How Do I Reset My RV Slide Out?

Slide out is a major component in RVs, which make the interior spacious when you retract them. However, it is also necessary to close them while driving to avoid any challenging situation.

How Do I Reset My RV Slide Out? You can reset the RV slide out by disconnecting the motor power, using the reset button, resetting breaker switches, disconnecting the RV power supply, or using a manual switch.

These are the electric or hydraulic fluid-driven components that become faulty after some time and need to reset.

It is necessary to restart these components when you hear any noise, slow retraction, and jamming issues while operating them.

Disconnect motor power

Electrically driven slide-outs need more maintenance for their durability because wear and tears are common in electric components.

These types contain electric motors for inside and outside the movement. The motor supplies the power for their movement in forward and backward directions.

The motor takes power from the RV’s electric source and run their respective component. These components become faulty due to their consistent use for a longer time.

You need to reset the motor to restore its efficient functioning. Disconnecting the power supply of the slide out motor helps restart their function.

Several wires are connected to them to supply the electric current for their functioning.

You have to disconnect the power supply from these wires to stop the current flow. Disconnect the connected wires of the electric motor and wait for a few minutes.

Reconnect the wires and then allow the retraction slide-outs to ensure the working of electric motors.

These do not produce any sound, and you cannot see any delay in their retraction after performing this procedure.

Use the slide out reset button

Some RV brands always try to make things easier for people to reduce labor costs. For example, press its button rather than calling a mechanic or professional to complete the procedure.

Some of the RVs have reset or SYNC buttons for restarting the procedure.

These are primarily present inside but in some models outside the slide outs and are labeled with a sync button.

You can restart their functioning by pressing this button 1 or 2 times. These buttons are mostly present in electric-driven components and absent in hydraulic types.

Furthermore, you can also see these buttons in the ones operated by electric motors and hydraulic systems.

Reset from circuit breaker switches

Circuit breaker switches are present in RV to protect the electric component from the surge power supply. These breaker switch turns off when they detect unusual changes in current flow.

The tripped breaker does not supply power to the electric motors, and these stop functioning. However, you can reset the slide outs after pressing the on and off switch buttons.

Check the blown-out fuses from the fuse boxes and replace the damaged ones. In addition, inspect the circuit breaker switches and ensure that none of the switches is tripped.

Moreover, you can turn the circuit breakers on and off if you face any issues with the power supply.

Reset the slide out control panel

Most RVs have more than one slide to increase interior space, and each has a separate controlling button.

These components have a single control panel to detect their proper functioning. Sometimes one of the slides is working perfectly while the other is not.

You can detect the problem by inspecting the control panel in the storage compartment and basement areas.

You can see error codes on their small screen and the blinking of the warning flashlight. Reset the control panel by disconnecting the power cords from the panels and waiting for about a few minutes.

Reconnect the power cords with the panel and ensure error codes and flashlight disappears from the screen.

Disconnect the RV power supply

RV gets power from the shore power switch and then operates various components present in them.

Sometimes the problem comes with these power switches, and you cannot open or close the slide-outs smoothly.

These do not work due to a problem with the power supply from the shore power switches. Disconnect and reconnect the button to fix the issue.

Disconnecting the power supply reduces the damage and restores the functioning of electric components.

Disconnect the power supply from the shore power switch and leave it for about 7 to 10 minutes. Plug in the switch again to the shore power and then check the functioning of the slides.

Disconnect batteries

The batteries supply the power to the slide out motors for their functioning. Sometimes the batteries become faulty and do not supply enough voltage to run electrical components.

The connections of the batteries become bad when you run heavy electric equipment on them.

Disconnect the power supply to an electric component by removing the terminals of the batteries. Detach battery terminals and then reattach them after some time.

In addition, it is also necessary to recharge the batteries with a generator because dead or weak ones do not provide enough voltage supply.

Using manual switch

Using the manual switch is the manual method to reset the electric slide out. The process needs proper attention because you can mess up the whole component due to slight negligence.

The control panel and manual switch are present under the couches. In addition, the sofas contain wings or bolts and open them to access their lower ends.

Remove the pins and see them on the lower side of the couch using a torch light because it is too dark. You need the torch light to see the control panel and find the reset button.

The button is not visible clearly because it is present inside the box.

You cannot press it with your fingers because of its hidden location. Instead, you need wooden match sticks or toothpicks to press this button.

The flashlight of red color will turn on every time to push the inside button. Press this button about 4 to 6 times, then turn it off using the regular control button on the slides.

Gears lubrication

Sometimes the slides stop functioning, and you can see a delay in their movement due to faulty gears.

Gears are the component of the electric system that is helpful in their smooth movement. The electric type contains the pinions and gears for their functioning.

The gear needs lubrication to work properly and help in retraction. You have to grease or lubricate them after some months to restore their functionality.

These become dry due to poor maintenance of the RVs, and electric motors do not work without them. You can reset the system by accessing the gearbox of the slide outs.

Use the lubricating material to grease these components for their smooth working.

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