How to Replace Rubber Seal on RV Slide Out?

RV slide outs contain rubber seals around their boundaries to prevent the interior from water damage and dust accumulation. It is necessary to repair the damaged or worn-out seals because it can cause an issue in their movement.

How to Replace Rubber Seal on RV Slide Out? You can replace rubber seal on RV slide out by measuring the size of its boundaries and then selecting the new one. Remove the old seal, scrape off the adhesive, and clean the surface to install a new one. Add the new seal and condition it for its maintenance.

The repair cost depends on the quality of the seal you are using and the labor cost. You can reduce the labor cost by installing it yourself.

How do you replace the rubber seal on RV slide out?

The replacement method of slide out seals is easy, and you can also perform it at home without hiring any professional or mechanic.

Measure the slide out the size 

You have to measure the slide out’s size to order the new seals for them. Take the inches tap and measure the boundaries with them.

It is also necessary to measure the bending or curved points because you have to cover them. In addition, the correct measurement is necessary because finding the same piece is challenging due to shortening issues.

People often do not take the dimensions while ordering them, which can cause an issue for them.

In addition, these strips are smaller, and you cannot cover the boundaries and side walls with them.

Add some extra inches while taking measurements because contraction and expansion are common in rubber material.

Select the rubber seal

Select the seals from the different brands after taking the correct measurements. Then, select them according to the measured dimensions for their proper installation.

It is also necessary to select the brands while ordering them. Select the brands that offer high-quality products that can last longer.

These weather strips are of two types, including adhesives and push-on. The adhesive types require the extra adhesive kit with them for their tightening.

The push-on types do not need any adhesive material, and you can install it on the welded surface by pushing its surface.

I prefer to order the push-on types because these are less costly and easy to install.

Remove the old seal

Detach the old and damaged seals to install new ones on the boundaries of slide outs. The corners are secured with screws so they cannot come off from these sides.

Remove the screws from the lower side using the plier or wrench. Use the ladder to reach the upper end to remove screws and bolts.

Pull it from the lower end of the slides and then remove them from the sides. Repeat the same procedure on all four corners.

I prefer using the snippers to cut them if these are hard to remove at some corners.

Cleaning and surface preparation

The surface becomes sticky when you are using adhesive seals previously. Moreover, you can also see dust residues on them.

It is necessary to clean the surface for the installation of new ones. Use the scrappers to scrape off the adhesive glue from the metal surface.

You can also use the magic erasers if you cannot remove them with scrappers. These erasers have abrasive ends that are helpful in the removal of adhesive backings.

You can pull the magnetic erasers with a drill machine for its functioning. Rub the surface with this eraser and wipe it with a dry cloth.

Use the cleaning solution to remove all residues and make the surface neat and clean.

Application of new seal

Take out the strips of the new seals and install them on the welded surfaces. You do not need any adhesive glues for the installation of push-on types.

Place it on the edged metal surface, press it for locking, and ensure their tightening. Select the rubber gluing material that is specifically used for securing rubber material.

Add the rubber glue on the metal surface and install the strip. Take the dry cloth in your hand to remove the excess glue from the corners.

Leave it for some time to dry gluing material and then use it.

Ensure installation on corners

It is also necessary to ensure the correct installation of seals on the corners of the slide outs.

People often forget to protect the corners, which allows water entry and can also cause stripping problems from the unsecured corners.

You can use the screws and bolts to tighten their connections from the curved ends. You can also apply a small amount of rubber adhesive on these sides for their proper securing.

It is also better to use the adhesives on the top end because these can strip off and cause rainwater entry on the interior side.

How to maintain the RV slide out seal after its installation?

Maintaining the rubber seals of RV slide outs is also necessary to increase their longevity. These become dry, and you can see cracks on their surface.

Foam and tire foam conditioner

You can use conditioners that have foaming actions to keep them moist and reduce cracking problems.

Moreover, conditioning is also helpful in maintaining their original gloss and shiny surfaces. Spray the foaming conditioners on all sides of the slide-outs and then wipe them off with a dry cloth.

Tire foam conditioners are also available in the market, giving a new appearance to rubber. In addition, these conditioners also contain UV protectants and reduce the risk of damage.

Spray the boundaries with tire foam conditioners and leave them for a few minutes to dry the foamy material.

You can see the shiny surface after drying of foamy material. Use the conditioners on these rubber materials for their maintenance after 2 to 3 weeks.

Baby powder and an old sock

It is also necessary to maintain the new rubber seals and increase their durability. Sometimes the rubber material becomes sticky and causes an issue in their opening and closing.

The sticky issue is common in summer because of high temperatures. You can make them dry by applying baby powder on their surface.

Sprinkle the baby powder on rough cloth or old socks. Move the baby powder-sprinkled socks along the length of the seal and make them less sticky.

Why would you replace the rubber seal on RV slide out?

The slide-out seals are weather-stripping materials that reduce interior damage from water entry and dust.

These are made up of rubber material and can damage easily. In addition, these can wear out due to exposure to UV rays from the sun. Many RV owners are always concerned about this issue.

The UV rays cause dryness, and these can crack easily. Replacing this weather-stripping plastic material is necessary because rainwater can enter inside and damage the wooden doors and cabinets.

Dust and water exposure can damage the upholstery of the sofas and mattresses of the beds. In addition, the risk of the growth of molds increases in a humid and dirty environment.

You can fix the issue by adding new ones, decreasing damage risk, and making the interior safe.

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