Are Cowboy Boots Good For Motorcycle Riding?

Cowboy boots are leather-based footwear which is for riding horses. However, many young motorcyclists wear them for adventure and to look cool.

Are Cowboy Boots Good For Motorcycle Riding? Cowboy boots are not good for motorcycle riding due to lack of protection, poor gear grip, no crash resistance, uncomfortable, undergo water damage, and are not abrasion-proof.

They have different heights according to their variable designs. In addition, they are available in different colors, and the thickness of leather varies according to brand. 

Lack of protection

Generally, Cowboy boots comprise soft leather material. They have different hooks and belts according to their design.

They are not a better choice for riding a motorcycle because they cannot provide enough protection. They cannot protect the legs, ankles, and feet during these riding situations.

Moreover, they cannot secure their ankles during road accidents. The road can injure the ankle skin due to the poor safety of the boots.

Due to them, riding becomes complicated and challenging. You cannot wear them during long-distance rides due to their poor protection.

They can cause more injuries to the lower limb due to a lack of safety. They cannot provide enough coverage and layer over the skin. 

Moreover, the road surface scratches the ankles, feet, and legs. Due to them, limb injuries can increase more than in normal conditions.

However, leather is a multi-layer durable, and appealing material. But, it cannot protect the legs from road injuries.

These shoes cannot provide maximum safety when a motorcyclist falls on the ground. They can offer protection against insects, but exposure is rare. 

Poor grip on the gear

The manufacturers of cowboy boots use smooth and shiny leather material for their making. But, it is not an ideal option to ride a motorcycle in different weather conditions. 

Due to the smoothness of the leather, you cannot adjust the foot on the gear firmly. As a result, your feet can slip from the gear, which leads to uncomfortable conditions. 

In such circumstances, you cannot maintain a grip on the handlebars. As a result, the entire frame becomes uncontrollable and can strike the other vehicles. 

Due to poor gear grip, the motorcyclist loses traction. As a result, it leads to several accidents and injuries.

No resistance to crashes

Due to their poor resistance against crashes, cowboy shoes are not advisable. They cannot withstand mild to severe crashes due to their soft manufacturing material.

Due to the lack of thickness, the material cannot resist or hold the crash intensity. As a result, it causes instant foot and ankle injuries, which are painful and restrict riding.

They cannot reinforce the effects of the crash, and it can lead to a permanent disability. Due to their variable sizes and heights, they cannot provide full coverage to ankles. 

In such circumstances, they cannot support their legs during a crash. As a result, the rider loses control.

Uncomfortable footwear

Several people ride their motorbikes in high temperatures and colder weather conditions.

In these conditions, they need safe and high-quality footwear which provides heat and ventilation for different climate situations. 

The leather is not a breathable material and leads to oiling and moisture. Wet ankles and feet are dangerous because they can reduce the control over the manually controlled parts. 

Moreover, they do not provide sufficient ventilation due to the leather layering and design. Due to these conditions, these are one of the most uncomfortable options for motorcyclists. 

They can produce moisture-related problems. For example, the feet slip due to moisture inside the shoes and cause various riding problems.

Due to the design, they do not provide the proper coverage. Sometimes, they have more height which can affect knee bending. 

In a few conditions, their designs are short and lack coverage. In both circumstances, you can end up in severe accidental conditions.

Chances of slipping

Cowboy long and short boots are not a choice for motorcycle riders because it has the softest sole, which causes excessive slipping. Their sole is the most vulnerable part, which leads to a lack of control and handling.

Due to the soft and slipping soles, these are not safe. During the stop conditions, your foot can slip from the stand. 

Also, it can slip in high-speed conditions or when you change the gear. They can cause foot slipping when you park it.

Moreover, they have slanted heels with a height of about 1 to 2 inches. Due to this sole height, the feet slip, and the motorbike falls to one side. 

They can lose grip on the pegs because they are slippery. Due to the soft and slipping heel, the gear shifting becomes complicated. 

In such circumstances, you cannot handle the speed on all roads. Due to improper adjustment, their heels or soles can hang up on the stand or pegs. 

Their sole has a specific angle with a square shape, which makes it more slippery.

Not abrasion proof

Unlike other shoes, these boots are not abrasion-proof due to their composition. However, the idea behind their manufacturing is not dependent on abrasion resistance.

Due to their lack of abrasion resistance, they are unsafe for motorcycle riders. As a result, you cannot get enough protection from abrasion during a road accident. 

Due to the road effect, the soft leather undergoes cracks. As a result, you can access scratches over their surface. You can find holes in the upper layer, which leads to more damage.

In such circumstances, they cannot withstand road crashes. As a result, it undergoes cuts or crushes into various pieces. 

Furthermore, the sole and ankle covering part undergo crush faster. Therefore, they cannot handle the road oil due to poor resistance.

As a result, their material can melt, and you cannot get more traction.

Poor appearance 

Motorcyclists have specifically designated shoes that provide the highest safety during accidents and repel weather. These boots are specific for riding horses. 

They do not provide an aesthetic look when you ride a motorcycle. They have a western style and appearance, which is out of fashion for the riding conditions. 

Moreover, they are part of a particular dress code. They do not inspire the people on the roads because they look strange. In this modern time, they do not fit in regular use and lack protection properties. 

Due to these characteristics, they are less desirable with the least aesthetic appearance. 

Damage due to water

Cowboy leather-based boots are resistant to rain and road water. But, they do not comprise waterproof properties due to a single layer of leather. 

The water can slip from their surface, but it affects their performance. Therefore, these shoes are not beneficial for snow road riding because water can flow inside them.

Excessive moisture can cause internal and surface damage. The internal leather layer cracks due to the abundance of accumulated moisture. 

You can treat the leather material with specific commercial products, which makes it resistant to the snow effect. However, due to water, they can undergo severe cracks, holes, and damage.

In such circumstances, they become less dependable and durable. Moreover, you cannot use them for snow or rain riding situations because it can reduce riding quality.

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