirrors from a 2012 Panigale 1199 on a 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200.

Moreover, you can replace the rear sets, including footpegs and controls, between a 2010 Streetfighter and a 2009 Monster 1100.

Electrical components

Interchangeable electrical parts are common within the same lineup of motorcycles.

For example, Monster 696, 796, 1100, and 1100 EVO have similar electrical components, including a starter motor, voltage regulator, and ignition coils from the 2008 to 2013 model years.

Multistrada 1200 and 1200S also have these parts compatible for the 2010 to 2014 years. You can swap them in Diavel and Diavel Carbon motorcycles for the 2011-2015 variants.

Furthermore, you can replace starter motors between Streetfighter 848 and 1098 between 2009-2013 variants within the same lineup.

Although these variants share similar electrical components, there can be slight differences in specifications and wiring that you should consider while going for a replacement. 


You can swap the brake components between several years within the same lineup. For example, you can swap the brake pads for the Ducati Monster lineup for the 2014-2016, 2017-2019 Monster 821, and 2014-2019 Monster 1200.

Brake rotors and brake pads for the 2017-2019 model Supersport and 2019 Supersport S are also interchangeable.

Furthermore, Brembo brake calipers and master cylinders used on the Panigale V4 lineup are swappable between different years, such as the 2018-2021 Panigale V4, V4 S, and V4 R.

Similarly, you can swap some brake components on the Multistrada 1200 lineup between different years of production by adopting a few modifications.

Suspension system

You can replace suspension parts between different years within the same lineup of motorcycles.

For example, the front fork on the 2018-2019 Panigale V4, V4S, and V4 Speciale is interchangeable with the 2020-2022 Panigale V4 and V4S models.

You can swap the rear shock on the 2014-2017 Monster 821 with that in the 2015-2017 model Monster 1200 and the 2015-2016 Monster 1200S.

The front fork on the 2010-2014 model Multistrada 1200 is interchangeable with the 2015-2017 model Multistrada 1200 and the 2016-2017 Multistrada 1200S.

The 2010-2014 Multistrada 1200 and the 2013-2014 Hypermotard 821 share a rear shock absorber with matching dimensions, mounting points, and travel rates.

Other examples of compatible parts are the Ohlins suspension components across various Ducati motorcycles in the lineup, like Ducati Panigale.

Oil filters

Oil filters are essential in keeping the engine oil clean and free of contaminants. Therefore you should check its compatibility before you interchange it for a specific model.

For example, the Mahle OC575 oil filter is compatible with several years from 2013 to 2018 of Ducati Monster 1200, Monster 821, Multistrada 1200, and Hypermotard 821.

Therefore, you can swap it between any of these motorcycles. Similarly, the oil filters between the 2013-2017 Scrambler 800 worked for most of its years.

Another example of compatible oil filters is between 2011-2018 model motorcycles in Panigale and Diavel lineups.

However, it depends on the particular make and filter model regarding its compatibility with motorcycles.

Air filters

Air filters are a consumable part that you have to replace periodically to ensure the proper working of the motorcycle. Using the wrong air filter can affect the amount and quality of air entering the engine and can be harmful.

You can swap it between model years in the Scrambler, Multistrada, and Hypermotard lineups. Similarly, there is compatibility regarding the air filters in the Panigale and Diavel lineups.

Different third-party manufacturers design such components compatible with multiple engines; therefore, their interchangeability depends on the particular air filter you use in your motorcycle.

Fuel system

Their fuel system parts are generally model-specific and, as such, do not work between different variants.

However, you can swap parts like fuel injectors, pumps, and filters between some models. For example, depending on its type and design, you can substitute the fuel injectors between the years 2013-2018 for the Monster 821, Hypermotard 939, and Panigale V4.

Another example is the Bosch fuel pump between 2010-2016 model Multistrada 1200 and Panigale 1199.

In addition, a fuel filter is a common component interchangeable in various Ducati models, including the Scrambler and Hypermotard lineups from 2013 to 2021 variants.

Electronics and sensors

Interchangeable electronic parts and sensors between different models are limited to the same or adjacent years.

One exception is the oxygen sensor you can use in several model years ranging from 2010 to 2019 in the Multistrada 1200, Diavel, and Scrambler lineups.

You can replace the throttle position sensor between the 2014-2021 variants of the Ducati Monster 821 and Multistrada 950.

Ducati Monster 821 and Hypermotard 939, produced in 2016-2017, have similar displays and functionality, and you can swap their instrument clusters with slight modifications.

Similarly, the 2010-2011 Multistrada 1200 and 1200S have compatible instrument clusters having the same functions and display settings.

Exhaust system

You can replace the exhaust system parts between different model years, such as headers, mufflers, slip-on exhausts, and exhaust hangers.

For example, you can swap the slip-on exhaust system between the 2015-2017 model of Ducati Monster 821, and also the 2017-2020 Supersport, and the 2019-2020 Hypermotard 950.

Another example is an interchangeable muffler between the 2017-2019 Monster 1200 and the 2015-2019 Multistrada 1200.

You can also replace the headers from a 2015 Scrambler Full Throttle with a Scrambler Classic.

Exhaust hangers for a 2010 model Ducati Monster 696 work with a Monster 796.

Finding interchangeable parts for Ducati motorcycles

Ducati has had several motorcycle variants available in the market for many years. Therefore, it has a vast marketplace for compatible parts from previous models or aftermarket manufacturers.

The best way to find compatible parts for your motorcycle is to check the catalog with a dealer or parts specialist.

You can also ask for advice and recommendations on interchangeable parts on various online forums and social media groups.

You can also consult the service manuals and technical documents to find the compatibility of multiple parts between different years.

You can also seek help from any mechanic in the workshop or directly contact the manufacturer.

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