5 Best Ways To Tow Your Motorcycle

Many people tow their motorcycles to the nearest workshop to repair the frame damages. However, I prefer the tow dolly because of its safety and convenience.

The best ways to tow your motorcycle include using a tow dolly, a trailer, ratchet straps, a carrier, and another motorcycle.

Selecting a towing method depends on the weight, size, and motorbike model.

What are the best methods to tow your motorcycle?

You can use different methods to tow your motorbikes. However, I have explained the five best techniques for their towing.

Tow dolly

You can utilize a tow dolly for towing your motorbike safely. However, it is lightweight and has a specific hitch that provides the attachment.

It takes minimum space because of its dimensions. You can move it from one point to another because of its lightweight properties.

It is the hauler and can tow the motorbike, and the hitch connects to the rear side of the motorbike. A few hauling dollies can lift the front tire, and others handle the rear wheel.

They have specific angles and sizes according to their specifications. Also, they can handle the tires, but it leans on turns.

You can use them for city road hauling because they have reduced highway safety. Connecting the hitch with the tow truck is better.

Then, attach it with the hauling dolly and its assembly. Tightening the bolts and screws stabilizes the connection.

You can lower the chick of the dolly towards the road. Pushing the front or rear tire in the chock can fix them.

You can tighten and secure it with ropes and other belts. Using the lift system of the tow dolly is beneficial for these procedures. You can lower them and tighten the bolts.

Use Trailer

It is one of the easiest and most stable ways to haul it daily from one spot to another.

However, these trailers are safe and expensive. They have different types and sizes. You can load more than two variants on these trailers.

Attaching the trailer with the tow truck is essential. You can use a hitch to attach the trailer to the towing truck.

The trucks have extensions for the hitched and provide attachment points for the trailers. You can load it on the trailer with the help of a person.

Locking the front tire in the wheel chock is necessary for better protection. Tighten it with the straps by putting them in the anchor points.

Ratchet straps

Hauling motorcycles with ratchet straps and hauling trucks is a convenient technique. It is the fastest method to transfer them from one spot to another.

You can load them on the hauling truck bed by a ramp. Then, crossing the ratchet straps across the frame can secure it.

You can cross the straps from the anchor points and stabilize them on the truck bed. Checking their wheel size is essential for selecting a wheel chock.

You can load them on the ramp and push them forward. Putting the wheel chock on the truck bed is better.

Then, you can load the motorbikes on the ramp through the tailgate. Also, protecting the ramp and attaching the ratchet straps to its frame.

Also, attaching them with the truck hitch extension provides more stability. Riding them on the ramp is better while handling the throttle.

You can control the brakes and fit them in the wheel chock. Cross one side of the ratchet straps across the handlebars.

Fixing the other ends in the truck bed and its anchor points is better for maximum safety and stability. You can tighten the straps on the rear tire and fix their other ends in the truck bed anchor points.

Use Carrier

You can utilize a hitch-based carrier for towing the motorcycle. However, attaching the hitch extension of the hauling bed and carrier is better.

You can tighten the hinge nuts, which are parts of the hitch and carrier. Using the ramp of this hitch-based carrier is better, and you can load them on the higher part of the platform.

Fixing their front wheels in the wheel chock is better for maximum stability. You can secure it with the ratchet straps and stabilize the straps in the anchors.

Crossing the straps around their built-in handlebars and moving the other end to the lower side of the carrier can fix it in one position.

With another motorcycle

You can tow it with another motorcycle when the hauling one has the lowest speed of 15 to 20 mph. Using a rope for its towing is better while using this technique.

You can wrap the specific rope around the down tube of its frame. However, you can use the front tube of the frame on the upper side of the front wheel of the towed motorbike.

Crossing the rope from its frame and forks is better, which reduces the vibrations. You can cross the rope across the tire and handlebars.

Securing the other part of the carrier is essential. Using a chain is better than fitting it in a sprocket.

The rider can keep it on the rear of the motorbike.

Things to consider while towing a motorcycle

Generally, several things can affect the hauling procedure. You can consider the following things while towing your motorcycle.

Steady speed of tow truck

The tow truck remains on the front side of the towed motorbike. Therefore, the driver of a towing truck cannot increase its speed beyond the standard level.

The high speed of the truck can affect the stability of the motorcycle that attaches through the hitch. You can use the dollies, carrier, and trailer for hauling it.

But, the steady speed of the truck is essential to prevent its sudden slippage. You can drive the truck at a constant and slow speed.

Then, it remains safe, and you can transfer to other destinations.

Stability of the motorcycle

The stability of the motorbike affects its towing. You can secure its frame with straps and ropes.

Tightening the straps in the anchor points of the tow truck bed and carriers is essential. The stable towed motorcycle remains fixed in one position.

You can haul it regularly to different destinations because its stability is high according to the hauling techniques.

As a result, it can slip and fall on the road, which damages the frame.

Durable hitch

You can select a durable hitch for towing motorcycles. They have different models and variable weight limits.

The hitches have specific weight-holding limitations, and you cannot change them. The receiver hitches are reliable and make the towing procedures safe.

They have five different categories, and you can select according to the weight. However, the 5th wheel hitch is reliable and mounts on the rear of the truck bed.

Their selection depends on your preference and convenience.

Empty fuel tank

A full fuel tank of the towed motorcycle can cause several leakages. Also, removing the fuel from their tank is better because heat can affect it.

It leads to the burning of the fuel, which causes the firing of the engine during the towing procedures. Removing the fuel from the container takes a few minutes.

You can disconnect the fuel passages from the built-in carburetors. Then, opening the drain into the tank is better for removing the fuel.

You can load it over the trailer or haul it through the dollies after container drainage.

Can you use a recovery strap to tow a motorcycle?

The recovery straps are stretchable and comprise kinetic energy. They can stretch to a specific length and return to the original shape when you leave the ends.

You can use them for hauling your motorcycles because they have more stretchable properties. The recovery straps keep it stable on the trailer and truck bed.

They are beneficial for hauling them with damaged frames. You cannot use these stretchable recovery straps for towing them on highways.

They cannot provide maximum safety on highways which leads to their slippage.

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