Can You Ride a Motorcycle With a Bad Starter?

Many motorcycle riders have to face an issue when their vehicle is not starting correctly or there is an intermittent starting, which indicates an issue with starters.

Can You Ride a Motorcycle With a Bad Starter? You can ride a motorcycle with a bad starter because modern starters are operated by electricity, and you have to provide enough voltage for the engine to start. Moreover, they can go bad when you do not clean the internal components or due to natural wear and tear. Furthermore, the push start and thump start of a motorcycle can help you start a motorbike even with a faulty starter. 

A starter is a device that helps rotate the crankshaft and initiate the engine’s operations by allowing the pistons to compress the fuel mixture.

You can improve the longevity of the starters by keeping them clean as contaminants can accumulate, leading to loss of function, and regularly check that connections are proper.

Why do motorcycle starters get bad?

Many people do not regularly maintain their motorcycles, and it can make your motorbike stop at any point due to wear and tear.

In the same way, the starters can also wear down over time and even lose the capability to manage the engine’s functioning.

It controls the rotation of the internal-combustion engine and regulates its function by providing power to the piston that compresses the fuel-air mixture and initiates a spark for burning.

All of its connections can get dirty after some time that needs to be cleaned properly to avoid any interruption in its functioning.

Furthermore, the mounting bolts can also get loose, which can affect the starting function, and you cannot ride a motorbike when you use a push start button.

The starters can also get corroded when the moisture and air react with internal components, which can interfere with their smooth functioning.

Is it possible for a motorcycle to start with a bad starter?

Many people continue riding on a motorcycle with a bad starter by doing quick fixes that can help them in the short term as they can reach the desired place.

It is possible to start an engine of the vehicle when its starter is bad and not allowing the engine to perform its function.

However, it is not considered a good practice to follow in the long term once you have identified an issue with the device that needs to be replaced.

You can drive it in such situations when you are getting late for an office or have to reach a nearby mechanic to replace the faulty starters.

In addition, it can cause battery drainage and create odd noises that are loud to hear easily, and seems like the internal components are grinding, and a clicking sound is produced.

How do you start a motorcycle with a bad starter?

You can start a motorcycle with a clutch start or thump start method that can quickly provide enough power to the engine to ignite and burn fuel.

Push start

Pop starting or push starting is an effective way of starting a vehicle only when the tank is full, and the coils and safety switches are not faulty.

Electric current is required to initiate the engine’s operations because modern engines have fuel injection systems, and the ignitions are electronic that can work well after getting proper voltage.

A bright headlight indicates that you can push-start a vehicle, which means fuel is present in the tank. Press the push button and keep the wheels on the ground as it has to run on the ground.

Run the vehicle at almost 7 to 10 mph on a clear road to start an engine. You can make your motorbike run by running on the ground while handling it or taking help from friends.

They can help you in push starting it by moving speedily on an even surface. In addition, the clutch needs to be in the second gear when pushing as it provides enough compression.

It is better to run it on an inclined road or a downhill having no obstacles, as it requires less effort for pushing and allows spark plugs to ignite the fuel mixture quickly.

Furthermore, pop the clutch after releasing the lever when you have attained a speed of more than 5 mph enabling the engine to run quickly.

Thump start

A thump start involves positioning a motorbike on the center stand that keeps the rear wheel slightly above the ground to allow easier movement.

Check all the systems, like the direction of the front wheel downhill, and the choke and kill switches have to be in running condition.

Shifting the vehicle into 4th gear provides enough compression and facilitates the thump start technique to work well.

Moreover, you have to rotate the rear wheel, which can be done using the second motorbike and joining its rear wheel with the first bike, which helps rotate it by providing enough speed.

Furthermore, you can also move it manually using your hands, but it can be a hectic task for some people, so they can use another bike to engage the throttle.

You can shift to a neutral position when the engine begins to run. This way, you can jump-start the motorcycle without replacing the bad starter, but it is better to fix it quickly.

How do you identify a bad starter on a motorcycle?

You have to identify the problems in the vehicle before finding the solution, as it shows visible symptoms when there is an issue with the starter.

There will be an issue with the starter when it does not get started by pushing the button or shows an irregular starting pattern. You should the signs and symptoms of a bad starter on your motorcycle.

However, some internal problems can also affect the functioning of these devices that needs to be accessed, which helps identify the exact cause of the poor engine.

You have to check all the wire connections, spinning of the flywheel close to the crank, measure the length of the brushes, and check their condition, as dirty and small brushes can create an issue.

In addition, a dead battery, faulty spark plugs, and an empty fuel tank can be the reasons for a motorbike that is not starting when you push start it.

In the same way, the fuel injector can also get clogged with dirt and are not injecting fuel in the chamber, so you have to identify the problems and fix them accordingly.

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