Can I Put a Hardtop on a Convertible?

A hardtop is a metallic and rigid roof for convertibles, which reduces blind spots and increases car safety. A few hardtops are retractable, and a button can regulate them.

Can I Put a Hardtop on a Convertible? You can put a hardtop on your convertible by putting it on the soft top, drilling holes in the frame, fitting the hardtop, tightening the screws in the drilled holes, and do not connect it to the car’s electric system. Remove the soft top, install a retractable hardtop, and connect it to the car’s electric circuit.

You can push the button on your convertible, which opens the hardtop and retracts towards the rear. The car windows slide down when you retract the hardtop on your car.

How can you put a hardtop on your convertible?

Many people put high-quality hardtops on their convertibles because they can reduce road noises, provide better protection, and withstand the weather.

The hard tops are better than the soft options, which makes them appealing and demanding. A few people put them on their soft tops without removing them from the vehicle frame.

Therefore, you cannot retract them because they remain fixed and protect the cabin. People put it on the soft top because they try to keep the cars convertible and do not want to change them to coupes.

You can use a conversion kit to install them on your cars. It has specific properties for different car models because of the designs. Some models also come with a sunroof.

Furthermore, selecting the retractable options is better for its installation on the car frame. Rolling the soft top to the rear is better because it prevents the roof removal from the vehicle frame.

It is better to remove the soft top because it can block the car storage area, and you cannot use it. Furthermore, you cannot wire the hardtop to all the electric systems of the cars.

It is a rigid and metallic cover that mounts on the vehicle top. You should not change the electric system of the convertible to remove them anytime with your comfort and convenience.

You can put them on the car while the soft top is on the lower side. In such circumstances, it is better to use a conversion kit for its installation and fitting.

You can drill a few holes in the frame of your convertible. Then, it is necessary to put the screws and bolts in the drilled holes because they can fit on your car.

Also, you can use plastic or metallic clips to increase the stability of the car frame. You can fix them permanently with the conversion kit so that they cannot move and retract, and the convertible and its roof lose the standard performance.

Getting help for this procedure is better because it is complicated and requires professional expertise for better results. You also have other options, like my friend turned his convertible into a coupe.

Why would you put a hardtop on your convertible?

A few individuals do not like the retractable roof of convertibles. Therefore, you can put a hardtop on them because they can provide the following benefits.

Reduced blind spots

The convertibles have soft tops that can produce large blond spots. In such conditions, you cannot see the vehicles on the rear of your vehicle.

However, it reduces driving safety and increases accidents on city roads. You can install a hardtop on your car to reduce blind spots.

In such circumstances, you can see the rear vehicles behind your car, which decreases the chances of collisions.

Driving safety improves on city roads and protects pedestrians from injuries. The reduced blind spots provide a better driving experience because the visibility increases.

Better weather compatibility

A hardtop can withstand various weather conditions. Also, the hardtop is non-retractable and remains fixed in a specific position.

It can withstand heat, rain, and snow by facilitating maximum protection for the driver and passengers. Furthermore, it offers one of the best weather control properties in winter.

It keeps the cabin environment cozy and warm, which makes driving and traveling comfortable.

Also, it can withstand high heat more than the counter roof options because of its design and weather control properties. It is better to install it on your convertible before a long trip in winter.

Convenient cleaning

Several people put the hardtops on their convertibles because they have convenient cleaning properties. Furthermore, their maintenance is easy and requires minimum repairs.

They can withstand heat and moisture and resist surface damage. However, dirt accumulates on these hardtops and requires cleaning for their stability.

You can clean the dust and grime with a soft cloth. Also, you can mix warm water and soap to make a solution.

It is a high-quality domestic cleaner for optimized cleaning. Their cleaning and maintenance take a few minutes, and you can remove the dirt for maximum stability and longer shelf life. You can also dye your convertible top to some light color which is easy to maintain.

Noise reduction in the cabin

You can put a non-retractable hardtop on your convertible to reduce the road noise in the cabin. It has maximum noise control properties and makes the cabin quieter for travelers.

As a result, driving comfort increases, and travelers become more relaxed inside the cabin of these vehicles. You cannot hear the road noises while sitting in this car, which has a hardtop.

In such circumstances, it remains fixed on the car frame that resists road noises. A few people prefer quiet driving, which increases their driving focus.

It improves the safety of travelers and drivers because the road noises cannot cause distraction, and you can handle the steering wheel with better control.

What is the difference between the soft and hard top for a convertible?

The retractable hardtops are better than dot tops because they provide more safety. They protect the driver and travelers during a crash because of their design and manufacturing material.

Furthermore, they have higher stability and do not undergo frame damage during a collision. They are metallic and offer higher protection during accidents than fabric-based roofs.

Also, they protect the valuable things inside the car cabins. The thieves cannot steal things when convertibles have hardtops.

They are different from fabric-based soft roofs. Both have different styles and layouts because of their composition and manufacturing material.

However, they are less modern than fabric-based retractable roofs. The hardtops can retract and store in the cargo space of the car.

Also, they take up more space than the counter roof option. They have retractable properties, but you can install them permanently through welding techniques.

Soft roofs can retract and take up less space than rigid metallic roofs.

How much does it cost to make a convertible into a hardtop?

You can use the conversion kits to install a retractable hardtop on your car. They are rigid metal-based roofs that are more appealing, make the cabin quieter, and provide protection.

Also, the conversion kits are costly, and their prices vary according to their specifications and tools. They have different sizes and are specific to various car models.

In addition, the average cost of a conversion kit is about $600 to $2000. Its prices vary because of the vehicle design and overall frame condition.

However, the maximum cost of this conversion kit is from $1000 to $2000. Its minimum cost varies from $600 to $900, which varies according to the seller’s policies and type of retailer.

The labor can install the retractable hardtops on the convertibles in a few hours. They can charge around $300 to $700, and the price varies with their expertise.

Also, the labor provides warranties for improved results, which increases their charges. The labor charges do not include the cost of a conversion kit.

Therefore, the overall procedure costs you around $900 to $2700, including the mechanic charges.