Can I Turn My Convertible Into a Coupe?

Several people turn their convertible cars into coupes because a permanent and non-retractable roof is better for maximum safety. I turned my car into a coupe two years ago because the convertible has more blind spots, which reduces driving safety.

Can I Turn My Convertible Into a Coupe? You can turn your convertible into a coupe by removing its retractable roof through the modification kit, removing the convertible top screws, detaching it, installing the hard and fixed roof, tightening it with door panels, fixing them with bolts, and welding it.

Professional mechanics can turn any vehicle into a coupe because they have specific tools and expertise for these complicated procedures.

What is the method to turn a convertible into a coupe?

Turning a convertible into a coupe is challenging and consumes several hours to days. However, the coupe is a specific 2-Door car with dual seat rows and a permanent and non-retractable roof.

The convertibles have four-door designs with two-seat arrangements and a retractable roof. The roof has an electrical push button control which makes the cars appealing.

Many people require a permanent and non-retractable roof for their cars. They turn the convertible retracting roof into a permanent top.

You can install a non-retracting top on the convertible. Installing hard tops is one of the best ways to convert it into a coupe.

Also, you can use the hard top modification kits because they have all the tools for installing a fixed top on the convertible.

These kits have different specifications according to the car models and designs. However, you can remove the screws of the soft top from the convertible with a screwdriver.

Then, fitting a hard and non-retractable top turns this car into a coupe. The procedure is challenging and requires more effort and expertise.

Moreover, only professional mechanics can turn these cars into coupes with modification kits. Welding the new and fixed top is essential on a convertible that prevents its retraction.

This top remains stable on the car and provides maximum protection from the weather. The modification kits have a manual that provides all instructions about their use.

Also, they have dual fiberglass panels that can attach without bolts. The two fiberglass panels are available for the windows and require cutting and trimming to fit.

You can cut the roof of a convertible because it does not fit further into the car. Fitting the side panels from the rear side is better and seals them with the frame.

You can install a new window for ventilation, but it is an optional step. Removal of the stock doors and their hinges is essential.

Then, you can attach the new and non-retractable top with the panels. Fixing it with the modification kit bolts is necessary for the proper fitting.

You can fix the non-retractable hard top with the frame through welding and smooth their surface through sanding techniques. The non-retractable top remains on the convertible and changes it into a coupe. Last year, I added a hardtop on my convertible and this totally changed the look of my car.

Why would you turn a convertible into a coupe?

Many individuals change their convertibles into coupes to change roof designs.

Sleek roof appearance

The coupes have better-looking tops because they fit with the frames. Therefore, many people convert their cars because their roofs do not retract.

As a result, it becomes sportier, and their roofs look sleeker. Their rooflines become sloppy and appealing to the other drivers on city roads and highways.

They become coupes after installing these fixed tops, and their roofs become appealing. Their tops cannot move backward and forward, which modifies the roof design.

Many people require a sleek roof design for their cars, which makes them stylish. They carry out these conversions because coupe has fixed and sleeker roofs. You can also change its look by applying dye to the convertible top.

Change its shape

The convertible tops are retractable, and an electric button controls their regulation. But, a few people do not prefer their retraction properties and convert them to coupes.

It is an instant change in the overall layout of the convertible because it becomes a coupe with roof modifications.

They find the old roof designs boring and change them into fixed tops. The permanent changes appeal to the driver and the passengers of these cars.

Then, they consider the cars a coupe because the roof does not move forward and backward by pushing a button.

The sudden change in their roofs makes them appealing and stylish. In such circumstances, the driver does not consider their frames boring and drives their cars for short and long trips.

More aerodynamic frames

Many people turn their convertibles into coupes because the procedure involves roof modification and swap. The coupes have an aerodynamic top that can resist the wind.

Therefore, people change them into coupes because the roofs provide aerodynamic properties. They can resist air drag, which increases their acceleration.

Furthermore, their engine pressure reduces because the aerodynamic effect of the cars increases beyond the actual range. The aerodynamic fixed and hardtop provides resistance to air drag.

Therefore, you can drive the car at high speeds because its roof can resist air drag. The wheels stabilize on the road with maximum traction, which improves their safety.

The higher aerodynamic properties of their roofs are better because they protect from accidents.

The higher resistance to air drag makes the cars stable, which increases their lifespan from the standard range.

Better performance

The fixed top increases the safety of the driver and travelers. It remains closed because of the retractable properties. The wind resistance reduces, and the driving focus increases beyond the standard level.

In such circumstances, you can drive the convertible at maximum acceleration with maximum driving comfort.

The light does not reduce the driving visibility when you install a fixed hard roof on a convertible and make it a coupe. The overall vehicle performance and efficiency increase which improves safety.

A chart of differences between a convertible and coupe

Features Convertible Coupe
Roof Retractable Fixed
Number of doors 4 2
Number of seats 2 rows 2 rows
Weather resistance Low High
Blind spots Large Small
Visibility and focus Less More
Engine Twin-turbo Inline 6 In-line 4

How much does it cost to turn a convertible into a coupe?

Turning a convertible into a coupe is expensive because the procedure is complicated.

Removal and installation of the fixed and non-retractable roof on a convertible involve modification kits that comprise various panels, bolts, and specific tools.

However, these modification kits are expensive and can cost you around. $500 to $1500. Their cost changes according to their specifications, number of tools, and performance.

Also, these modification kits are specific for the vehicles according to their models and designs. It can increase their total cost from the standard range.

The procedure of roof conversion and modification is costly and requires more effort. Furthermore, the process requires several hours, and the expert and trained labor can charge you on per-hour schedules.

The vehicle condition and type of hard top modification kit determine the total cost of the procedure.

A few methods are less expensive because the mechanics do not make more modifications to the car frame.

Others are costly because the expert professionals cut and trim the car frame to fit the panels of the modification kit.

In such circumstances, the labor charges increase from the actual range. The maximum cost of the procedure can reach $900 to $3000 and includes the prices of parts and modification kits.

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