Can You Put 20 Inch Rims on a Nissan Altima?

Many people install 20 inch rims on their Nissan Altima cars because the bigger wheels provide more ground clearance. I use them for my 2015 Altima because their installation does not require frame changes.

Can You Put 20 Inch Rims on a Nissan Altima? You can put 20 inch rims on Nissan Altima by using +40 offset, selecting the large and compatible tires, and trimming the fenders.

A few people do not try to install large-sized rims on their vehicles because they can rub with the frame on turns. However, their installation is less challenging, and you can drive the cars at stable speed levels because the rims provide stability.

How can you put 20-inch rims on Nissan Altima?

Many people use these large-sized rims on Nissan Altima models because of their compatibility.

Stabilizing offset

The proper offset of the 20-inch rims is essential for their installation. However, the offset determines the stability of the new and large-sized wheels.

The positive offset is better that can provide better ground clearance. Also, it protects the tires from rubbing to brakes and suspension system of the cars.

The positive offset prevents their rubbing on the vehicle fenders and mud flaps. The offset is the distance of the wheel from the hub to the outer side of the wheel.

Also, the offset of +40 is necessary to use and install on the Nissan Altima for maximum stability. The positive offsets provide better momentum on smooth surfaces and stable roads.

Selection of the correct tire size

You can select a larger tire to fit it on the 20 inches rims of the Nissan Altima. They require a few inches larger tires for their proper fitting. The large-sized tread covers them and protects them from environmental and road exposure.

You can select a 225/30-20 (25.3 inches) tire for the 20 inches rims. Moreover, 225/35-20 (26.2 inches) is an option for the 20 inches rims of a vehicle.

Selecting a larger tire is better for fitting these rims into your car. In such circumstances, you can install them on the vehicles to utilize them at various speeds.

The selection of the correct-sized tire makes the wheel installation less complicated.

No suspension modifications

The large-sized rims have more diameter and are high than the standard options. Many people fit them because of their height and stock specifications.

Also, they are stable and facilitate high performance on uneven and straight roads. You can install and use the 20 inches rims on your car because their installation does not affect the car suspension.

They can fit in these vehicles without modifying their suspension system.

You should not install a lift kit on the vehicle to fit them because they have higher stability without modifying the built-in suspension.

Trim the fenders

Sometimes, the large-sized rims fit in the Nissan Altima car, but they rub against the car frame at turns and corners. Their rubbing increases during parking and other challenging maneuvers.

You cannot use them properly without damaging the vehicle frame, suspension, and fender flares. They can rub against the fenders and damage them.

Sometimes, these rims rub on the mud flaps and fenders of the cars during the turns and parking conditions.

Why would you use 20-inch rims on Nissan Altima?

The large-sized 20-inch rims are better because they have improved ground clearance. You can use them on your Nissan Altima due to the following benefits.

More ground clearance

More ground clearance of a car provides it better stability on different roads. However, you can install and use the 20-inch rims because they can provide better ground clearance.

The height of a vehicle enhances from the standard level, which improves its ground clearance from the actual range. The vehicle becomes more stable on uneven roads and smooth grounds.

Furthermore, the increased stability improves the safety of the car and driver. The ground clearance of the Nissan Altima increases by several inches when you install these rims.

The distance between the car frame and the road increases due to more ground clearance. In such circumstances, the frame does not touch the road, which protects it from sudden damage. 

The bumps cannot touch the bottom side of the vehicle frame and protect it from cracks. The car’s momentum increases to stabilize its efficiency on uneven roads and smooth surfaces. 

The stability increases because the frame and its sidewalls do not touch the road bumps. The driving comfort increases on uneven, bumpy, and smooth surfaces.

Stylish look

Many people use these rims because they are large-sized and provide better looks to the car frames. Furthermore, you can install them because they provide an aesthetic look to the vehicle frame.

The car’s height enhances, which makes it sportier and more appealing. Furthermore, they are in alloy-based styles, which makes the vehicles more stylish.

You can use them to improve the looks and aesthetic appearance of the vehicles. These vehicles become sportier and more appealing for the other drivers on the different roads. 

It increases their demand because they make cars stylish and aesthetic. Young and enthusiastic drivers prefer them for their automobiles because of their less challenging installation. 

Their installation is one the most affordable method to make the vehicle appealing because they are less expensive.

Better performance and stability

The 20-inch rims use large-sized tires, which provide maximum road grip and stability on roads. However, you can use them on your Nissan Altima for better performance and optimized stability.

They can increase the frame grip on different surfaces, and you can control the steering system with maximum control. 

The offset and width of the wheels increase, and they take up more space on the roads and inside the parking areas.

The vehicle’s contact with the road increases to provide stability and grip on various surfaces.

What size rims can fit on a Nissan Altima?

Nissan Altima has stock 16 inches and 17 inches rims because of the stock specifications and their designs. They come with 18 and 19 inches rims which depend on their design and model. 

However, you can fit 20 inches options on these frames for better appearance and additional traction on different roads. 

Different tire sizes are available for them to make their installation less complicated. For example, you can select 215/60R16 (26.2 inches) tires because of their compatibility.

235/40R19 (26.4 inches) tires are available. The stock 19 inches rims are better for Nissan Altima variants which provide maximum stability.

But, many people select large-sized options for increased frame height and better ground clearance.

Can 20-inch rims reduce Nissan Altima’s performance?

You can install and use 20-inch rims on your Nissan Altima, but they can affect the vehicle’s performance.

In addition, their large sizes can increase the weight of the car frame. The heavier frames put more pressure on the vehicle and reduce fuel economy.

They can affect the overall car speed and reduces it from the standard level. You cannot drive the car at a fast speed after installing these rims.

The increased frame weight reduces the brake efficiency of these variants. In such circumstances, their stability reduces, which affects vehicle safety.

It leads to accidents and sudden collisions, which damage the car frames and causes expensive repairs.

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