Can I Dye My Convertible Top?

Many people dye their convertible tops because it is less expensive, provide an appealing look to the car, protect from UV rays, and modify the frame look instantly.

Can I Dye My Convertible Top? You can dye your convertible top by cleaning it, covering all the window glass and corners of the top, applying the dark dye directly on the surface with a sponge or brush, and applying 2 to 3 coats for better stability.

You can select dark and convertible-specific dyes to cover the faded parts. Several colors are available for canvas and vinyl tops, which you can choose according to your comfort.

What is the method to dye your convertible top?

Many people dye their convertibles with different colors according to their choice and convenience. The procedure is less time-consuming because you should not remove the convertible tops from the car frame.

Also, the procedure has identical steps to the painting technique but comprises a few differences.

However, the damaged car roofs can increase the time to dye them. It is less time-consuming and effortless to apply it on canvas-style surfaces because vinyl roofs of convertibles are challenging.

You cannot dip the car roof in the dye directly because it can apply the color on the inner side. Its application is not advisable on the inner side of your car roof.

However, you can select the identical color as the previous shade. Changing the color is a better idea because it gives a fresh look to the car roof.

The vinyl roof dye is different from the canvas options. In addition, the correct dye has maximum compatibility with the inner fibers of canvas tops.

It can change the previous color and provide an aesthetic and fresh look. Selecting the correct option is one of the most significant parts of the procedure.

Wrong colors have reduced compatibility and cannot perform with the fibers of the convertible top. However, you cannot change the dark shades into light colors.

You can apply a darker shade to the light color to enhance the car’s appearance. They have better heat compatibility because of the higher absorption properties.

You can get expert help to select a convertible-specific dye color for better results. Cleaning the car roof is better before applying it because dust particles can reduce its performance.

You can mix soap with lukewarm water and make a solution for cleaning the outer side of the convertible top. Hiding the sides and corners of the roof is better through newspapers and plastic sheets.

Also, you can protect the window glass from stains and damage. Following the instructions of its package is better for optimized applications.

You can apply the dark and compatible dye directly on the surface of convertible tops. Using a sponge or brush is better to apply it on a metallic or plastic surface.

Also, you can utilize a spray container and directly apply the color on the metallic roof. Covering all the faded spots and patches is essential during this procedure.

You can clean the excessive material that flows to the windows and doors with a soft cloth. Applying its 2 to 3 coats is beneficial for its optimized lifespan and better performance.

Why would you dye your convertible top?

Applying the dye on the convertible roof protects it from weather impacts.

Faded color

Continuous exposure to ultraviolet rays, rain, and heat can cause fading of the convertible top. It fades from different sides, which reduces its appeal and overall look.

Filling the dye in a spray container is better, and shake it for 2 to 5 minutes. However, you can remove the dirt particles and grime from the faded portion through a clay bar.

Then, applying a thick coat on the faded parts is essential for covering and protecting them. Using a rotary buffer is better for its smooth application to the faded parts of the surface.

You can apply it on the pad of rotary buffer for quick application. However, moving the rotary buffer or spray container from the upper to the lower side is better.

You can cover both sides and all the faded parts of its surface.

Change the frame look

Several people do this because the old color becomes boring. In such circumstances, these people change the color and look of the car roofs by applying a different color.

The new dye provides a fresh and better look to your vehicle. As a result, it looks more appealing, and people consider it a new upgrade.

It is a new and compatible option to make the roof surface smooth, which increases its appeal to other individuals. 

The car becomes stylish because it is a specific upgrade and is visible to all road drivers. Some people add a hardtop for a convertible, while others turn it into a coupe to make it look better.

Easy to apply

The application of dye is easy and takes a few minutes to an hour. However, it is one of the easiest ways to modify the roof of your car.

You can apply a darker shade on its surface and change the colors according to your convenience. Changing the colors provides a better and more stylish look to the vehicle roof.

In addition, it is a less expensive procedure because the convertible top dyes are not costly. You can select their small-sized to large containers according to their use and requirements.

Protection from UV rays

You can apply a thick dye layer on your convertible top and protect the surface from UV-related damage. The UV rays cannot cause fading because they cannot cross their fibers.

Furthermore, the heat cannot break it down, which prevents its damage from different sides. It can withstand the harmful effects of snow and rain because of its higher compatibility.

The UV rays cannot move inside the dark colors because they have high heat absorption characteristics.

Why do some people not dye the convertible top?

 A few people do not dye their convertible tops because they prefer to paint over them. Also, they like the standard color of the roofs of their cars and do not change them.

The dyes are incompatible with the soft tops of cars because their fibers and colors react, which results in permanent staining.

Also, a few people use electric rotary buffers to apply the dye. The electric charge can affect the fabric-based car tops because they can stick to the fabric permanently.

The fabric containing car roofs is synthetic because of the internal fibers. You can apply it on this fabric-containing roof, but it cannot sustain and causes various stains on corners and sides.

Can you bleach a convertible top?

You should not use bleach on the soft top of your convertible because it can damage the fibers. Cleaning the car roofs is essential before applying the dye on their outer surface.

Do not use cleaners that contain bleach because they can damage the fabrics and their fibers. The direct application of bleach on vinyl tops can damage them.

In such circumstances, the fragile fabric breaks down and requires replacement. Cleaners with a higher content of bleach can damage vinyl roofs within minutes.

Furthermore, these cleaning agents can cause fading of the fiber-containing or vinyl-based tops. Their colors change and reduce their appeal from the standard level.

In such circumstances, they fade and cannot withstand the UV rays, which affects car looks.

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