GMC Terrain Remote Start Not Working

GMC Terrain is equipped with a remote start feature, which means you can start the engine by using the button on the key fob. It is a beneficial mode in winter because you can start the engine to warm up your vehicle before sitting in it.

GMC Terrain remote start does not work when the parking gear is not engaged, hood is open, activated hazard lights, key fob issues, key is in the ignition, and the check engine light is on. Moreover, it happens due to incorrect use, switching off the remote starter button, and issues with emission control.

It is better to use the feature when your SUV is parked in well-ventilated areas such as open garages.

Causes Solutions
Parking gear not engaged Engage parking or neutral gear
Opened hood and activated hazard lights Latch the hood and turn off the hazard lights
Key fob issues Replace lithium coin batteries
Key in ignition Remove the key from the ignition
Check engine light is on Check coolant and motor oil levels
Incorrect use Press and hold the button on the key fob for its activation
Remote starter switch is turned off Turn on the remote starter switch from the dashboard
Issues with emission control Clean the tail exhaust pipes

Parking gear not engaged

Many people complain that they cannot start the engine of their GMC Terrain after pressing the remote start button on the key fob.

You cannot activate the feature when parking or neutral gears are disengaged. It is the safety mode, and you can only activate it when you are in parking mode.

People often do not engage or shift the different gears because of the faulty transmission system and low fluid levels.

The problem comes when you forget to put your vehicle in parking or neutral. Therefore, it is better to shift the transmission to the parking mode for its activation.

Opened hood and activated hazard lights

The sensors or pins are located on the GMC Terrain hood that receives signals from the remote starter system. You cannot turn on the engine with the key fob when the hood is open.

It is the safety feature that can protect the hood’s closing when the mechanic inspects the engine compartment and you accidentally press the buttons of fobs.

In addition, these do not function when the safety hood and pins are broken. Many people activate the hazard light of their SUVs when they park them on the highways because of issues in their parts.

The activation of the hazard light is the alarm for other drivers. The system detects the hazard light as the warning sign and prevents the engine from running.

Check the broken sensor and pin of the hood when the remote start is not functioning in your SUV. Deactivate the hazard lights when you turn them on unknowingly.

Key fob issues

The remote start buttons are located on the key fobs and are represented by the arrow. Sometimes these do not respond well when key fobs are not programmed into the system after battery replacement.

In addition, the problem comes when their buttons are loose or broken. The buttons break easily because of the routine usage of this mode.

Moreover, the problem comes when moistures enter the key fob accidentally during swimming. These small devices also contain lithium coin batteries for their functioning.

Check the batteries because dead and weak batteries also hinder their functioning. Reprogram the key fob into the onboard computer system after battery replacement for their recognition.

Replace the key fob batteries with new ones similar to the old ones.

Key in the ignition

The key in the ignition means the ignition is turned on in your GMC Terrain, and you cannot use the remote start feature. The key role of this mode is to turn on the ignition, warm up the engine, and save people time.

These are beneficial for people with a busy schedule who do not want to spend extra 5 minutes in vehicles while waiting for the engine to warm up.

These cannot turn on when the ignition is turned on, and the key is in the switch. Moreover, you cannot activate them when the key fob remains inside.

Turn off the ignition from the button or use keys to turn on the engine with the remote start button on the key fob.

Check engine light is on

It prevents the GMC Terrain engine from turning on when there is an issue in the engine compartment. For example, you cannot turn on the engine when the temperature is high and there is overheating in its parts.

The check engine light comes on your dashboard screen when there is a system issue. The check engine light is the alarm that causes hindrances in functioning.

Moreover, the issue also comes due to loose gaskets of the compression and combustion chambers. The low coolant and motor oil levels also prevent their activation because it can lead to overheating of engine parts.

When the check light comes on your dash screen, check the motor oil levels and refill them through the filler caps. It is also better to inspect the coolant levels in the reservoirs and add them if these are low.

Incorrect use

Many people do not know the correct use of the key fob to activate the remote-control feature in your SUV. This is because they do not check the owner manual and read their instructions for correct usage.

Some devices only need a single button press and turn on the engine, while others require two buttons to activate.

In addition, you must hold the key fob’s start button in some GMC Terrain vehicles to activate the feature.

The issue also comes when you press it multiple attempts for their activation. The key fobs lose their programming because of the numerous attempts.

Read the manual to learn how to use them and know about the safety concerns. Press the button on the key fob, and you can see the blinking light, which represents the running engine.

Remote starter switch is turned off

The on and off switch of the remote start feature is located on the dashboard of your SUVs. Many times, people turn them off and forget about it.

In addition, while sitting in the front passenger seats, children deactivate them while playing, and you do not know about it.

The first thing to check is the button on the dashboard when the key fob is not working and starting the engine. Turn on the remote start switch of the GMC terrain if these are turned off.

Issues with emission control

Emission control is the automobile exhaust system that removes harmful gasses from the inside cabin and makes it toxic gasses free.

Sometimes the exhaust system of GMC Terrain becomes faulty and cannot remove the harmful gasses from the system.

The clogged system prevents the engine from running because it can make the inside of the cabin more toxic by releasing harmful gasses, including carbon monoxide, which is poisonous.

Exhaust pipes can get clogged because of condensation and corrosion. The problem also comes from faulty oxygen sensors causing the check engine light to appear.

It is better to keep the tail exhaust pipe clean and free from rust to prevent the clogging problem. You can remove the dust and debris from them by cleaning the undercarriage.

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