How To Use Massage Seats on Ford F-150?

Many people find it challenging to use massage seats on their Ford trucks. These seats can make your journey comfortable.

How To Use Massage Seats on Ford F-150? You can use the massage seats on Ford F150 by opening its settings on the infotainment screen. You can see the option of multi-contour seats and press it to adjust the feature according to your requirement. Moreover, you can also use the button on the side of the seats to operate them.

These are easy to operate, and you can engage or disengage the feature with a switch button on the infotainment screen or side seat base.

How do you use massage seats on Ford F150?

Turn on the massage seats within a few seconds without using any tools or complex procedures to calm your muscles and feel relaxed while sitting in the driver’s seat.

Using infotainment screen

You can engage the feature by turning on your truck’s ignition and infotainment screen. Turn on the screen, and you can see different options on their bottom side.

These options include car play, navigation, apps, and settings. Click on the setting option to proceed with the procedure.

System updates, displays, vehicle hotspots, voice control mobile apps, and seat options come on your screen after pressing the setting button.

Click on the seats, and you can see two options named driver and passenger, and you can select them to adjust the massage seats.

Its button is located between the driver and passenger options to adjust the frequency of the active motion mode.

The lower bottom corners contain three options, low, medium, and high. It is the intensity of the massaging feature, and you can select one of them according to your requirement.

Moreover, you can adjust the air bladders’ movement by selecting the full recovery, relax recovery, upper rolling, and lower rolling.

Using push button

The active motion control button is present on the side base of the seats. It is a large button equipped with small multiple-side buttons to control various adjustments.

The middle one control the activation of the seat and lumbar support. The upper and lower buttons help select the previous and next massage patterns.

Moreover, the left and right-side buttons control the massage’s intensity ranging from higher to lower. You have to be careful; otherwise, they won’t work.

You can use the right side to increase the intensity and move to a higher level, while the left side is helpful to decrease the frequency.

What are the limitations of using massage seats on the Ford F150?

There are several limitations to using massage seats on Ford trucks. You cannot activate the mode when you do not fulfill their operational requirement.

These are equipped with weight sensors on the lower side to prevent the air bladders from leaking air. Air leakage occurs when two persons sit simultaneously and add more weight.

The excessive weight also affects the compression and expansion of the air bladders. Therefore, avoid adding excessive weight on them that the sensors cannot bear and cause an issue in the engagement of the mode.

Moreover, it is also necessary to put the vehicle in accessory mode and turn on your engine.

The benefit of the accessory mode is that you can also activate the feature without pressing the brake pedal and accelerator of the truck.

You can relax in the seats and turn on the music while waiting in the parking lots, busy road lanes, and at signals.

Wait for some time when you adjust different features because it takes time to jump from one feature to another and deactivate the previous ones.

What models of Ford F150 have massage seats?

The feature is not present in the older models of the Ford F150. The older models only have heating and cooling systems to adjust the temperature according to the environment.

You can see the feature in the trucks that comes in 2015 years. In addition, it is present only in higher trims of the 2015 models because of their design.

The price of these trims is higher than the normal ones because of the presence of the massage seats feature. You can see it in the platinum and limited trim of the F150 vehicles that come in 2015 and all the latest models.

However, you can also find it in some models of King Ranch as an optional feature. It is also known as the active motion mode of the bucket seats.

How do Ford F150 massage seats work?

The Ford F-150 massage seats have three basic components for their working. It includes air bladders, airlines, and the air pump to give the kneading effect to people.

Air pumps are located in the truck and under the driver-side seats. It is also wrapped in the bag to provide insulation and minimize the noise in the passenger cabin.

The airline transfers the air from the air pump to the air bladders through airlines present under the carpets of the trucks.

The electric connectors allow the pump to release air, filling the air bladders after passing from the lines. The air bladders inflate and deflate in specific internals to give a pleasant effect to people.

It increases blood circulation and makes you feel happy sitting on the seats while turning on this feature and your favorite music.

What are the advantages of adding massage seats in the Ford F150?

Massage seats are present in mostly the latest automobiles for the comfort of the drivers.

In addition, you can feel the kneading effect on your back which can give a calming feeling during driving.

It can make you less tired during driving because it feels like therapy on your back. Moreover, the kneading effect keeps your muscles moving, and you cannot feel spasms and back pain.

It is better for people who drive the pickup all day. It is difficult to remain sitting in one place for the whole day because restricted movement causes back pain.

It is also suitable for drivers and passengers when planning long trips with your families and friends. You feel fresh when you reach your destination because you do not tired during the journey.

The relaxed and comfortable seats make you feel fresh during the whole trip.

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