Where Do You Keep Your Motorcycle Registration?

Many riders keep the registration documents with them while riding a motorcycle. I keep it because it protects me from pullovers, fines, and violations of riding laws.

Where Do You Keep Your Motorcycle Registration? You can keep your motorcycle registration in the jackets or helmets, underneath the saddles, inside the key box, in a bag, in a holder, inside a smartphone case, and on the rear side of the license plate.

With these methods, you can protect the registration documents from rainwater and falling.

In jackets or helmets

Many motorcyclists wear riding jackets that protect them from the effect of cold temperatures. Also, these jackets provide security during road accidents.

These jackets have different pockets on the front side. The pockets are near the rider’s hands, and you can open and close their zips, which keeps the objects safe.

You can cover the registration documents with a lamination. Then, keeping it inside the jacket pockets is better because they provide protection.

It prevents the use of storage chambers in different parking areas. You can remove it from the pocket of your riding jacket and show the registration to the police.

Riders keep it inside the jackets, which benefits them because they never forget jackets at home. Other people search the pockets of rider jackets during accidents.

It makes the identification less time-consuming. Furthermore, the helmet is mandatory while riding a motorcycle because it provides safety and fulfills the riding laws.

You can keep these inside your helmet. In such circumstances, you can never forget the documents at home.

Keeping it on the rear side of the helmet fabric protects it from falling. However, you cannot keep it on the front edges of the helmet.

It can reduce visibility by reducing the front vision. Also, it can slide and fall on the road, and you can lose it.

Underneath the saddle

You can put the motorcycle registration underneath the saddle. It is one of the safest methods to protect documents from rain and dust.

You can never forget the documents when you keep them underneath the saddle. In addition, you can find a small chamber under the seat.

Its design and size vary according to the motorbike model. Then, you can keep the registration in this chamber and prevent its direct exposure to rain and dust.

Protecting it with tape can secure it from falling. It can stick under the seat, and you can show it to the police by removing the tape.

Putting these documents under a zip-based bag is better and adds two long tape pieces in the shape of a cross. However, its removal underneath the saddle takes a few minutes, but you can show the documents to the police during a pullover.

The police provide a specific time for the motorcyclist to remove the license from underneath the saddle.

Inside the box for keys

A few people use heavy bags to keep the registration. However, I prefer a lightweight box that is specific for storing keys.

You can use the magnetic boxes containers to keep your registration. However, these are specific storage boxes for the keys.

Folding the documents allow their addition to these boxes. It is a small magnetic box, and you can stick it directly on the metallic frame of the motorcycle.

Also, it can protect the documentation from dust particles and moisture. It is a waterproof magnetic box and protects the documents from rainwater.

It is heavier than the keys holder, but its moisture resistance makes it safe and appealing. You can single-fold the paper and add it inside the box.

In the bag

You can keep and protect the motorcycle registration in a bag. However, the bag fits on the side of the motorbike frame. It is one of the most appealing and convenient methods to keep documents safe while riding a motorbike.

The bag has enough space to store these papers and protect them. You can find a durable, stylish, and appealing side bag for your motorcycle.

Then, installing and securing the bag is better for the documents safe from environmental hazards. The license papers remain safe inside these side bags and do not fall at high speed.

Different sizes and shapes of these bags are available in the market. You can select them according to the motorbike design, model, and installation space.

Their high-quality fabric protects the licenses at the maximum level. Also, the fabric secures them from free-falling on the roads.

In a holder

Several aftermarket registration document holders are available online and in the market. You can use these holders on the motorcycle frames and keep the license inside them.

The holder can fit with the frame and protect the license from moisture and dust. However, it is an appealing holder that makes the motorbike stylish.

You can permanently install it on the frame according to the installation methods. These holders look like long bottles and have different composition materials.

Also, these are tube canisters to protect it from rain and dust. They contain plastic as their composition material which is durable like PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and provides maximum protection.

It is a waterproof tube-shaped holder with different types available in the market. These canisters have specific holding and connecting points because of the stock designs.

Therefore, you can install them on the motorcycle frame. Also, fixing them with zip ties allows for their temporary installation.

They are stable and do not fall on the road. Therefore, you can fold the license papers, put them inside the holders and protect them from water and dirt.

In the smartphone case

Several motorcyclists carry their smartphones with them while riding a motorcycle. They use specific protection covers for their smartphones.

However, these protection cases or covers are waterproof. They have internal space for the documents.

People do not forget their smartphones at home because they communicate through them. Therefore, you can remove the cover from the smartphone and put the license paper inside it.

Then, fitting it back to the smartphone protects it from falling. You can put the smartphone in the pocket of your jacket.

A few covers of these smartphones have specific spaces for storing the cards. You can put the license in these small and waterproof holders.

In such circumstances, the registration document remains safe, and you cannot forget it anywhere.

On the rear of the license plate

You can hide the motorcycle registration on the rear side of the license plate. Furthermore, it is one of the safest spots to hide the license papers because it protects them from moisture and water.

You can put it temporarily on the rear side of the license plate. Putting it requires the installation of a small storage container on the rear of the license plate.

It leads to the permanent addition and fixing of the license. These storage containers have enough space for putting the documents without folding them.

However, these storage boxes are small and hide behind the rear side of the license plate of your motorbike. The thieves cannot find these small boxes because they hide behind the license plate.

Therefore, they remain safe, and you can remove these papers. They have specific locks, and you am open them with their keys.

You can put the USBs, keys, and documents in these boxes. Drilling the holes in the license plate is a challenging procedure.

You can mark the spots for holes and drill them. Then, adding the screws and tightening them can secure this storage box.

You can unlock it and put the license papers in. Their locking and unlocking consume a few seconds.

But, these locked boxes protect the documents from external environmental hazards.

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