Can a Motorcycle Tow Another Motorcycle?

Many people think it is challenging to tow their motorcycles to reach a mechanic. You can take help from another motorcycle or a tow truck.

Can a Motorcycle Tow Another Motorcycle? A motorcycle can tow another motorcycle when it gets broken and cannot move forward without support from another vehicle. For example, you can wrap a rope on the broken motorbike’s right-side downtube frame with the towing motorcycle’s left-side carrier and move slowly to avoid bumping. Furthermore, you can also make a fork of rope where the open end of the fork is in the center of the motorbike while its end is at the handlebar of the following vehicle. 

Motorcyclists can help a person with a broken motorbike by providing physical support from his vehicle and helping him reach a repair shop to get the issue fixed.

How do you tow a motorcycle with another motorcycle?

The towing of the motorcycle is a common experience of every rider that happens in their life at different times for different reasons.

One of the best ways is to pull a motorcycle with another motorcycle using a strong rope of an ideal length that is not too short or long.

You can get a rope of almost a 15 to 20-foot length to maintain an ideal distance between them. Wrap the rope around the broken vehicle’s downtube frame on its front and left sides.

You have to place the rope on the sides of the forks to avoid steering restrictions; otherwise, run it over the steering tube that allows the rider to control the rope and remove it in an emergency.

After that, secure the rope to the left carrier on the backside of the towing motorcycle or fix it on the upper shock mount frame to avoid dropping into the chains.

Furthermore, you have to maintain a close distance from the following motorbike and move at a slow speed for a safe towing experience.

The leading vehicle’s rider has to be attentive and notice all the actions to brake first and avoid quick jerks, and the leading rider has to keep a check on the bike behind it by looking in the mirrors.

The rider has to maintain attention on the road, and lack of focus can lead to the falling of the vehicle. Teamwork is required to maintain a balanced position and avoid crashes.

You can also tow a motorbike by wrapping the rope in Y-shape when the fork region is in the center of the seat of the leading vehicle and the other end reaches the centerline of the following bike.

It wraps around the handlebar, allowing the following rider to release the rope when it bumps into it.

In addition, you can also keep it on a lightweight trailer that does not add much weight that goes beyond the towing capacity of the leading vehicle.

Why would you tow a motorcycle with another motorcycle? 

Motorcyclists have to face several problems, like a breakdown of bikes on the road, which can be irritating as you have to wait for a rescue team to tow the vehicle.

Motorbikes can break down on the road due to mechanical issues when you do not pay attention to their maintenance and ride without checking the functionality of their components.

Moreover, the tires can fail when you do not check the tire pressure regularly, as they can blow out and lose air pressure due to leakage from the hole close to the rims.

The braking system can also get failed when you do not look at the brake pads and the brake fluid. Less amount of braking fluid and a change in its color indicates that it can cause a problem.

Furthermore, broken chains and electrical issues can also be responsible for the need for towing. The coolant system can also become leaky and lead to an overheating in the engine.

So, it can help you take motorcycles to a mechanic for repair without dragging them for a long distance, which can damage chains and tires.

How much weight can a motorcycle pull? 

A motorcycle can pull almost 15 to 20% of its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), which is considered a maximum weight of a motorbike, including the net weight and weight of fuel, load, and passengers.

Its weight varies according to the style and model, as heavy bikes with an increased weight have higher towing capacity.

Moreover, it can pull around 40 to 50% of its curb weight, including fuel and other equipment, in addition to its weight.

You can calculate the pulling capacity of your motorcycle by subtracting the curb weight from the GVWR value to get load capacity.

Subtract your and passenger’s weight and the gears to get an idea of the towing capacity.

Accordingly, you can pull almost 225 pounds weight to a motorcycle of GVWR of 750 pounds when the bike weighs around 375 pounds, and your estimated weight is 150 pounds.

Things to considered while towing a motorcycle with another motorcycle

It is essential to keep the rope at an ideal length and maintain a slow speed.

A long rope exceeding 20 to 22-foot length can make a towed motorcycle like a pendulum that keeps moving back and forth and creates an unsafe situation for other cars on the road.

In addition, a short rope can also be unsafe for the leading vehicle as it keeps bumping into its back and can damage its backside badly.

The towed vehicle’s rider has to keep it behind the front motorbike to avoid unwanted falls and crashes.

Furthermore, you have to drive at a speed of around 16 to 20mph as fast driving can also damage the vehicle’s body when the following bike bumps into it continuously at high speed.

Is it illegal to tow a motorcycle with another motorcycle?

Many people do not know whether it is legal to tow a motorcycle with another motorcycle and are interested in knowing the exact rules and regulations.

You can pull a motorcycle without any issue when following the rules of towing a vehicle, like the estimated length of rope, speed, and the vehicle’s condition.

A motorbike that can roll on the road safely can be towed behind another motorbike as the rider controls its direction and changes when he finds that it could cause accidents.

It is legal to pull your motorbike if it does not pose any risk to other cars on the road and is towed safely, but police can catch you if you are pulling more than the capacity of your vehicle.

It is better to consider the regulation to improve the safety of vehicles sharing a common road and to avoid damage to your own motorbike.

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