Ford F-150 Window Bounce Back When Closing

Many people complain that the windows of their Ford F150 truck bounce back when they want to close it, which is irritating during the extreme winter and summer seasons. It can disturb the heating and cooling system working in the interior cabin.

Ford F-150 window can bounce back when closing because of the bounce-back feature, vent visors installation, window shades, tints, curtains, excessive current drawing, and battery replacement. Moreover, dirty or grimy tracks, faulty control switches or motors, incorrect resetting, and sticking also cause the problem. 

The situation worsens in the rainy season because rainwater directly enters inside the trucks when you cannot close the windows completely, and they do not stay up. In addition, rainwater damages the leather seat, and you can feel a musty smell because of wet floor mats.

Problems Solutions
Bounce back feature Reset with the control switch button
Installation of vent visors and window accessories Correctly install windows accessories
Excessive current draw Replace motors
Battery replacement Resetting after battery replacement
Dirty and grimy tracks Clean with brushes
Faulty control switch or motor Add new control switch and motor
Window needs resetting Reprogram bounce back feature
Sticking issues Lubricate or replace seals

Bounce back feature

Ford F-150 trucks have the bouncing back feature to control powered windows. It is a safety feature specially designed for pets and small kids to prevent injury.

It is also known as the pinch and jam feature that prevents them from closing if it detects some objects and obstructions in their way.

The power windows close and open with a single touch, and it can cause serious injury if there is a hand or arm of your pet and children in it.

The safety feature prevents your pets from injury when they keep their head outside during the journey and you accidentally press the control switch buttons.

Sometimes the feature does not work correctly, and you can see the downward movement after completely closing. Therefore, it is better to reset the system for reprogramming feature and their correct working.

Turn the ignition on and press the open button to move them downward. Hold the button for a few seconds after opening them and lift the control switch.

Holding the lift switch up for some seconds after closing is also crucial for the resetting procedure.

Installation of vent visors and window accessories

Many people add vent visors on the outer side of the F-150 windows to keep the rainwater away from the interior cabin.

In addition, people add other accessories like tints, shades, and curtains to keep the sun’s heat away from the cabin and enhance the efficiency of air conditioners.

The accessories are commonly used to protect the inside of the truck from direct exposure to UV rays.

The bounce-back mechanism these accessories as the obstacle and works midway to close them.

Properly installing these accessories is essential to maintain the working of the safety feature. Adjust them properly and ensure that these do not hinder windows from rolling up and down.

Excessive current draw

The power windows contain motors that draw current from the electric source to open and close them properly. Sometimes these become faulty and draw excessive current from the electric circuits.

The bounce-back feature recognizes the excessive current as the obstacle and causes downward movement when you pull the close switch up.

The motors draw excessive current when there is mechanical damage in their parts.

Moreover, the power surge also travels towards the working motor when there is a problem with electric circuits.

The damaged and frayed wires also supply excessive currents because of fluctuations in voltage supply.

Replacing the motor is the better solution to resolve the problems. You can call the expert because you have to remove door panels to access the electric motors and their wiring harnesses.

Battery replacement

Many people complain that the powered windows of their ford trucks bounce back unevenly when they replace the 12-volt batteries of their vehicles.

Replacing the batteries when it becomes weak or dies completely is essential. This is because the battery replacement also removes the data from the electronic control module unit of the pickups.

You cannot enjoy the correct mode working after replacing the battery. In addition, people often face problems when disconnecting the battery to disable the various functions and resolve errors.

Turn on the ignition and reset the affected windows by rolling them down completely and then press and hold the button to move them up.

Dirty and grimy tracks

The windows of Ford trucks bounce back when dirt and grime are on the seals. The feature recognizes the dirt and grime as hurdling obstacles and hindering their proper closing.

The dust and grime come on the sides when you do not clean them properly. Moreover, the wet lubricants also attract dust to come on the corners.

The issue comes when you drive on dusty and off-roads. Use the old toothbrush to remove the dust from the seals and channels.

You can also use a hair dryer to remove the dirt particles from the affected areas.

Faulty control switch or motor

The control switch is responsible for controlling the function of powered windows. For example, you can press the button to close them and pull them for their downward movement.

Sometimes the button becomes loose, and these cannot stay up and come down because of wrong signaling.

The failure of electric motors also causes them to bounce back because of the loss of power supply.

The buttons become faulty when you press them frequently. In addition, daily usage increases the chances of wear and tear in their springs.

Moreover, moisture enters the Ford F-150 cabin when you open the windows or doors on rainy days.

Therefore, replace the faulty control switch and motor for their better functioning and keep the windows close during the rainy season.

Window needs resetting

The bounce-back feature needs resetting and reprogramming because it can lose data and behave unevenly.

The data is stored in the electronic control module of the vehicle. The feature activates the midway when you do not reset or reprogram them for a longer time.

The routine resetting is included in their maintenance schedule for their proper functioning.

However, these can come down suddenly when you do not reset them or forget to do the procedure.

You do not require any tool or expert opinion for the resetting procedure. You can reprogram the feature by pressing and pulling the control switch for a few seconds.

Sticking issues

The obstruction in smooth windows also occurs from the sticking problem. These bounce back when they get stuck during their closing.

The sticking issue comes when friction between glass material and seals increases.

Moreover, weather stripping also becomes bad because of direct exposure to UV radiation from the environment.

The cracks and warped edges of seals also obstruct smooth movement. Spray the silicone lubricant on the sides of the seals and channels.

It is also better to replace the weather stripping if it has bent or warped edges from multiple sides.

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