Do Motorcycles Have Speakers?

During long-distance trips, many bikers want to enjoy outdoor music. But, the manufacturing companies do not provide speakers on most motorcycles.

Do Motorcycles Have Speakers? Motorcycles do not have built-in speakers due to standard manufacturing specifications, damage due to moisture, sound distortion with speed, distraction, and expensive installations. You can install waterproof, Bluetooth-enabled speakers on the motorcycle handlebars with bolts and mounting brackets.

Harley Davidson is a touring bike and comes with built-in speakers, a radio, and a stereo system. Due to the advancement in design, high-end bikes have them on the front handles. 

Why do motorcycles not have speakers?

A few touring bikes have them on their handlebars to facilitate outdoor entertainment. However, due to the following reasons, they do not come with built-in devices.

Standard manufacturing specifications

Like other manufacturers, the makers of motorcycles have particular designs, dimensions, and weight limits.

The manufacturing companies do not consider them an essential part of the motorcycle and its standard design. According to their perceptions, the bikers can use alternative ways to hear their selected music. 

They are not the built-in part of the bikes due to the limited specifications of the manufacturers. Their addition alters the overall design of the bike. 

It cannot withstand the list of similar models due to structural modifications. For example, you cannot find them on the handlebars and sides of a standard bike. Moreover, the manufacturing companies never add them to the stock parts. 

Rain can damage motorcycle speakers

They are less durable due to constant exposure to rain and weather conditions. The makers do not put them on the bikes because the environmental conditions can damage them within 3 to 4 days. 

Constant exposure to rainwater causes the penetration of moisture inside the speaker. Water accumulation damages the electric wire of the music system. 

Moreover, moisture penetrates inside the gap of the sound coil. Due to the reduction of amperes, the electric flow varies in the equipment.

They freeze in one position, cannot provide correct frequencies and malfunction due to irregular current flow. In addition, in enclosed equipment, the water droplets settle and reduce the music quality.

Sound distortion with speed

At high-speed conditions, their built-in cables lose from the connecting points. In such circumstances, the electric signals can fluctuate, which distorts the music.

Also, it changes the quality of the music, and you cannot hear the clear signals. To avoid distortion, the manufacturers do not add them to the bikes. 

You cannot hear the clean music due to constant high speeds. However, speed reduction to enjoy the music decreases the riding quality.

Moreover, the incorrectly placed speakers can damage the battery at different speed conditions. As a result, it reduces the life expectancy of the bike, its engine, and other functional parts. 

Emergence of beeps

You can hear loud beeps from the speakers when the key is inside the ignition. Due to undesirable beep production, people avoid these sound systems on their bikes. 

Moreover, the road dirt or water droplets enter their electric system. As a result, the electric wires malfunction and produce unnecessary sounds. Furthermore, the beeps originate due to internal damages and malfunctioning programming. 

Distraction during riding a motorcycle

Their presence on the handlebars distracts the riders. Also, the biker changes their position for maximum sound output. 

In such conditions, the bikers lose control over the handlebars and tires. It results in life-threatening accidental conditions. 

However, helmet speakers can reduce the chance of risky events. But, with these systems, the rider changes the channels manually. As a result, it can distract attention from the riding, and you can bump into other vehicles and road surroundings. 

Motorcycle speakers are expensive to install

Bluetooth speakers are adjustable on the handlebars of a bike. Also, they take a specific position and work with the electric system of the motorcycle. 

However, they are compact, high-performance equipment with high prices. In addition, their installation is complex, and you can adjust them through professional help.

Furthermore, the adjustment cost is high, and a regular biker cannot afford it. In addition, they have costly maintenance due to complicated designs. Also, they can malfunction due to physical and internal damages and expensive repair conditions. 

Can you put speakers on a motorcycle?

Select waterproof speakers with Bluetooth features for your motorcycle. You can put them by the following method on the handlebars.

Measure the dimensions of your factory-installed system. Moreover, select the correctly sized equipment with high sound quality. 

Check their compatibility with the wattage of your motorcycle and music system. Then, access the mounting spots to put them. 

A few have bolt-on installation patterns, and others have straps. You can purchase a kit with all the essential tools for bolt-adjusted speakers.

For correct installation, read the manual’s instructions and follow the steps. Then, approach the power cable and move it from the battery to the system. 

Keep it under the bike’s seat and move it underneath the tank. Then, conceal the cord with electrical tape and protect it on the frame with a gap of 3 to 6 inches. 

The latest bikes have built-in mounting spots to fix the equipment. Their placement varies according to the position of mounting holes. 

The incorrectly adjusted brackets can vibrate at different speeds, bumps, and on uneven roads. Also, they produce distortion and annoy the biker. 

To resolve these problems, hide and fix them with high-quality tape. Next, move the electrical cord from the stereo to them.

Finally, protect the wire with tape and improve the sound quality. To use the installed equipment, insert the cord of your headphone in the central stereo, adjust the treble and bass and use them. 

Why would you install speakers on your motorcycle?

They attract enthusiastic and adventurous bikers. Moreover, the attached headphones improve the enjoyment of riding. 

Without headphones, you can hear their sounds without distortion. They entertain the riders at different destinations.

Moreover, you can stop your motorcycle alongside the road, turn them on and enjoy the music. Also, you can connect them to your smartphone through Bluetooth. They engage the riders and comfort them in less populated spots. 

With their addition, the speakers improve the overall look of the bike. They turn the appearance of a standard motorbike into a touring-looking bike. 

Also, they make the bikes attractive due to their metallic colors and durable frames. 

You can get bored during a long-distance trip. In such conditions, the speakers provide entertainment. They catch the signals of attached devices and produce selected tracks with clarity.

On the highways, the silence of the surrounding areas terrifies the riders. In such circumstances, they change your mood and divert your attention from your surroundings.

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