Can you get motorcycle license without motorcycle?

Various states in the US have different laws regarding motorcycle licenses as they individually administer the regulations for this aspect rather than the federal government.

Can you get motorcycle license without motorcycle? It is mandatory to bring a motorcycle in good condition with the necessary gear for the skill test to get a motorcycle license or endorsement. You can also take the test by borrowing a motorbike from your friend or your training school. However, you can skip it by providing an MSF’s Basic Rider Course certificate completed by a government-approved institute. 

This article will guide you regarding the basic requirements to get a motorbike license. We will also highlight state laws regarding the matter for Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Colorado, and New York.

Is owning a motorcycle a requirement to get a license?

You can get a motorcycle license in all US states in 2 ways. The first way is to get a certificate from any government-authorized training center and apply for the permit by showing the certificate to the concerned authorities.

While in the 2nd method, you must pass written and skill tests to get the ride license or permit. In that scenario, bringing a motorbike in good shape and working condition is mandatory while attempting an on-road skill test.

Moreover, you should also have the proper gear required for riding, including a safety helmet and shoes, and follow the appropriate dress code.

Other requirements are proof of passed written test and valid liability insurance of the bike you bring for the test. If you miss any of these requirements, they can fail you in the exam or reschedule it for another date.

How to get a motorcycle license without a motorcycle?

You have to pass a skill test besides a written test to get a motorcycle license in your state. While attempting the road test, having a bike in good condition is a mandatory requirement in most US states.

However, there are specific ways you can give this test without buying or owning a bike by yourself.

Moreover, there are also options to get the license without the skill test. We will discuss a few options available to get the permit to ride a bike.

Renting a motorcycle

You can rent a motorbike for the road test if the owner is willing to provide you with its documents, including registration and liability insurance. However, that will be possible only if he knows you and trusts you.

Otherwise, if you bring a rented bike without any documents, motor vehicle bureau officials will not accept it for the test. 

Instead, they will reschedule your examination and ask you to come on your bike. 

Complete a motorcycle riding training course

It is the easiest way to get a permit, license, or endorsement to ride on the road. The government approves a Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider Course that is available from specific institutes.

In a 2-3 day or 15-hour course duration, the instructor teaches you all the basic skills required for riding a bike.

The first part of the course is theoretical about its parts, road safety principles, and essential tips for safe riding.

The next part is practical hands-on training, where they give you bikes to practice the learned skills under their supervision.

After successful completion of training, they will provide you with a certificate. You can use that certificate to get a license without a written or skill test.

However, it also has a downside: you have to pay a few hundred dollars to enroll for the training besides the fee.

Borrowing a motorcycle from a friend

If you don’t own a bike and have to appear for the road test for your motorcycle license, you can borrow one from your friend.

However, it should fulfill the requirements, including being in good condition with ownership and insurance documents.

Moreover, its model or engine power is also essential, as there are different driving licenses according to its power rating or engine size.

Therefore, you should ensure that the bike you bring for the test is according to your applied category to avoid disqualification or rescheduling your examination.

Get a motorcycle from your riding school

Some riding schools or training centers also have the facility to provide motorcycles for skill tests. During the training period, they teach you riding skills and practice under their instructors.

After you complete the training, they will provide you with the specific motorbikes with proper documentation for the skill test.

Moreover, they don’t charge you for this additional service, which is part of the fee you pay for the training course.

They also know the specific questions and tasks examiners can give you during your test and train you accordingly.

Get a motorcycle on lease

If you don’t own a bike, you can get the one on lease for a skill test and even use it afterward.

The bike will remain the property of the leasing company, and you have to pay the monthly rent or installments according to the agreed plan.

Leasing companies in the US provide bikes on the lease after checking your credit history.

In this way, instead of spending a considerable sum on buying a new bike, you can get the one on lease for a shorter period and return it after some time. 

Laws are different in various states laws to get a motorcycle license

Colorado state laws require you to pass a written and skill test to get an endorsement on your driving license to ride a motorcycle.

In addition, motorbikes for the test must have valid registration and insurance. However, you can also get a permit by completing the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course and presenting the completion certificate to the office.

In Louisiana, you can get its endorsement on your driving license if you are above 16. You must pass the knowledge and on-road skill tests to obtain the permit.

However, you can skip both exams by taking the 15-hour Basic Rider Course under the supervision of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety or any other approved service providers. They will charge you $100 for the training and also provide the vehicle for training.

Florida, New York, and Texas states have the same laws regarding motorcycle licenses.

Their requirements are a minimum age of 16, pass a written test and road test or complete the MSF’s Basic Rider Course from an approved training provider, and rider should have a valid driving license.

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