Can You Use Washable Markers on Car Windows?

Many people love to add different themes and quotes to their car windows to make them attractive. Nowadays, people use washable markers for doodling and paintings on glass windows.

Can You Use Washable Markers on Car Windows? You can use washable markers on car windows to write interesting quotes, motivational lines and make seasonal themes. These are good because of their non-toxic, safe, and weather-resistant properties. In addition, you can also remove them by using all-purpose cleaners, isopropyl alcohol, glass cleaners, upholstery shampoos, and ammonia-based cleaners. The chalk markers are the best ones for cars because of their high visibility and availability in bright colors. 

The use of markers is common among people to do creative things on the car’s windows because you can easily remove them without leaving any marks.

Why do people use washable markers on car windows?

Many people love to purchase different color markers for paintings and doodling on car windows to make them attractive and funny. Some people want darker and brighter shades, while others like lighter and cool ones.

Write interesting quotes

Many people use these colorful markers to write interesting quotes on the rear window of their vehicles.

These quotes grab the attention of other people on the road, and they will also pass some positive comments.

Many of my friends use these pens to write funny lines on the back to make it look cool. You can also use this place for motivational lines that are beneficial for young adults and other pedestrians.

Someone can seek lessons from these lines after reading them. In addition, different colors make them more attractive and presentable.

You can also add funny compliments on the glass surface.

Make paintings

It is also a fun and interesting experience for your children to use them on the plain glass sheet. The young children love to do this in their dad’s car.

They make colorful paintings according to their interest and mind. Some of them like to make random lines to brighten their appearance.

The doodling on side glass windows is also a common practice for children.

Give surprise on special days

Some people also do this to wish their loved ones on special days. For example, most children write their father’s birthday greetings or birthday dates with these markers.

You can also wish them on their graduation ceremony with this fantastic idea. You can also write to the person whom you are missing.

You can also write for sale compliments on the rear side if you want to sell your vehicle and purchase new ones.

You can also celebrate someone’s success story by just writing you did it on their automobiles, and it will surely make them happy.

These are the unique and uncommon ideas that people like the most, especially young adults.


You can use washable markers on vehicle windows because these are weather-resistant. You can park them outside after painting them.

Moreover, you can also park them in open areas after adding different quotes and messages without getting worried.

Simple rainwater cannot remove or damage these colors. The rainwater cannot cause their paint to flush out with water.

These are not permanent, but simple rain cannot disturb them. In addition, the weather-resistant property also makes these safe from sunlight.

Exposure to sunlight cannot cause fading of their shine and original shades.

Do not leave marks or residues

You can easily use them on glass-based rear and side windows. However, these are easily removed and cannot leave any mark on the surface, which can cause blurry vision.

The nib of these markers is soft and cannot produce any type of scratch on the glass surface. Therefore, the painting and writing with these soft pointers cannot leave any mark on the surface.

It can make the glass windows clean and clear when you remove it. However, it is necessary that you should not put pressure on the pointed end while writing or painting.

Draw holidays and seasonal themes

Many people also use these to draw the themes on their cars according to a specific season.

You can easily remove them after this season and add the new ones according to climatic conditions.

Many people love to draw summer themes on their vehicles, like juices, glass, clouds, rainy days, and fruits with light colors.

In addition, you can also draw different themes according to the winter and spring seasons to make them attractive and cool.

It is fun for children to draw their holiday theme on these windows and write quotes like summer holidays or goodbye school.

Non-toxic and safe for children

These are easy to use, quick to remove, and safe for your children.

In addition, it cannot contain any harsh or toxic chemicals that cause an issue and you should wash your hands with all-purpose cleaners. In addition, their stains are also easy to remove from cloth.

You can soak the cloth of your children in the water and then wash them with detergents. You do not need ammonia or bleaching-based detergents for their cleaning process.

How to remove washable markers from car windows?

You can freely use these markers on your vehicle windows because they are removable and cannot leave any residues and marks on the surface.

Water with sponge

You must purchase a soft sponge from the market that cannot produce scratches on the glass window.

Dip the sponge in water for several minutes so it can bloat maximum water. Spray the water on these colors using a spray bottle and then take out a sponge from the water.

Move this sponge in a circular motion on the affected area. Do not move the sponge harshly because it can produce marks and scratches.

Take a clean cloth and clean the surface to give a clear appearance.

All-purpose cleaners

These are the types of detergents that are specially designed for hard surfaces.

These also contain disinfectants and remove grime, grease, and marks from hard surfaces without leaving any residues.

These types of detergents are present in spray bottles for cleaning purposes. Spray this cleaner on the glass surface and leave it for a few minutes.

Take a lint-free cloth and wipe off the surface to remove the residues of all-purpose cleaners.

Glass cleaners

The glass cleaners, as their name indicate, are product specially designed for the cleaning purpose of glass material.

You can also clean your car’s windshield by using these glass cleaners. It is helpful to remove all types of marks from vehicle windows.

The main ingredient in these types of cleaners is isopropyl alcohol, which helps make the glass surface crystal clear.

Spray the glass cleaner and then rub the surface using a microfiber rag.

Apply more solution if the marks are present, and then rub the rag a little harder to make it clean and clear.

Ammonia-based products

You can also use ammonia-based cleaners to remove these paintings and quotes from your car’s windows.

These types of detergents cannot damage glass windows. Avoid direct application of these detergents on the affected surface.

You can take a soft sponge and dip it into the cleaning solution. Rub the affected surface with this damp cloth to remove these markers.

Use isopropyl alcohol solution

It is the quick and most reliable method to remove these washable markers. In addition, it is less costly and present in every home.

You can also use alcohol-based products, including nail paint remover and perfumes, to remove their color.

The isopropyl helps clear the glass windows of your vehicle. In addition, it is helpful to remove all types of residues and marks.

Apply the alcohol solution on a cotton pad and then rub this pad on the affected area for cleaning purposes.

Upholstery shampoo

It is also safe to use upholstery shampoo on glass windows of automobiles to remove these drawings.

The upholstery cleaners contain chemicals that help remove all types of stains from soft or hard surfaces.

These are mainly present in your homes if you have carpets and rugs in your living rooms. Apply the small amount of upholstery cleaner and then clean it with soft cotton towels.

Do washable markers damage the car windows?

You can freely use washable markers on your vehicles, which cannot produce damaging effects. These come into the market with soft pointed ends that cannot make any marks on glass material.

It is also safe because you can remove them whenever you want. The glass markers dry out rapidly and cannot leave any marks.

In addition, these are not damaging and have weather-resistant properly. You can also easily clean them without any abrasion and harsh chemicals.

These can also be removed by using simple hand washing cleaners and soaps.

What type of washable markers are good for painting on car windows?

These are present in the market in different varieties and price ranges. However, the chalk type is the best because it withstands rainy water and the sun’s heat.

In addition, water-based chalk is best because of its easily removable properties. These also come in various bright colors that give a cool appearance and are more visible.

The oil-based chalk markers are also famous in the market due to their shiny colors, but these are not ideal for your car’s glass windows.

You can also use these for other materials like rocks and ceramic tiles for decoration purposes.

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