Ford F-150 Massage Seats Not Working

Many people complain that massage seats are not working in their Ford trucks. These seats make the drivers and passengers comfortable during the long journey.

Ford F-150 massage seats do not work because of faulty buttons, bad control module, blown-out fuse, broken air bladder, and airline leakage. Moreover, the inactivated accessory mode, time-lapse for activation of the next feature, the issue with the air compressor, loose electric connectors, and weak truck batteries cause this problem.

Inspecting their parts to detect mechanical problems is necessary because many people cannot feel comfortable without them and can have back muscle pain.

Problems Solutions
Faulty buttons Call the mechanic for button inspection and replacement
Bad control module Check the battery and blown-out fuse
Broken air bladder Check leakage with soapy water
Airline leakage between pump and seat Seal the leakage with sealant
Overweight Avoid putting extra weight
Inactivated accessory mode and time-lapse Activate accessory mode and wait for a few minutes
Issue with the air pump and loose connections Readjust the connectors and tighten them

Faulty buttons

These massage seats are operated by the buttons present on the side base. You can operate the button to adjust the various massaging type and their frequencies.

It is the round button with four activated corers to engage different features. You can increase or decrease the frequency of features with them. It is easy to use these seats in your pickup.

These are helpful in the activation and deactivation of this mode in Ford F-150. Sometimes these buttons become faulty and cause issues in their functioning.

People complain that they press the button but do not feel any calming effect while sitting. The problem comes when moisture enters the switch due to the spillage of liquid drinks.

In addition, you can face a problem when you press them hard and frequently. Therefore, the routine usage of the switch button increases the risk of malfunctioning.

You can call the mechanic to inspect the switch and power cords when these massage seats are not working in your pickup. Moreover, they can also replace them if these are not working.

Bad control module

The seat control module manages the various features, including heating, cooling, and massaging function.

In addition, the trucks have different control modules for all electrical features to control their functioning by receiving information from the respective sensors.

The control module becomes faulty and restricts the functions because it cannot receive any information from the sensors.

The malfunctioned electric connections make the control module faulty. These can blow out because of an interruption in the power supply.

The over and under voltage supply makes them bad, and these do not work well. It is necessary to check the battery’s voltage before replacing the control module because these are expensive.

It is also better to check the blown-out fuse because this can also reset the data of the control module and affect its normal functioning.

Broken air bladder

The air bladder of the massage seats is made of EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) material, almost similar to plastic and rubber.

These air bladders are present on the backrest and base sides to provide a comfortable feeling to people.

Sometimes people complain that these are not working correctly after activating this feature because of the poor inflation and deflation of the air bladders.

You can feel comfortable when the air bladder inflates and deflate because of air. The issue comes due to the leakage of these plastic and rubber air bladders.

These are prone to wear and tear because of their frequent use, improper installation, and high internal temperatures. You can inspect these air bladders by removing the seat covers of your truck.

It is better to hire an expert when you do not know about the removal of covers and their inspection. Coat the airbags with a soapy solution, and you can see tiny bubbles on the leakage side.

Airline leakage between pump and seat

The pumps are located on the trunk side and under the driver seats to pump air into the bladders. The airline runs along the length of the truck from the trunk to the driver and passenger side.

These are located under the floor mats of the vehicles to prevent them from cracks and damage. However, the hairline cracks come in them, which can cause air leakage.

The pump continuously struggles to fill the air bladder with air and eventually dies because of more working pressure. The crack in the lines come from their old age and less durable material.

Moreover, the heat from the interior cabin during cold environments increases the risk of their cracking.

There is no need to replace the pumps or the whole system. You can replace the cracked lines if the cracks are larger to resolve the problem.

Sealing the leakage with sealants is also better if the cracks are small and hairline.


The weight sensors are present under the seat covers to sense the weight of the person and engage the massaging feature.

You can only engage this feature if the individual’s weight fulfills the weight sensor’s requirements. These do not activate the feature when more than one people sit on them and have more weight.

In addition, the problem also comes when overweight induvial sit on them.

The sensor detects the occupant’s weight and sends the signal to the electronic control module to activate the action moving.

These are the safety features to prevent the leakage of the air bladders that usually come from the heavy weight of the people.

Therefore, it is necessary to fulfill the requirement of the weight sensors and avoid putting excessive weight on them.

It is better than only one person sitting on the seat at a time instead of two because it can disturb the requirement of weight sensors.

Inactivated accessory mode and time-lapse

The accessory mode is present in Ford F-150 trucks, and you can turn on the electric system without pushing the accelerating pedal.

You can turn on the high and low power-draining items when you park your vehicle and wait at the traffic signals.

Sometimes people forget to turn on the accessory mode and cannot activate the massaging feature.

In addition, many people face delays in activating the active motion of truck seats. The delay comes because of the time-lapse from the activation of one feature to other.

The apps need time to switch from one feature to another, and you can see a delay for a few minutes. So it is better to ensure accessory mode is on instead of calling the expert.

There is no need to worry when you see a delay in their activation and wait a few minutes to see the results.

Issue with the air pump and loose connections

Air pumps are the integral components to activate the massage feature in the seats of Ford F-150 trucks.

The air pumps are located in the vehicle’s trunk and are wrapped with a bag to reduce noise and for insulation.

Sometimes the air pump stops functioning and cannot inflate the air bladders. These are prone to failure because of leaky air bladders and cracks in airlines that run from pumps to the seats.

Moreover, electric connectors are present to supply power to them for their functioning. These become faulty when these electric connectors become loose.

The connectors become loose because of driving on bumpy roads. In addition, the weak and dead batteries cannot supply the voltage to the air pump.

The problem comes because of the worn-out motors and mechanical parts.

It is better to readjust the connectors and retighten them so they can control the air pump properly.

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