Which Mercury Grand Marquis Years to Avoid?

Many people complain about a few models of Grand Marquis because they have many defects. I avoid its 1994 variants because it has sudden transmission failure. 

Which Mercury Grand Marquis Years to Avoid? It is better to avoid the 1994, 1997, 1996, 2003, 2001, 2007, and 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis years because they have malfunctioning headlights, transmission defects, EGR valve failure, exhaust leaks, airbag failures, and faulty climate control.

You should not buy the early models of the Mercury Grand Marquis because they have reduced reliability. However, it is a luxury car with stable models with minimum defects, but several variants have mechanical and electrical problems. 

What Mercury Grand Marquis years to avoid?

Ford manufactured and launched the Mercury Grand Marquis in 1975, and its production continued until 2011. However, it has various variants which provide durable performance and better driving conditions. 

But, a few models have more significant problems. You can avoid these years while selecting a Grand Marquis. 

It is a mid-size, luxury, 4DR car with a reliable rear axle and adjustable suspension system. However, it has reduced fuel economy and other problems on a few models. 

You can avoid its fourth generation because these models have several defects and complaints. Avoiding its 1994 model is better because it has various flaws. 

A malfunctioning transmission is one of the most significant defects of this model. The front pump malfunctions and damages the gearbox. 

In such circumstances, you cannot shift the gears, speed regulation varies, and vehicle control reduces. The failure of the front pump decreases the pressure of the gearbox. 

You cannot handle the hydraulic force of transmission. The malfunctioning pump produces loud sounds. 

You can avoid this model because the throttle position sensor malfunctions. It reduces the vehicle speed and affects the engine performance. 

The headlights of the 1997 Grand Marquis undergo sudden failures. The light-emitting bulbs and high-performance bulbs fail.

Therefore, you cannot select its 1997 variant for long trips and daily driving. Its cooling system is susceptible to electrical damage and mechanical faults. You should check these things when buying a used car.

You should avoid the 1996 Grand Marquis because its electric circuit has reduced stability. Moreover, it has several electrical defects and engine problems. 

The brake lights malfunction, and you cannot them during night driving conditions. Its cruise control malfunctions and undergoes sudden failures, which affect vehicle speed. 

You can avoid its 2003 model because it has several recalls and complaints about malfunctioning headlights. It has several electrical defects and mechanical problems. 

The windshield malfunctions and the windows stop functioning suddenly. The engine undergoes excessive misfiring when the ignition coils crack. 

Also, the spark plugs malfunction and fail. They cannot support the engine, which reduces the vehicle’s speed and performance. 

You cannot rely on its 2001 model for long trips because its heat system malfunctions. Its air conditioner system has several electrical defects. 

Its compressor and air conditioner undergo damage. The motor damages and reduces the performance of the heating and air conditioning system. 

Do not buy the 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis because it has frame damage. The paint damages are significant in this model.

Also, the engine undergoes several failures, and alternator damages are prominent. The electric circuit malfunctions and affects the performance of fog lights and brake indicators. 

The signals and other indicators malfunction because their electric connections lose their standard performance. Its 2005 model has various problems, and you can avoid them. 

Its headlights malfunction, and the lights regulating circuit do not perform. It has frame damage, and the paint melts and removes from the surface. 

Why you should avoid early models of the Mercury Grand Marquis?

You cannot select its fourth-generation models because they have the most defects. You can avoid its several variants due to the following problems. 

Malfunctioning headlights

Their headlights malfunction, and the lights, indicators, and signals have an electric circuit that regulates their performance. 

The broken electrical cords reduce the module performance. In such circumstances, the relays lose their efficiency and cannot maintain the power flow inside the circuit. 

They can cause intermittent power failure inside the electrically working lights regulating circuit. These failures are significant in the 2005 models of the Grand Marquis. 

The 2007 variant has headlight defects, and you should avoid them.

Transmission defects

It is a significant defect of the 1994 and 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis models. The transmission fluid leaks and its level reduces from the threshold. 

The fluid removes from the gearbox tube, which mounts on the drive side of the vehicle. The transmission undergoes slippage, and you cannot control the gears properly. 

The gear ratio changes and affects the acceleration of the car. The metallic particles flow in the transmission fluid and contaminate it. 

The fluid loses performance, and you cannot regulate the transmission system. The reverse gear can fail without a significant sign. Its failure produces loud, audible grinding noises. 

EGR valve failure and exhaust leaks

The exhaust gas reticulation system of the Mercury Grand Marquis has a specific valve that regulates the gases. The valve mounts inside the engine cylinder head. 

You can identify the valve on the engine block of the car. The EGR valve malfunctions and cannot regulate air movement. 

It cannot handle exhaust gases and affects fuel economy. The low compression problems are significant in a few models of this car. 

Reduced compression can decrease the engine’s horsepower. The valves of the cylinder head malfunction and decreases engine efficiency. 

The coolant performance reduces because it does not flow to the combustion cylinder. 1996 and 2007 models have EGR valve damages, coolant problems, and exhaust leaks. 

A check light illuminates when the exhaust system undergoes leakages. The intake manifold of the exhaust system fails, and coolant removes from the system. 

Engine overheats and undergoes catastrophic cracks and failures. 

Failure of airbags and climate control

Many Mercury Grand Marquis owners complain about airbag failures on a few models. The airbags malfunction while the electric circuit undergoes failures. 

It cannot provide stable electric power to the airbags, which reduces their efficiency. As a result, vehicle safety reduces from the optimized level. 

The airbags do not open during a collision, which leads to dangerous accidental conditions. The climate control of a few models malfunctions and cannot perform at standard efficiency level. 

It cannot control the internal heat level of the car. The heat malfunctions and cannot stabilize the temperature for travelers and drivers. 

The compressor of the AC malfunctions, and the blower cannot provide cool air. Furthermore, a few models have defects of malfunctioning air blower motors. 

The electrical defects can damage the motor, which affects climate control. Malfunctioning relays and resistors affects the electric control module in a few models. 

When does Mercury Grand Marquis have the most problems?

The Mercury Grand Marquis model remains stable up to 215000 miles. A few remain stable at 320000 miles according to their maintenance and service. 

The 1997 model of the Mercury Grand Marquis undergoes more failures. Its headlights malfunction after a few thousand miles. 

Then, it undergoes transmission failures after 215000 miles. It requires frequent oil changes and other repairs. It has seat belt defects which are rare. 

However, the 1997 models have a broken alternator problem after 215000 miles. Its 2005 variants have several complaints of headlight defects and EGR valve failures after 215000 miles. 

Sometimes, the problems appear after 80000 to 90000 miles because it depends on driving style and maintenance schedules. 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis have headlight failures after 80000 miles. 

Increased mileage affects engine performance, reduces headlight efficiency, and decreases the efficiency of the exhaust system. The emissions increase to decrease the fuel efficiency of the vehicles. 

Moreover, engine failures are significant in these models. Its 1994 and 1997 models undergo several mechanical and electrical issues after 215000 miles. 

However, the 1994 variants are susceptible to more mechanical defects. Therefore, transmission failure and fluid leaks are significant in this car.

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