Chevy Equinox Bluetooth Not Working

Chevy Equinox is the crossover SUV that contains the MyLink feature on the dash screen. Connecting your phone via Bluetooth to the vehicle’s system is helpful; you can make and attend phone calls while driving.

Chevy Equinox Bluetooth is not working because of software issues, bad pairing, different devices in surroundings, disabled automatic connection, and out-of-range connected devices. Moreover, it happens when you use non-compatible devices, low phone batteries, and other wireless connection interferences.

The Chevy Equinox Bluetooth is compatible with Android as well as iPhones. People face connectivity issues during phone calls which can lead to distorted sounds.

Causes Solutions
Software issue Update phone and vehicle software
Bad Pairing Turn on the paring mode in phones
Different devices in the surroundings Turn off the Bluetooth from multiple devices
Disabled automatic connection Restart the vehicle or MyLink feature
Devices are far apart Keep mobile phones inside the vehicle
Compatibility of devices Select the compatible devices
Low phone battery Recharge mobile phones
Wireless connection interference Turn off the Wi-Fi

Software issues

The infotainment system of the SUV requires software for its functioning. Bugs and faults come in the software because of overloaded data and when you do not clear the cache for longer.

Moreover, the software cannot support mobile phone devices when you do not update them. In addition, it does not recognize the systems when you update them.

The issue also comes from the non-upgraded software of the phones. For example, the older ones cannot support the infotainment system and the MyLink app of the vehicles, and you cannot connect them with Bluetooth.

The mobile phone devices keep disconnecting when you do not upgrade their software. Therefore, it is necessary to update the software of the infotainment system and connecting devices for their excellent connection.

Keep the system upgraded by updating the latest software version of both systems. Moreover, clear the cache and delete files to avoid bugs and overloading of files.

Bad Pairing

Many people face the pairing issue with the connecting devices, which can affect the music screaming, radio system, and calling.

The live music streaming keeps disconnecting because of pairing issues. Moreover, you can face the problem of distorted sounds during calls, and calls can also break up because of poor signaling.

The pairing problem comes when your infotainment system software does not recognize the new devices and continuously tries to connect with previous ones.

Sometimes you can pair your phone with one vehicle but cannot connect with another. Pairing issue also comes when you pair with the wrong devices.

You can mistakenly connect Bluetooth with the wrong devices, and it cannot share data without an activation key. Moreover, the activated airplane mode can also cause problems in connection.

Many people forget to turn on the pairing mode on their Android phones. It is better to turn on the pairing mode and turn off the airplane mode.

Remove the devices from your vehicle’s pairing list and add them again. Remove the infotainment system from your mobile phones, restart them, and pair them again.

Different devices in the surroundings

You cannot connect the Chevy Equinox Bluetooth because of interference from different devices. The issue comes when you are going outside with your family.

Mostly the connecting feature on a smartphone is turned on, and people do not know about it. As a result, you cannot connect with the right one because of interference from multiple devices.

Moreover, these can also keep disconnecting because of signal interference. Therefore, it is also challenging for the system to recognize the correct one.

Turning off Bluetooth from multiple phones to connect to the right one is better. Turn off the pairing mode and remove the old devices so the infotainment system does not try to connect with the old one.

Disabled automatic connection

Mostly the Bluetooth system connects with the active device of the pairing list. Sometimes the automatic connection feature is off, and the system cannot link to them automatically.

The pairing list also shows signal strength, but your infotainment system cannot automatically pair with them.

Moreover, the issue also comes when the Bluetooth system is disabled on your Android phones. In this situation, you have to select the right device from the list to connect with the SUV’s MyLink feature.

Open the paired devices list and click on the one you want to connect. You can also reset the connectivity by removing the devices from the list.

Turn off the vehicle’s engine and start them again after a few minutes. Sometimes the problem comes from a faulty MyLink feature, and you can restart them by pressing the reverse and fast-forward buttons for 10 seconds.

Devices are far apart

The vehicle’s Bluetooth connection transfers the phone’s data to the infotainment system using short-length radio waves. These waves are shorter and cannot travel the longest distance of kilometers.

These can only transmit signals and transfer data when they are 10 meters to 12 meters. You cannot connect your Android phones to SUVs when you are far from the specified distance.

They get disconnected and interrupt live music streaming when you take your mobile phones outside.

Keep your phones inside the vehicles when attending phone calls or watching something on the screen to avoid sound distortion and interruption.

Compatibility of devices

You cannot connect all phones with the Chevy Equinox because these are compatible with a few Android and iPhone models. People often complain that their friends can connect their smartphones with Bluetooth, but they cannot.

The problem comes from the compatibility of the devices saved in their computerized system. These cannot recognize the ones that are not saved in their memory.

Read the owner manual carefully and select the phones that are compatible with your mobile phones.

It is better to replace your phone instead of your vehicle because these are one-time investments and are costly.

Low phone battery

Mobile phones drain a lot of battery when you connect them with Bluetooth to your SUVs. It starts disconnecting from the infotainment system when the charging is low.

Many people also turn on the power-saving mode to switch off the extra feature when the battery is running low so they can make a call in an emergency.

The power saving feature also automatically disconnects Bluetooth when batteries are getting low. The only solution is to recharge your mobile phones with low batteries.

You can connect the charging cable to the Chevy Equinox USB port and use them during recharging.

Wireless connection interference

Wired and wireless connection interference also hinder Bluetooth functioning in your Chevy Equinox SUVs. These connections work on the principle of radio waves for transferring data.

Sometimes the wireless system that works on the same principle causes an interruption in their signaling. As a result, the receiver cannot identify the correct radio waves and disconnects your devices.

The interruption can come from your Wi-Fi and USB ports. Moreover, the electronic devices that transmit wireless signals also interfere with their functioning.

Turn off the Wi-Fi when connecting your phone through the Bluetooth system.

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